1. Somebody edit the shot of Ikaris flying through space into the end credits of each of the MCU films for the next 12 years please.

  2. We need a future movie tag (the bonus bits at ends of movies) where someone is flying through space in our solar system and sees Ikaris still yeeting and is like, where tf is that guy going??

  3. I liked Eternals, but I think it had just a few too many goofy AF moments that kind of held back the otherwise serious tone.

  4. The DC cartoon movie Justice League: Doom they talk about a sun flare hitting Earth. Takes 8 minutes or thereabouts. Then they have like green lantern and Superman try to outrun it. You’re not beating the speed of light fellas.

  5. Rofl. A snippet of his inner monologue as he begrudgingly flys towards the sun with a deadpan face. Show this at the end credits of every MCU film til 12yrs from then he finally crashes into it - only to discover that the sun isn't quite strong enough to kill him, so he just chills for awhile before turning around back towards earth for another 12yr ;P

  6. They should just have fifteen seconds in the after credits of one of the upcoming movies, of just him flying in space toward the sun, with it still incredibly distant lol

  7. I've read theories that his speed is limited by the atmosphere and constantly accelerating with no resistance/drag in the vacuum of interplanetary space he really gets booking.

  8. Came here to bring this up, max speed on earth is dictated by a bunch of things (aerodynamics, gravitational forces, etc.). In space those things are less of/not a problem. Of course he is still limited by his max acceleration and the fundamental laws of physics. The shortest amount of time it would take him is 8 minutes and 20 seconds, assuming he: instantly accelerated to the speed of light (obviously not the case), and flew in a straight line.

  9. I like that. Also I like to think that Ikarus’ flight also gets faster the longer he’s just flying straight. So it’s exponential like a curve on a graph or some shit. (I think the term I’m looking for is perpetual acceleration). As opposed to Makkari who can go 0mph to top speed instantly

  10. That’s what I figured as well when your under the laws of physics and in space without gravity. Hell just keep zooming

  11. Even if he reached approximately the speed of light, that's still roughly a 10 minute flight assuming his acceleration time would take a few minutes.

  12. This is true. He would be constantly accelerating so it wouldnt take 12 years, but still, it would take quite a while lol. I dont know it one would still want to yeet themselves after that long 😂

  13. The way orbits work, it take more energy for an object on Earth to propel itself into the sun than it would for that same object to propel itself outside the escape velocity of the solar system.

  14. Even at the speed of light it'd take him 8 minutes to get there. A long time to think about how you're just flying into a star.

  15. If he was physically capable of traveling near the speed of light, he would NOT want to do so while in an atmosphere. That would cause a nuclear level detonation that destroyed the world. So, that kinda checks out.

  16. Also, if he were to approach the speed of light, he would start moving through time faster from our perspective due to time dilation.

  17. So what exactly is the “thing” he’s using to accelerate in space? This question goes for all space flying super people I guess. Ikaris, Captain Marvel, Superman. Do any comics ever attempt to explain it?

  18. That‘s not correct, since 850 mph is his max speed on earth. In space there is nothing to slow him down so as long as he accelerates he gets faster.

  19. Also that assumes he flew straight into the sun. If the planets were in optimal alignment, he may have been able to use them to help slingshot him even faster.

  20. With forces needed to accelerate an object to near-light speed, atmospheric drag is a rounding error. He doesn’t have an earth-only speed.

  21. Wouldn't he also need to decelerate his solar rbit first too or else he will miss the sun? So add another 15 minutes to that estimate to account for decelerating his tangential velocity from 30 kms to 0.

  22. Don't forget the sun's gravity and his orbital velocity. He would be pulled in even faster, but have to travel a longer path.

  23. If 850mph his equilibrium velocity, we can approximate the force he can exert, and therefore his acceleration in space, since the speed gives us an estimate of the drag force on him.

