1. I want to build a 1,000 card edh deck. Each card triple sleeved in top loaders. The deck box will just be a duffel bag. To shuffle it I'll just shake the bag.

  2. As a former employee of walmart I can assure you that their theft had to be through the roof for them to do this. They don't usually bother with that stuff too much cause its a vendor item.

  3. So people would just rip open the cardboard pack and take the booster inside? I assume the door alarms can’t detect the packs.

  4. Doesn't seem like a super scalable situation but hopefully it works. TBH I don't think there is a good way to prevent pack stealing in a large brick and mortar store unless they are behind a counter.

  5. My Target still sells Kaldheim collector boosters. It's sad because every now and then you can find an empty cardboard box of the booster lying around the store somewhere. It's such a valuable, easy to steal product, I'm surprised all stores don't use higher security measures.

  6. fwiw, From what I heard from a vendor that comes by the Target I work at, Walmart is starting to phase out selling CCGs altogether because the theft is so rampant - a few stores in my area have stopped completely, and they've gone way down in sales the past year from it.

  7. My local Walmart did this when Kaldheim released. Go to the express line for smokes and Magic cards

  8. I know it's not remotely the point but is anyone else annoyed by the fact that you can clearly see a Zendikar Rising pack in the container labeled for Kaldheim?

  9. Damn atleast you get cards in stores. The nearest store that sells boosters is 60 kilometres away from me and they are in a german store so they are in german language. And i dont even live in a german speaking country lol

  10. This reminds me back when I was in high school I had a friend we'll call D. D and I would go to walmart looking for yugioh cards. I'd buy some and one time when we left and got in my car, he pulled out DOZENS of packs from his pocket with the cardboard gone. I was with him the whole time and never saw him take anything so I have no idea how he did it. To this day he's not been caught. Dude was a magician. I stopped hanging out with him though because yugioh is toxic and generally so are the players.

  11. Its a singular collectors and/or regular booster, in a large box, in a larger plastic security case. My walmart only does it with the collectors

  12. Not OP but it looks like all the single boosters are in a DVD sized anti-theft case that an employee would have to unlock for you at check out

  13. Absolutely not an American moment. I can’t count the amount of card products I’ve seen torn open and I’m in Australia.

  14. You know I don't think I have ever seen this problem at an actual LGS, maybe the big box hell holes shouldn't carry them if they can't keep up with demand

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