1. to be fair to this card.. it was okay when it was first released. no one ever complained about it because it was wayyyy to difficult to bring out and not to mention it needed cost to use its effect which you probably wasted all your resources by thn

  2. I suppose really Herald is moreso just a representation of what I really hate: Omni-negates. It also doesn't help its case any by being a non once per turn effect.

  3. Drytron made it easier and more consistent to bring this out as it only has 2k attack but Eva made it possible to actually use this card’s negates

  4. Yeah that one was pretty wild. It might as well say you win the duel, because locking your opponent that hard is going to be a W

  5. Herald of ultimateness was balanced around being a level 12 ritual monster with only 2k attack that requires you to have fairies in hand after summoning it to use its powerful effect.

  6. Joke monsters like Herald of Ulti. Was supposed to be super high cost to summon, then people realized Drytron make it trival to summon. Yeah....

  7. I wouldn't call Herald a "Joke Monster". It was a Card with such a good effect that it was balanced around his hard summoning Condition (you have to ritual summon him and STILL have enough Fairys in your Hand). Herald is a good example how Cards SHOULD be designed. Easy to summon? Bad or mediocre Effect. Hard to summon? Good effect.

  8. Not only people thought that, but also Konami, as Drytrons were intended to be played with Ultimateness and Benten, they got a reprint in the deck building pack in which Drytrons came out (I even think they were the only Herald and Cyber Angel cards in the set). Eva is what really broke the card imo, Drytrons only made it playable, and still not the best card without the little alien to feed it with discards.

  9. I think they were thinking that it will be hard as to get that many materials naturally. Plus, most likely cause of the anime (it's a number card)

  10. You just can’t justify this card no matter what. Even if it was hard to summon out, no card should ever just outright stop you from playing the game.

  11. protos (for atributes) and eschatos (for types) to a much lesser degree, an easy toi summon monster (if you use the right deck) that can shut down basicaly any deck once they have commited anyhing to their board and especiall protoss for shutting down the stronges atribute by default (dark) and preventing any sopecial for your opponents whole turn as well

  12. Rhongomyniad made sense for the time. It’s just unfortunate they decided a monster that skirts around a summoning condition should be made

  13. It’s like they’re built to be so freaking aids and even have a spell that just LETS you tribute your opponent’s cards for a tribute summon

  14. Halqfibrax, a link 2 that gives you access to any tunner by special summon from deck, its generic, and it even has a second effect that lets you tribute it and choose between win a draw ( formula sinchro), or a spell/trap pop (T.G. wonder).

  15. I think halq was a direct result of master rule 4, where all extra deck monsters had to be summoned to either the extra monster zone or a zone a link points too.

  16. Gonna show my age here. The very first time this came up for me was when in Invasion of Chaos. BLS and CED, especially CED, had such a huge powerlevel compared to other cards at the time and were incredibly easy to bring out in a time when special summoning was not all that common. So being able to drop a board wipe and still having a normal summon seemed like such a huge problem to me in my baby mind.. Oh how things have changed.

  17. Engage not having a HOPT is one of the weirdest decisions I ever saw Konami make. It's not even a really old card that got abused by newer cards like most non-HOPT broken cards, but a modern one that saw meta play the moment it was released.

  18. all Sky Stricker cards don't have any once per turn restriction, it is intentionally designed this way.

  19. Destiny Hero - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer: I don't mind it's not targeting destruction, that is a useful answer for things. What I don't like is it's ability to practically be immortal to the point you need to waste a banish effect to get rid of it. Aside from being an engine Piece, if they added in the text: Destiny Hero card except itself, it would've been miles better and still a worth it engine Piece that can't be reused forever without other revival methods.

  20. I agree. I'm a noob at the whole "Broken Yu-Gi-Oh card" shtick, but me and my friend have just despised how amazing this card can be. When you summon it, we feel like it's just a guaranteed win unless he gets banished, or you send him to the graveyard at the wrong time.

  21. Tbf is DPE really that busted of a card if you have it in a hero deck where it was intended to be used instead of it being splashed in every meta deck because of cards like Verte and FD?

  22. Considering the time when they were made, I can understand the thought process behind both IO and maxx c. Both were definitely mistakes, but maxx c was made just when comboing off was starting to be a thing as an experimental catchup card. Ended up banned in tcg though because it was too game determinative and also combo decks could play it to win even more. IO was never really okay, but it was made during the wild west of the early days so I forgive the early mistakes so long as they ban them.