  24. But gravity still affects him, right? I mean, he can fly but he’s not massless. Getting to the sun from earth is actually really hard since you have to decelerate from Earth’s orbit. All that acceleration would have to be pointed mostly in the opposite direction of earth’s orbit. I think if he max burned “at” the sun, constantly adjusting his aim, he would still end up aiming far to one side. Just saying I don’t think 17 hours or 12 years can be the answer.

  25. If you can estimate the drag forces of atmosphere, then you can get his thrust by knowing that drag and thrust are equal when he's at his top speed.

  26. If that was the case, then Arishem would've taken him away for judgement along with Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos.

  27. Why would Ikaris be judged? He was a loyal soldier that followed Arishems orders unlike the other three mentioned.

  28. Someone had done the full science around it in detail when the movie first came out I’ve been trying to find it but no luck yet!

  29. the best part of this is they get out immediately after killing him so it was even more pointless.

  30. light streaks by his tear slicked face as the stars become blurred lines around him. He has made his choice. Annihilation is the only option.

  31. I’ve had so long to think about this, a full generation of the people I’ve lived amongst for millennia have been born. I can’t turn my back on humanity. My humanity..

  32. Captain Marvel was able to fly far across the galaxy fast enough to save Tony & bring him home before he died of dehydration... if Ikaris is a fraction as fast he would be at the sun in minutes.

  33. they could have made a stop to get food and water. or she could have went somewhere and got some. I'm sure he ate and drank inbetween CM showing up and landing on earth

  34. You got it reverse. It's 850mph in the comics. So them showing us he got there quick proves that atleast in the MCU, he is near light speed (makes sense since he's a superman clone)

  35. I feel like if he was able to fly close to the speed of light, he would have during the fight at the end. And wouldn't that mean he could fly as fast as Makkari could run?

  36. If a 100kg mass traveling at an appreciable fraction of lightspeed hit the sun, we're all doomed. Relativity would give him nearly as much mass as the sun itself, it could be like a stellar collision and the whole solar system goes up in flames, killing even Tiamut.

  37. Ikaris clearly traveled through space far faster than 850 miles per hour, but it only takes about eight minutes for light to reach the Earth from the Sun. So I'm going to wing it and put his average velocity at somewhere between 500,000 and 10,000,000 miles per hour. That (admittedly broad) range would give a travel time of about a week at the high end to some nine hours at the low end.

  38. I mean, 9 hours is still a super long time to be committing suicide. Bridge jumpers that survive always talk about regretting it immediately after the jump.

  39. To add on this. I believe they all can teleport in the comics, with the further out the more difficult, but this is also aided by the machine on earth.

  40. is Makkari faster then Ikaris? If he can fly at the speed of light then does she surpass that or is he faster? I'm not sure what the celestials are thinking, clearly Ikaris is the superior eternal give the amount of abilities he has compared to everyone else. A whole group of Ikaris' would make the most sense and I guess a healer to be safe. Ikrais with a small support group would make the most sense like just an inventor and a healer and 10 ikaris could wipe out all deviants faster then the hodge podge mix.

  41. In the comics, they are a whole group of Ikaris. They all have many powers that some are more skilled with. Changing that for the movie sucked.

  42. Just exiting the atmosphere would require speeds far faster than 850 mph. That's obviously not his top speed. It probably took him somewhat the same amount of time we see on screen to reach the sun.

  43. It’s the Austin Powers steamroller scene (or the Monty Python and the Holy Grail “rescue” scene), if it helps you picture 12.4 years of yeeting better.

  44. That also means the big red Celestial who sent them let them chill on earth for another twelve years before he came around to kidnap them or he'd have grabbed Richard Madden too.

  45. 850mph on earth, with air resistance to consider. In a vacuum, he would be accelerating constantly so long as a force is pushing him--i.e, his powers. Now, to figure out how long it would actually take him given this new information, some calculations are in order.

  46. 850 mph on earth means he is facing wind resistance. In the void of space he's probably hitting 32,000 MPH which would greatly shorten the trip.

