1. Imo. Ti is a judgement function and a process of deliberation. It's direct opposite is Fi. Ti comes to logical deductive conclusions while Fi makes emotion based conclusions. Many people will say Ti is subjective because it's an introverted function, but I think this is misleading because I believe if 2 individuals have the same starting information and utalize Ti they should form the same conclusion. Example: If all bananas are yellow, some bananas are raisins, some raisins are apples, and some apples are red- Is it necessary that there are yellow apples? The Ti answer is it is not necessarily that there are yellow apples. And this conclusion should be formed by anyone using Ti. The data is available to everyone, the conclusion follows the data and is not formulated based on personal experience or other subjective data, so I consider it objective.

  2. Te: Objective Thinking - looks for what works, is associated with efficiency but it is important to note that it is not too dissimilar from Fe: Fe looks at a spectrum of people’s emotions and feelings, Te looks at a spectrum of logic. Te tries to help others by finding objective solutions to their problems (the higher the Te, the less an individual will be comfortable with their own needs and will instead rely on what is objectively presented to them)

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