1. Gamersnexus has a review up on their youtube channel. Bottom line is: it performs like a monster, but at the cost of serious power draw. It's also a stupid choice for gamers, since most games are going to be GPU bottle necked with these CPUs. These are productivity CPUs, and are ridiculously overpowered for gaming. I'm more curious how the low and mid tier R7000 CPUs are going to perform.

  2. Well, you can limit the power/temperature envelope of the cpus. I recently got a 5800x (new platform out of my current budget), and it was always pushing itself to the temp limit, pulling 140W!

  3. GN also tested it with a massive cooler, while the default behavior of Zen 4 is to use as much power that fits with its temperature or TDP limits. Limiting them even remotely modestly, they're still a fair bit faster than Alder Lake

  4. Any mention which ones support avx-512? Or if all of them do? I'm upgrading from a 6th gen intel and RPCS3 emulator will be a big focus for me.

  5. For Gaming Ryzen Zen3D is King. I'm thinking about skipping AM5 all together, and seeing what Intel has to offer next year or even waiting for AM6.

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