  47. If you wanna get nitpicky and assume 850mph is just his atmospheric flight speed, there's no reason to believe he couldn't accelerate pretty much infinitely in space. It would still probably take him many hours to get there though. 92 million miles is pretty far.

  48. His speed is with atmospheric drag. If you take the amount of energy necessary to propel a human at that velocity and apply it to space environment he goes much faster.

  49. I didn't enjoy the movie very much, but come on. it's been like 5 months, do we really need to keep beating the dead horse? it's just a movie, move on with your lives already yall

  50. I also watched it last night and I felt it was such a stupid movie, I was incredibly bored for a good long time then we paused it and we're only 50 mins in...it never got better.

  51. I watched this for the first time only a few weeks ago and I can't even remember when this happens. Not sure if that says more about me or the movie.

  52. I usually don't like when fans try to justify the MCU with science since it's sci-fi/fantasy, but this....this puts a smile on my face

  53. Lol I was laughing after watching the movie at the thought of ikaris getting to the sun in the duration we saw he do it on screen, like under 15 seconds he got to the sun, went wayyyy wayyyy WAY beyond the speed of light to get there, he would have warped space and time hahahahaha it was just funny to think about

  54. Well sure, if you believe Big NASA about the sun, but seeing as how the Earth is flat and the Sun is just a massive lamp in the sky, it’s really only about a few hundred miles up there. So ya, he easily made it.

  55. Hope we get an end credits scene in guardians where Star lord almost clips ikaris with his ship on route to earth while rocket man is playing in the background

  56. I thought if I labeled this post as Humor, people would realize my wife and I were not taking this that seriously lol.

  57. What are 12.4 years to a being who's had 5,000 years on Earth, plus a few thousand (hundred thousand? millions?) before he arrived?

  58. I mean, for all we know, there’s a jump point next to the sun. So he jumps from earth to the sun and voila! It takes a few hours, rather than over a year

  59. He could potentially go faster over time in space. The resistance from the air on earth may achieve an equilibrium at 850mph. He could potentially go faster and faster in space.

  60. Any math enthusiasts able to ballpark how long it would take if he were under constant acceleration though?

  61. There is obviously a difference between the comics and the MCU when it comes to this stuff but the wiki does list his date of death as late in 2023, so I suspect the wiki needs an update. It would take him 16 days just to hit the moon...

  62. 850 mph is for comic Ikaris and even that isn't accurate. While the cuts make it impossible for us to nail down an exact time span, Ikaris couldn't have taken long to reach the sun, and traveling at, near, or beyond light speed in a vacuum isn't an unbelievable concept for someone like Ikaris.

  63. Yeah I once worked out it would have taken Emperor Palpatine about 20 mins of free fall to get to the reactor in ROTJ.

  64. 12 years at 850mph. We just forget how fucking long that distance is because light takes "only" 15-18 minutes, and we can't conceptually grasp what lightspeed really is.

  65. The post-credits scene on Avengers 6 should be Ikaris forlornly returning to Earth, telling everyone “I’m too strong to be killed by the sun 😔”

  66. I thought when he left the atmosphere he cranked it to 100%? I swear I saw him blast off in space. Maybe he can fly closer to light speed in space.

  67. Based on the most recent events in the MCU timeline, and if you accept that Eternals occurred in November 2023, then he’s already knocked 13 months off of his journey

  68. We need an edit of Ikaris flying off to the sun, and then a frame that says "12.4 years later" with a French accent, followed by Ikaris reaching the sun

  69. So max speed really only applies to in-atmosphere because that is where there is the high air resistance and greatest gravitational pull, requiring propulsion to be maintained and limiting your speed.

  70. Ikaris clearly flew faster than light at the end. That google speed is comic 616 Ikaris and even that isn’t accurate because he’s flew around the planet in 1 second before. That speed is from the Marvel comic wiki edited by fans.

  71. Isn't Ikaris the one that just flys too close to the sun? So he should actually veer away near the end of it, or perhaps he's already done so. I know the story generally comes equates to Ikaris dying at the end, but he's an Eternal.

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