1. Joe Biden is going after the lung evacuating 9mm now. The Republicans keep trying to lose the midterms and the Democrats keep giving it back to them.

  2. Dor real though. I saw the roe v wade stuff and thought "ok maybe dems wont get blown out in the midterms" and then these shootings happen, both which probably could have been prevented by red flag laws (the problem in buffalo was they werent used and the problem in indiana was the authorities didnt use them) and biden decides to start talking about banning 9mm

  3. This is one that I don’t understand — Canada already has remarkably strict handgun laws, and it’s not as though they’re drowning in a sea of gun crime or violence.

  4. Because wedging an issue and useless, irrelevant fixes are more visible and gets votes, whereas fixing issues at the root cause is not profitable.

  5. It’s simple. Canada likes to solve problems in other countries and not their own. We have FAR more important issues plaguing our country that we don’t even attempt to fix with any meaningful effort. Food, gas, housing costs are through the roof. We don’t have survivable disability benefits. People are underpaid. They tried to restrict high cost medicine access to Canadians. I could go on and on. So instead of tackling any actual problem we face, they roll out a hypothetical ban that does nothing in actuality to curb gun crime (mind you the actual violence crime rates are made up of about 5/10 percent gun crime), and just upsets legal owners. I could ramble on and on, but unfortunately I’m this country if you want to keep your guns you have to vote conservative.

  6. My charitable interpretation of the intent here is to put a cap on the increasing popularity of legal handgun ownership in Canada. And they want to reduce legal ownership as a numbers game: fewer guns in legal possession means fewer guns that could be stolen, improperly secured, misused, etc.

  7. Gun control isn't based in logical public policy or sound reasoning, it's based on irrational fear of guns and emotionally-driven knee-jerk reactions so politicians can say they're taking action.

  8. That's because gun control is never about saving lives. It's about CONTROL. Of the monopolies that a tyrannical government convents, the Monopoly on violence is the most important.

  9. Of course it doesn't address the actual problem. That's not what it's for. It's another step towards a total ban on gun ownership. When the gun violence doesn't explicably vanish overnight, Trudeau will use that say how more is needed.

  10. i think they see the paralysis on U.S. gun policy and they want to avoid gun owners reaching that sizable number. this will make gun owners in perpetual minority in canada.

  11. It doesn’t make sense because this is the end result of allowing gun control to have a foothold. People argue about slippery slope fallacy, but most people who are pro-gun control would ban all guns if they had the chance.

  12. You see, leftists don't largely care about logic, reason, or effectiveness, they care about "signaling" and the "message" of "guns and violence are bad".

  13. Your first paragraph is a little contradictory. You’re saying their tough gun laws are resulting in low gun crime or violence.

  14. Most gun deaths are from handguns. Hunters who actually use rifles are usually more responsible gun owners. Making handguns banned rather than just hard to get means police have much more power to track down illegal imports when they're merely aware of the existence of a handgun.

  15. Check out a Google search on inequality and gun violence. It helps to explain why this happens so much more now, as studied by sociologists.

  16. The frightening part for me is they'll never see the argument goes the other way too- even one person murdered by the state is too much. And you know gun control advocates are gonna trip all over themselves in special pleading as for why oNlY tHe PoLiCe nEEd gUns (and why we should also maintain a standing army and nuclear arsenal).

  17. I never got that self defeating logic held by a lot of modern neo liberals. “Only the police need guns” but also “the police are evil black people murders run by a corrupt and oppressive racist government and need to be controlled” well yeah obviously we need guns because we can’t trust the government to defend us because they’re shitty people. “But we can trust the government to protect us that’s why they’re there.” Like dude… seriously?

  18. So shouldn’t all the people who say “I don’t want to ban all guns but…” crowd be upset about this? They’re not? Surprised pikachu face

  19. I've lived in Canada and spent some time in the UK. From what I gathered, both countries don't seem to support the idea of self defense. I think the concept of being responsible for your own safety is especially important stateside in comparison to commonwealth countries. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, but that's the impression I've gotten from my time abroad.

