1. You've gotta remember they interview hundreds of people for skits like these, and only show the absolute worst examples. And also it is easy to name things now, but being put on the clock can cause some people's brains to freeze

  2. If nothing else, how are people unable to identify their own country? And Australia. And New Zealand. Japan. The UK (England, Scotland...)

  3. Honestly if they're going to make the questions this broad they should put even a slight effort into finding either people who know at least a little about geography, or possibly aren't actors, to do these. Because yeah no I get that your humor is trying to play to one political side, but this one was just ridiculous.

  4. The lady in the pink/orange shirt is from Arkansas. How do I know you ask. Did you hear the way she said “ideal” instead of “idea”? That’s as Arky as you can get

  5. At the risk of downvotes, I’m assuming this is edited for only the entertaining idiots. I’m sure that they had plenty of people who could correctly identify Australia (cuz Australia), Canada, Mexico, etc and didn’t include them in the video.

  6. Tbf notice that they make a lot of edits, including right at the beginning of what looks like someone's first response. You have to assume they told them "except America" and just cut that part out. Still though.

  7. A funny thing that I'm going to assume is intentional is shift the americas away from the center of the map. So people are confused since they know Africa is to the right of the US. Throwing in more confusion

  8. I thought that. All my life I've known eurocentric maps. It didn't take me more than half a second to recalibrate but for people generally unfamiliar with global layout it might be very disorienting.

  9. Why would America be in the centre of the map? England is in the centre of the map because of GMT. This is the only logical way to show the world map.

  10. Yeah but they are making this video with an intention. Guaranteed they left out a ton of footage of people that are at least somewhat educated in geography. You prob would’ve been one of those left out of the video, because it doesn’t go along with the narrative of the video.

  11. And they wouldn't show you oj the video. They found 5 or 6 people that were utter idiots. How many did they go through that weren't?

  12. Dear Americans, don't feel to bad, other countries also have dumbass people as well. It's just that yours are more pronounced

  13. Yeah, but I don’t know about random pedestrians not knowing even a single country on the map though

  14. This video has to be fake or extremely misleading. Ignorance of other countries aside, do you really think you can find an American who doesn't know what the United States looks like?

  15. I would at least assume they know where Mexico is. Since we have some people with…. “Interesting” views on immigration

  16. If you fall for these types videos and believe what’s shown in them is normal, you’re just as bad as the people in these videos.

  17. Usual disclaimer that this is a highly edited and curated video. Not everyone in the US OR the Republican Party (or the Democratic Party) is geographically illiterate. They might have had to interview people all day in order to get those 4-5 dum dums.

  18. 100% this. They have done everything to stage this, and they even re-use so many of the same clips to stretch it out.

  19. Most Americans are as good at geography as other countries. Americans can point out their states just as well as Europeans can point out countries in Europe. I know plenty of people in my country (Iceland) that don't know shit about where anything is.

  20. You forgot the best part how some republican politician (I think it was Ted Cruz) reposted the first part of this video with the capture "education of Bernie Sanders voters" which hadn't even focused on political views. That's why they were asked which party they support

  21. GeoGuessr (and random geography quizzes) was my life for like 2 months straight. I find casual geography like that pretty fun. Sadly, I can mostly name countries that have Google coverage because of GeoGuessr lol

  22. So I am not an American and may be it's not my place to say this but was the democrats or republican question really necessary??

  23. Oh what the effing eff... this is not about "people can grow" or having the Americas on the right side of the map or even the pressure of the situation. Yes of course these were the selected idiots for the entertainment value and yes the fact that these geographically challenged individuals were republicans was made abundantly clear.

  24. The political part of this video was bullshit. That's bad education in the United States. Even democrats would respond to it like that. Also there are Republicans that would answer everything correctly. Just like some Democrats will.

  25. Yes, because the United States is a small place where everyone is subject to the exact same educational system. It definitely isn't the case that republicans are more likely than democrats to come from rural areas with worse educational systems or anything...

  26. Certainly not every Democrat would beat every Republican, but there is a direct correlation between political affiliation and higher education. So, without doubt, Democrats would perform better with a significant sample size.

  27. Asking them what their politics are turns this video from being fun harmless entertainment into something rather mean spirited and insidious. How many people were cut out of the video who could name a lot of countries? How many democrats were interviewed that were equally stupid. I hate this.

