1. In my view, it's about finding someone who has a solid character. Respectful, kind, honest, trustworthy, loyal, generous, fair. It's also about finding someone who has good communication and problem solving skills, and knows how to keep a relationship healthy.

  2. Good, decent people are hard to find. Statistics say half of all marriages end in divorce, staying together longest than 5 years is a feat. Longer than 10 is a miracle.

  3. The only thing I disagree with is the euphoria disappearing after 18 months. I feel like I love my wife more now than ever. I got that feeling in my stomach many times with her, engaged, married, baby 1, baby 2 and sometimes just randomly when she does something nice for me. We’ve been together since 2012 and still hold hands when driving etc. if this is the kind of love you want forever you can DEF find one that will always remain affectionate

  4. Damn where were you last week when I was trying to think of something to write in my wife’s card for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

  5. This is all true, and very well said, but as my SO told me "if the sex doesn't work, the relationship won't work".

  6. Goodness this reminded me when I met someone and 3 months in, he blatantly said he hate anime despite never watching them. I brushed it off and quickly realized I was dead wrong 😭😭😂

  7. I still don't know and we've been together for over 2 decades. I think it takes a certain amount of stubbornness and sentimentality to maintain a relationship forever. Of course honesty, respect, kindness, but those former things above all else in my humble opinion.

  8. I had a person where I thought this could be forever, but I also knew that my depression could end things out of nothing, and it did… And I spent a month trying to wrap my head around it, and all of the sudden I saw a lot of red flags that I thought just was from my depression, but it wasn’t, it was really red flags I should have noticed. Now I date a person that has always had my back and sometimes without me knowing it, and I know he will for a long time

  9. Everyone always talks about finding the right person, but few talk about BEING the right person. People should go to therapy & make sure their shit is in a pile. Some people (I'm not saying you, I don't know you!) bring issues to any & all relationships such that they are always going to be unhappy &/or the relationships will be short-lived.

  10. Just take your time you can tell if it will last after a few months. watch how they treat you with time. It can take a while ive learned the hard way my self. been really hurt but ive been single for a while hopefully the one will show up when its time. just keep that chin held high.

  11. We had the same values/beliefs and some of the same insecurities. We both strongly believe in loyalty. I'd never met someone like that before. We have a lot in common but also enough different that I like hearing about the things he likes. Then we both started new things that we do together. Neither of us are perfect, but neither of us stepped away when things got hard. It was so much work. Like, we could have stepped away and no one would have blamed us. Instead we worked even harder. That's a fine line though and you have to use your gut. Also, I'm insanely attracted to him. I've never met someone I've been more attracted to in every shape. Also, my happiness doesn't depend on him. That was a huge part of our relationship that we had to work on, and it was worth it.

  12. i only really knew after we went on our first date. i was really just looking for a rebound and i’d been on like 10 dates in a month, but when i went out with her my flatmate said “you look really happy” as soon as i came in the door. i was meant to be seeing someone else for a second date the next day (and i thought that we were more compatible, she studied something that i’m a bit more interested in than what my gf studies, does similar stuff in my spare time etc.), but she texted me whilst i was in a class and asked if i wanted to go and do something so i texted the other girl for a rain check and me and my gf have been together ever since. it’s just that feeling of “they make me happy, they’re so fascinating and i have to know more”

  13. You did something that most people aren't brave enough to do. To end a relationship that isn't working and moving on. I've been in 2 other relationships in the past where it honestly should've ended in a month tops, but it dragged on for half a year until I fell completely out of feelings.

  14. I’ve been in 2 long term relationships, I really had thought my first one was going to last and was devastated when it ended (looking back I’m very thankful it did). When I first met my husband and started my second long term relationship I felt it instantly. Like as cheesy as it sounds I knew he would be my husband. I thought to myself our first conversation “he’s going to be extremely important to me.” It scared me at first bc I had just dealt with something very traumatic with my relationship right before him but I let him through anyways bc of how fast we clicked and how it just felt like it was right. Idk if everyone experiences this but I definitely did and he tells me he felt the same and that the day we met he told his friends and his family. I’m laying here now with him 7 years later with our baby as happy as can be. We’ve been through a lot together and I couldn’t imagine going through those tough times with anyone else. It hasn’t been forever yet but ik it will be. I hope that gives some insight.

  15. I don't know it will. It most likely won't. Even if we still love each other one of us will eventually die. But I'll enjoy it for now.

  16. Simple. I didn't know... Today I am pretty convinced but I have had 11 years of hard times with my wife that have really shown the strength of the foundation.

  17. I think it’s important to take time to love yourself first. I think between every relationship at minimum a 3 month break is important, or maybe 6 because there would be baggage brought in from previous relationships and childhood. Take time to heal properly, unwind, and once you are in a place where you don’t need another person to complete you, you’ll attract the same. If you keep jumping from relationship to relationship without proper time to heal, it’ll be the same

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