1. Women were the primary demographic for early shounen ai and yaoi but that’s really just a marketing box. It’s “for” anyone, but yeah in Japan at least it’s been historically aimed towards and made by women.

  2. It’s sad that most things are either for boys, boys, boys or girls, girls, girls and it’s just getting tiresome. But I know that both boys and girls can’t like the same thing, but I read BL and I think some boys can read that genre

  3. Yeah, and people ignore nonbinary existence; I wish people criticize the stuff without dropping "But it's for women, what do I know " or something; just criticize it I'm sure even women will agree with you.

  4. Is any genre made for any particular demographic? And is any genre for any particular demographic? Those are arguably two different questions.

  5. I heard japan stopped caring about the target demographic; even shonen jump stopped calling themselves boys manga because no shit most girls enjoy shonen manga lol. Mangaupdates really tick me off with "Boys' Love with Male Author" or " Female Demographic with Male Author" tags I don't see that shit with shonen or GL at all.

  6. It's just like romance as a wider genre--by and large, it's by women, for women. Are there exceptions? Certainly. Are there, for instance, a significant number of gay men who read and write gay romance? Definitely. Are there men who read and write romance of any kind? Absolutely. But it's still, by large majority, by women, for women. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. I mean not necessarily? there are a lot of shonen manga and I mean a lot that focus on romance rather than plot. romance is not just for women men love it too

  8. I’m a gay dude that likes BL. I think anyone attracted to men can enjoy BL, but it is also true that the vast majority of creators are cishet women and I can see why many common tropes are offputting to other gay men. That being said, there is an excessive moral panic against BL in certain communities that is not only overblown but is also demonstrably more harmful than it helps. The moral panic against BL is especially harmful for the trans masc community because 1) trans masc people can’t easily jump in and participate in the gay community, so there are quite a few who see BL as an outlet for engaging with their sexuality and 2) many trans masc people feel invalid because they’re afraid of looking like “fujoshi who just fetishize men”.

  9. I'm not really attracted to men, but I still enjoy it, heck some straight men enjoy it. I just watched a video about why it's best for women to not make gay works and I disagreed with most of her video, but there is a point that made sense to me, like most of the gay-popular works made by women, and that doesn't let gay men shine lol, but there are popular BL made by men like "here U are" it is the most popular BL manhua. and yeah I agree about the transgender thing like how people accused boyfriends author of fetishizing gay people even though he is a trans gay guy some people see him as a fujoshi.

  10. The target demo is def women but like all genres it’s not exclusive by any means. The genre has exploded in popularity the last 10 years or so, there’s something for everyone.

  11. I mean.. you could say BL is made for women, and majority of the viewers are for female as well. But men enjoy it too.

  12. It's the same with shonen, shoujo and whatever, they're made for a certain target in mind (women, boys, you name it), but at the end of the day anyone can enjoy it. It's like the Pokémon franchise, it's clearly made with kids in mind but lots of adults enjoy it too.

  13. if I remember correctly. I remember hearing some people say that it was originally made for women who were a victim in something? I believe SA I don't remember, was years ago. but that's only the "origin" or probably how BL became popular, or more widely read by women (that's not an actual facts, I do believe more women read then men, don't take my word its only a belief) but I personally do think it is for anyone, anyone who enjoys reading it.

  14. I would say it was originally intended for women, but it looks like the audience is changing now. Nowadays people are much more open about the things they like, and specifically the gender they like. So gay people are able to read bls more openly, meaning that the male audience is growing. So, yes, bls are/were made for women, but people are changing and the genre is adapting.

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