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  2. How exactly since the sets are very small? It's like a soap opera with slo-mo being their only "modern" tool

  3. I feel like a billion dollar production should be able to afford bigger sets, even with CGI and/or miniatures

  4. The fellowship of the ring cost $93M. IIRC, the budget for the first episode of the ROP was like $90M by itself. If PJ was able to do it on a comparatively lower budget 20 years ago, amazon has no excuse.

  5. Please understand OP, they only had $450m to work with, a paltry $50m an episode. They're basically paupers of television, I daresay.

  6. I like the show and I agree with you but I don’t think it will happen. If only they would take some criticism and adjust the show and improve it. But I don’t think they are doing that

  7. They may adjust it for season 2 which is being filmed now. S1 was filmed a year ago, so not much they can do to recreate the big panning shots for the final episode

  8. I think they do a lot. Better, most of the shot have intension. This last episode, for example, when Durin is talking to his father, the camera framed them blurred behind unbalanced scales, which makes sense, since we follow Durin's perspective and he sees his father decision as an injustice. They do shots to astonish, as in Númenor and the first time we see Moria, and shots to emphasize subplot themes.

  9. This is exactly my thought. They have been doing it, and the subtleness of it just complement the plot rather than just the set view.

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