  23. On the contrary, flunder is relatively weak to handtraps rn, and brick easily since they don’t have their next support yet.

  24. Are you playing tier 15 decks? Plenty of decks have starters that +1 and archetype rotas even rogue decks have them.

  25. Yeah it is. But can you imagine it to use it's effects more than 1 or 2 times? I'm not defending Zeus, but the're cards that deserves much more hate.

  26. Halq and Pre errata Firewall. A lot of the other dumb cards are old enough that I can excuse Konami not knowing how they would end up but Konami should have known better with these

  27. That does bring up a good question: at what point do you stop excusing a company making these obviously broken cards? Like you said, old cards sure, maybe they just didn't see that far in the future at the time. But after a while they should've learned how to write these cards with problem solving text.

  28. When this card was made forever ago it wasn’t that broken. Not till support years and years later was it super OP

  29. Skill Drain is such an old Card that barely saw play when it was released. It was used in some Goblin Attack Force Decks to get rid of your bad effects on purpose. But now? Its a crazy floodgate that can win you the Game on its own. (Imperial Order on the other Hand was broken since day 1 lol). I hate these Cards too.

  30. Those cards were made in a time where IO was mostly blocking board wipes, hand destruction and creature thefts, and where Skill drain was primarily used so your 2k+ normal summons didn't have downsides and you didn't have to worry about floaters, and most decks were likely playing multiple outs. So while your complaint is legitimate please note that the cards were created at a time where they didn't slow the game down to a crawl. That being said they should probably ban IO again, Skill Drain can stay for now, but it is on thin fucking ice.

  31. Eh, out of all of those I’d say the only three really unfair cards are Rhongo and Skill Drain and Dragoons. The others have pretty common outs.

  32. Every time someone says this it makes me think they have no idea how Drytron works. Ultimateness isn’t the problem, it’s Eva who allows you to reload your hand with a bunch of fairies

  33. Imperial Order. It's like Jinzo but you can't attack it and the main way to destroy it it negates. And it's cost is basically nonexistent. I don't know what would be a good cost though, as most costs are actually positives

  34. Meteonis Drytron. Summon anything by using some attack. If you think Herald of Ultimateness is bad, read Amorphactor Pain and its related intended summoning requirement (Amorphous Persona) sometime. That card is broken af because the requirement to summon him was very shitty, but now Meteonis lets you get him out for free because your dudes had 3k attack.

  35. Without meteonis drytron/Diviner, Ritual decks would never see the light of day in this modern metagame,especially when everyone else can do their combos with 1-2 cards while normal rituals require at least 3 cards (ritual monster,ritual spell,tribute) to bring out. If anything needed this level of custom-card esque support its rituals.

  36. Diviner combos with Trias Hierarchia exceptionally well in Agents decks. She can be used to get Trias and a level one or two tuner on the field to make a level 10 or 11 synchro. Given that the new Agents boss monster is a level 10 synchro its a natural fit.

  37. To be honest, this card is perfectly fine. Have in mind the literal only reason why it's broken is thanks to Eva, since that card is the only viable way to refill your hand so that you can actually use this card, and without Eva it's just 1 or 2 negates, maybe 3 if you were lucky, and if it's your only interruption literally any card that just gets rid of Herald's negates wins you the game, like Kaijus, DRNM, Droplet or similar cards.

  38. Actually, Ultimateness and Eva existed together for quite a long time not doing ANYTHING because even with Eva existing, the cost of tributing 12 levels worth of monsters while running low level Fairies for Eva to search made it a poor choice over Perfection.

  39. Well, the reason why Herald of Ultimateness was okay was because it was an absolute pain and a half to get out on release because it's a level 12 and that's really hard to do when you're ritual summoning the regular way, and even if you did get it out, you wouldn't have much in hand left to use as negates, and if you do, the original Herald deck did not have good follow up or a way to kill. It just had the negates and that's it.

  40. Monsters like Rhongomyniad, summoning conditions should NEVER be an excuse for unfair broken effects. Players will ALWAYS find a way to cheat the system.

  41. Maybe biased as I enjoy Tri brigades, but they don’t have an easy way to bring out negates like other archetypes. Without revolt they’d have no disruptions and be just terrible

  42. I mean it's only a Once per Turn, so it being an Omni Negate is fine IMO. But i totally agree on the "should lose its negates if the equip is gone" part, because that would enable more interesting counterplay options.

