1. I think it's meant to be Mekk-Knight Blue Sky's spirit, if you don't know the World Legacy story that much, all the Knightmare Monsters are the Mekk-Knights but destroyed and transformed into mythical beasts by Iblee, Blue Sky was the only survivor and gave his powers to the blonde dude aka Avram, so what a lot of people believe is that if Blue Sky was destroyed by Iblee, he would been "Knightmare Centaur" and would have been the Blue Knighmare

  2. Some want to win by setting up a powerful meta board. I want to win by going through that board because of pure luck and plot armor. Overall great card but you really want to use it when you absolutely know you can kill that turn or else your going to get beaten to a bloody crusadian pulp on their turn. Also the tribute negate is really funny sometimes.

  3. Even tho the negate was made for Equimax to negate something like Mirror Force or battle effect, it's still a good Omni negate

  4. Its a half man half horse, which of course is known colloquially as Morse to which the famous code invention is attributed.

  5. Has the same potential for a OTK but better negates than Numeron, but people don't bitch about it cause it's slightly less consistent

  6. It’s a cool boss monster for the archetype. It does things that Avramax can’t do— and hey, it’s a cool centaur dude

  7. is this card a spellcaster? i fort this card type. literally when i play mekk knight i only go halq to IP then the big 4 link Mekk knight that has the effect of just gaining atk on a special summon monster. forgive me i don't remember its name.

  8. It's ok but it's a massive resource sink that doesn't return any card advantage so if you don't otk with it you lose.

  9. No not really, there are a lot of times where I can't OTK but still live and OTK next turn because even tho Equimax looks like a massive resource dump, he really isn't because the basic Crusadia combo works with 1 Crusadia monster and a one basic combo extender like, another different named Crusadia monster, World Legacy Crown, Parallel Exceed etc

  10. It's still a human, it's Crusadia Maximus's enhanced form, I don't how it works but it's still human

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