1. The best one to take is the one that works best for you. Everyone is different in their responses to the forms of magnesium, and what may give one person pronounced benefits may be intolerable for another.

  2. Or you could purchase a magnesium with all the 17,000 different forms 🧐😂 then you would have no idea

  3. Citrate or glycinate. Both cost effective. Glycinate made me feel more agitated, some people don’t do well with glycine and citrate has more of a moderate laxative effect. Kind of have to experiment. Stay away from oxide. There’s other forms but they’re expensive.

  4. It depends. What is your goal? If it is to raise mag levels I have been using Bio Optimizers mag glycinate for the past two months and my RBC mag is the highest it’s ever been. And I only replaced my morning mag with one of those pills. At lunch I take taurate and dinner I take threonate for different reasons.

  5. For absorption I have read that Magnesium Orotate is the best. It actually penetrates the cells. So if you want to achieve the greatest benefit, this should be the best. Follow the link below for more info:

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