  20. This kind of a ban just means that law abiding citizens will comply. But the fascists who actually probably shouldn’t have guns won’t. And they’ll be the only ones in the civilian population with them. I’m not so sure I like that, especially given how putrid the police response was in Uvalde.

  21. Even Sweden, a country often criticized for its restrictive and often dumb gun laws, has few legal limits for magazine capacity and legal handguns of essentially any type as long as youre in a pistol shooting club.

  22. Banning handguns when you share a border with the country with the most privately owned firearms anywhere on Earth is almost as smart as banning drugs when you share a border with Mexico.

  23. Well there goes my desire for Maine to secede and join Canada.... Maybe we should just take NHand Vermont and go off and make our own country

  24. Canadian here. We have a small group of shooting survivors from the Poly technic shooting who the current government bends too otherwise the prime minister won’t be allowed to attend the annual ceremony. As well there is a massive disconnect with things happening in Toronto (huge gang culture) vs everywhere else in the country. They have already stated that bolt actions are assault weapons and high powered sniper rifles. Firearms ownership in Canada will be done in a few years and reduced to over under shot guns. It’s gloomy doomy but it took 2 years from having black rifles banned, now to handguns Being banned. Our system worked well under the older rules but it doesn’t matter anymore. The science base approach went out the window without current government. Guns are a wedge issue for the current liberal party of Canada. Other things banned in this bill are airport, pellet guns and paintball. With the new search of devices at the border with “general concern”, the censorship bill and the hate speech bill we are almost a former shell of what was in 2014. And that’s just the start of the issue. Makes me really sad to see where our country is headed. Not even the larger petition in Canadian history made the LPC blink.

  25. Here is my honest thought on this kind of policy: If we (gun owners of the US) cannot get behind significant reforms to our gun laws, then eventually, EVENTUALLY, democrats will take over the white house, house and Senate (again, this may take decades) and ban anything and everything they can. Just to be clear, I am a Democrat. But I also recognize where the threat to gun ownership is coming from. I honestly believe this country can curb mass shootings, but we the gun owners will have to give a little now, or lose a lot down the road.

  26. Isn’t liberal the adjective of this group, though? It is meant to describe the type of gun owner, I thought. It seems more and more this gun group has become pro-gun owners who would vote progressive—only if the Democrats were 100% pro-2A. My understanding of the central politics of this group was that Democrats should run the White, House, and Senate and should be moderated on gun issues by their supporters, like us.

  27. This shit terrifies me. Freezing gun ownership would have consequences here in the US. Namely every gun currently manufactured but not sold will end up in peoples hands. Right now the prospect of another AWB is making AR’s and similar rifles fly off the shelves. Like they do every time we start talking more gun control. The dems don’t understand they are are the greatest gun salesmen in the world. And that’s just the to be expected consequence. Confiscation of any kind will end horribly

  28. The gun manufacturers LOVE gun control or talk of it. It's when they make the most money and they're stock's see great gain's. It's sad that FEAR drives impulse buying. Canada is it's own island unto itself. But I highly doubt ANYONE is going to 'take you're gun's away' in America. Which has been a fear tactic of the Right for decade's. Personally I don't see a use for 'assault style's weapons, you can't use them for home defense, the bullet could go thru you're wall and kill a neighbor, and hunting with them is absurd when there's better options. I just think people like owning them and playing with them at the range. But that's just my opinion, I rather have a shotgun and side arm, and a hunting rifle anyway rather then a AR-15. They are way too expensive too shoot, brass eater's. They are designed too kill. That is why they are favorite of solider's and military around the world. Especially the NATO round and the.223, those bullets have just shred tissues in ballistic tests, they are lethal weapons, they were designed too be. But this is where we are after all these years, we let the gun lobby go bonkers, and both Republicans and Democrats take money from them, so it's funny too think much of anything will ever happen.

  29. I see a lot of you guys trying to rationalize this and being confused because it doesn't make sense. Well that's the thing, it's not supposed to. In fact the entire bill doesn't make sense. Banning airsoft doesn't make sense yet they're doing that too. They don't do this for public safety, they do it because they get ignorant urban and suburban votes and the gun control lobby has massive influence on the LPC (they were standing behind him in the press conference).

