1. It doesn't make anything possible that wasn't before, but it has information that previously had to be reverse engineered by the open source driver projects. So they can spend that time on more important things now.

  2. No. Hell will freeze over when Nvidia releases the source code, compilers and detailed technical information on the firmwares (including the actual firmwares themselves) needed for reclocking. However, I'll settle for a stiff breeze in hell if Nvidia juse released those firmwares under licenses which permit redistribution.

  3. That's the problem of the forum system. Every post has equal value. If someone's opinion is shit, the only way to prove that is to engage that person in a conversation. Which usually makes things worse.

  4. NVIDIA is very usable on Linux. Both my Linux PCs (desktop and laptop) have NVIDIA GPUs. I'd even go so far as to say it's more reliable than AMD if you stick to X11.

  5. Tbh NVidia works great with X11. As for Wayland... Sure, they didn't play nice for a long time, but things these days are much better in this particular regard.

  6. The server market; it's highly likely that moves like this were already in the works to keep the server and datacenter market happy with more openness in regards to how the hardware works and what can be done with it. This would've been decided before the leaks of things.

  7. A combination of factors. Declining mining revenues, a larger number of people switching to AMD hardware because of superior out-of-the-box support and competitive performance, and probably also the maturity of HIP, the API that wraps CUDA and makes it exceedingly simple to port a lot of CUDA apps so that they can run on AMD GPUs too. All these things combined make AMD a much more credible threat than it used to be, across the entire spectrum of GPU solutions, which requires a more sensible approach to FLOSS to contain.

  8. Not sure what "Fermi Through Ampere GPUs" are. Phoronix butchering the language again...

  9. You could also just read the article, which clearly explains it in the second paragraph, rather than bitching about a non-issue and acting like you have some sort of gotcha on Phoronix.

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