  43. Isolde is still in the TCG. Not saying she isn’t an insane source of card advantage for decks that can run her, but she’s definitely not in the same league as the other Master Duel cards you mentioned

  44. Monster hand traps. I hate that they designed them with no restrictions to their activation but make hand traps like IP require an empty field to activate or other cards that function in a similar manner.

  45. …what? But Every single floo monster has a HOPT on their normal summon eff AND their recursion?

  46. Summoning Rhongo is funny af but when the opponent summons Rhongo then you realize how stupid the card actually is.

  47. Rhongo and VFD come to mind. Since, if Rhongo actually hits the board with 5 materials, that's basically game unless your opponent tries to show off and screws up. Plus the only counter being a spell you literally wouldn't run in any deck in the current meta as far as I know, which is that XYZ material removal spell.

  48. Rhongo. Like, what sane person that review this card and be like "yeah, that's fine, it's not like people can abuse other things to make this op right?"

  49. Imperial Order and Skill Drain. If only one of them existed, then maybe I could be more forgiving, but together, its just "hope you prepared for this combo. Otherwise you're probably fucked if you don't have a big enough beatstick."

  50. some of the stuff you can do with darklords I managed to negate first darklord then send him to the grave yard and then bring him back along with doing some other stuff at once. not op just dumb

  51. More recently its Wandering Gryphon Rider. The negate is very frustrating as its pretty much Baronne but even easier to get out. Being able to instantly summon it with a empty field or a token is crazy. And it does not lack in the stats department as well with 2k attack and a whopping 2.8k def. Also when it negates since it goes right to the deck instead of graveyard it dodges called by the grave to remove it then you can just search for it again with Fateful!

  52. Pre-errata Firewall Dragon and every decision Konami made until its overdue ban/errata. Like how do you not even put a soft opt on modern cards.

  53. Outside of boss monsters that got broken because they got an easy way to get it (Rhongo, VFD, DPE) and cards that aged like milk (Imperial Order, Verte) I'd say Dinowrestler Pankratops

  54. Imperial order/skill drain, who thought “yes just flip this to turn off a whole card type” was a good idea, Shock Master too since it can do that but can choose which it turns off

  55. The dragon rulers and their baby counter parts. Having that a card that splash able in almost any deck with a effect in the hand, field and graveyard and baby counterparts to get them on the field easier. They actually made Obelisk useable.

  56. Ultimate conductor tyranno, just casually putting your opponents monster row in face down defence and dealing 1000 burn damage while destroying them with it’s effect is just silly

  57. It really took me a while when i first saw this card. To figure out that it's a Lego of other archetype members

  58. Verde and True King Of All Calamities. Why first one can add any sort of polym. spell if it should stop on predaplant or normal one?

  59. Thunder Dragon Fusion. Whoever thought your reward for summoning some pretty beefy boss monsters was to receive your materials back, especially in an archetype designed around discarding to add your monsters from the deck, needs to have their head checked.

  60. Normally i hate the "archetype-lock" argument, since that would massively reduce the capability of being creative with deck building and deck combinations, and in some cases it honestly feels like such a "easy solution" for people who don't actually want to think about card balance and instead have the mindset of "generic = bad".

  61. TBH it’s not that good of a game in general. Fun to play but when duels can literally be decided by one coin flip and whether or not you draw the right hand traps when going second doesn’t scream balance.

  62. To be fair if you want to negate your opponent you go -1 for each negate with Ultimateness, that's why Drytron still isn't top of the meta.

  63. Any cards that say "Your opponent cannot activate X effects for the rest of the turn". Getting sick of starting up games and getting VFD 2/3 games.

  64. Every single archetypal extra deck monster that is generic, auradon and halq aren't problematic within their own archetype same with dpe and meteonis. Noone would complain about herald if meteonis only worked for drytrons or auradon if it needed a MPB same for halq and crystrons.

  65. VFD. It's stupidly easy to bring out for decks that are built around it, and there's not much you can do once it's out. The worst part is that it's a lingering effect, so you can't even play around it by destroying it.

  66. Cheap/free omni negates were a mistake. Floodgates have gotten out of hand. Staples seemed to be relatively the same as it's always been, but generic boss monsters have gotten a little too OP.

  67. Card is ok, some other cards are making it not ok. Like it doesn't compare to VFD for example, that card is not ok regardless of other cards.

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