  28. Read the comments - this video was in response to an earlier video Ted Cruz used to make fun of democrats.

  29. Not sure why people even enjoy these types of videos anymore. It's so easy to cherrypick and find dumb people in any group, yet everyone acts like "DEY SO DUM xD." It's such a disingenuous take on the world and if you use this as some sort of evidence of anything you are an actual moron.

  30. The amount of republicans in the video is surprising to say the least. We're in Los Angeles. I don't have an issue with some guy putting in correlation geography skills and political party, but do it right.

  31. Just point out morons, why make this shit political? There’s tons of videos of people making fools out of democrats too. What’s the fucking point?

  32. Ok. I’m not AT ALL a republican. In fact I support most independent parties’ beliefs and ideas, but lean towards a more liberal view. However, I find it kinda fucked up that the first thing they ask them is if they’re republican. It’s like saying that all republicans are dumb asses. Looks like the “united” states isn’t as united as people think.🙄

  33. I see stuff like this and can only conclude that we, as a species, have regressed in our mental abilities. Yep, we have become dumber as the years have progressed.

  34. I feel like this is incredibly disingenuous, and damaging to the image of average Americans understanding of geography.

  35. This is pure jimmy the socialist Kimmel at his finest. This is why I don't watch his show. 100% staged for entertainment. He wants his leftist viewers to feel better about themselves that they are smart and conservatives are dumb. Well, with this way our country is going right now, who is the dumb one?

  36. I'm more interested in the statistics of people's performances throughout the day, than this cut down to make the joke they wanted

  37. People criticizing but not thinking. Every single one was an ugly, out of shape republican who were too stupid to name a single country. The odds of that are pretty low. We seriously dont think she asked a single democrat? Or that nit a single republican got some of them right? This seems orchestrated to push a narrative. Just my opinion.

  38. This seems like a "haha republican stupid" type thing, but honestly, it's a pretty simple mistake, especially since we are raised seeing it differently. It's a bit weird, especially being put on the spot

  39. They would cut you from the video if you were good at it, they only keep the total dumbasses as thats the funny content lol

  40. Fuck you this does not mean that all Republicans are the same. And also fuck you too Republicans because some of you mongoloid retards think that the answer to everything is jesus.

  41. In their defense, there are a lot of countries in Africa and Europe, like she pointed to around Russia and Ukraine and Afghanistan and Germany... like the whole area.

  42. I’m so grateful for Yakko from Animaniacs. As a child I had every country memorized from his song. So I could name plenty

  43. would be nice if you would see a democrat doing this test. I don't think they would be great but for sure better. haha

  44. I've always hated this shit. Think of how many people did reasonably well and didn't make the final edit. This just appeals to the -everyone is stupid except me- kind of ignorance. That's why these types of scams get so many views.

  45. This just might be a problem. Weird how if you never go anywhere, you don’t understand the rest of the world. This is how you make republicans. Minimize education, keep everyone local and don’t ever turn off Fox News.

  46. Their political beliefs has nothing to do with the fact that American are less educated in Geography subject at school

  47. Because you can go on the street of any city of any country and find people who don't know where specific countries are? Are you so simple minded you don't understand what cherrypicking is?

  48. Why is she asking their political beliefs? What does that have to do with americas general ignorance of the world?

  49. As someone else pointed out, they didn't do it in part 1 and some republican politician reposted it as "education of Bernie Sanders voters". That's why they asked for part 2.

  50. Because if I remember rightly this is the not the first video Jimmy Kimmel had done but a republican politician (poss Cruz) had reposted the first video making a joke that Bernie’s supporters needed a better education (as in the first video some were democrats who couldn’t name countries) so they did a second one with only republicans.

  51. Republican southerners being generally ignorant is a common meme and often used by democrats to discredit (which is kinda fair) their beliefs.

  52. OMG, my mother never left her home country in Europe and can still make 50% of all countries based on what she learned in school 50 years ago. How can Americans be so bloody self centered, not even knowing countries in US ...

  53. I don't think this is representative of all our friends in the USA. Looks like they picked a town with poor education, especially geography. They don't show people in this clip who performed well, the bias is strong.

  54. They cherry pick idiots and don't show people that can actually answer the questions correctly. Yes, these people are stupid, but that doesn't mean everyone in the USA is stupid.

  55. Got it on my third try. It does really help that they give you a distance between your guess and the country. I started with Israel and was 98% there so that really narrowed it down.

  56. Yea selectively picked and edited videos to purposely make people look as dumb as possible is a good indicator usually!

  57. Yes Americans who lead the world in technological, scientific, and medical innovation are stupid. Americans with over 50% of the top 50 schools on Earth.

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