1. It's literally 0.04 percentage points, statistical noise. If anything, it reaffirms the insane figure from last month. Usually after a positive outlier, you expect the next one to be slightly lower.

  2. It's three and a half dumbwits players who desperately want anti-cheat-games on their shiny deck and then went ahead and actually found out how to install Windozews on it. What a dick move, "triple-A"-companies named you know who..

  3. Absolutely. Before I've gotten my deck I've played exclusively on steam with fedora. Now I've got the deck I haven't touched the fedora system for gaming and I don't see it happening anytime soon either. Not because the system is bad but rather because I can play with my deck from the comfort of my couch.

  4. That's why month-to-month comparison are rarely useful. Year to year comparisons (Sept 21 vs Sept 22) are much better.

  5. One would expect an overall drop in users, but why would Linux gamers be impacted more than Windows/OSX gamers in that regard?

  6. Since i switched to gnu/linux, i didn't even get a single one of these hardware surveys anymore. On windows, they occasionally popped up, but now i can't even do my part and contribute to the minority number...

  7. I have 4 computers I use, all with steam. Main desktop, bedroom htpc, laptop, and steamdeck. The steamdeck and my main desktop run Linux. My bedroom htpc and laptop run windows. (Htpc because of Xbox controller BT compatibility, and the laptop because Linux support for the model I have is non-existent. I tried, but got tired of the hassle and put windows back on it.)

  8. I was using gentoo for a few months and never got the survey. Then I switched to fedora and got the survey on two separate machines at once.

  9. The only I really mean the only reason I've gone back to windows 10 is I can use MSI afterburner to undervolt the gtx1080 .

  10. I.... sorry guys, I can’t get forza to work in Linux! I don’t know what’s wrong with it, either.

  11. I saw somewhere Dakota Kai, WWE wrestler, had a Steam Deck. Once Deck is available worldwide, and SteamOS is released for desktop, market share will pick up momentum like an avalanche. A little disappointing to see reduction but it's also positive that Linux retention allowed it to stay above 1.20.

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