  30. It's just virtue signaling on a national scale. Someone should tell the Canadians that guns are the one thing, once you give them up, you'll never get them back.

  31. He's a corrupt grifter that needs to keep attention away from his catastrophe of an administration. Housing is now a pipedream for most young canadians, health care system is collapsing, public safety waning... and canada is no longer a credible country abroad...

  32. This is coming from a guy who admires Xi Xinping and gets butthurt to the point where he freezes the bank accounts of those who protest against him. I’m not surprised this happened.

  33. How will this affect hunters and rural Canadians who rely on large caliber handguns to defend themselves from huge 4 legged threats?

  34. They're swooning over him about it, and I'm just seeing the irony that this decision and their embrace of the decision will effectively derail any hopes at getting any reasonable gun control passed.

  35. This is soooo frustrating!!! I’m a Texan and I really want us to walk back so much of the stupid deregulation we’ve implemented, and add some reasonable standards for gun ownership. Instead, you get a clown as bad as the Republicans here in Texas. Thanks, Trudeau, for giving the people of the fence here a reason to jump back to the “they’ll take all our guns away” side of the fence.

  36. I don't want to see this in the US but the data is irrefutable: High Income countries with restrictive gun laws universally have lower homicide rates. What they're doing is following the science.

  37. I’m unsure that this particular policy will have a statistically significant impact on gun homicides though. The vast majority of developed nations allow handguns, and bans on them in the past have not caused readily apparent changes in homicide trends.

  38. Good to see that there are still reasonable people here instead of the "zomg whatever you do, don't touch my gunszzzz!!!" crowd.

  39. Has anyone suggested looking up prohibition, for those who don't know it's when the US had the bright idea to ban alcoholic beverages. All that happened was people and most importantly law abiding ones just went underground and bought those drinks from organized crime which got so powerful that the government couldn't stop them until someone found a technicality to charge them with.

  40. No downvote, but if you look at the Jim Crow laws you'll see that putting the smallest barrier to a right can be wildly abused to disarm entire parts of the population.

  41. Here I’ll downvote and retort. Giving the government the right to regulate training to pass on your RIGHT to own firearms gives them the right to regulate exactly who can own a firearm legally. They get to decide entirely based on arbitrary standards set by themselves and they’ll absolutely take the liberty to add a clause saying they can fail you based on whatever the fuck they want. You really trust any government to be fair and unbiased on how they handle training for firearms? This logic of training based ownership is absolutely bar none the stupidest most ignorant line of thinking I can fathom. Trust the GOVERNMENT to fairly regulate rights? HAH! Worked great for the Jews circa 1941 yeah? Let’s repeat it in the US and CANADA because there’s no way that could backfire. Absolutely the most ignorant take I’ve seen in this thread.

  42. Conservatives keep saying "but Mexico" about gun laws. Then I'm like but isn't the USA currently in a legal battle with Mexico. Where 70% of illegal firearms come from the US so they are suing us.

  43. This sub is beginning to sound like an echo chamber with the constant stream of posts like these since the Texas shooting.

  44. The only thing that separates the people in this sub from the ammosexuals in right-wing groups is that this sub is less likely to support the NRA and more likely to support gay marriage. I joined this sub hoping for insightful discussions around firearms as a hobby without right-wing propaganda and expected people to generally have reasonable views around gun control and responsible gun ownership. Instead, everyone here seems to view 2A as the word of God, is completely opposed to any form of gun control, thinks it's a good thing for everyone to possess all kind of firearms without qualification, and believes that guns will actually protect them from the government in any meaningful way.

  45. They never say what a "military style assault weapon" is since anything can be considered that if geared right. Do they really think military guns are that much different than what we got?

  46. Not sure if it makes a difference, China has asked the UN human rights chief to investigate America’s school shooting problem. Mass shootings make our country look bad to the world

  47. History tells us that if you allow yourself to be disarmed it'll come bite you in the ass. Maybe not the next day or even next year, but eventually. Maybe your grandchildren.

  48. I personally believe owning guns really does nothing to deter government from taking control of our lives or be scared of us. They have resources that far expand any that we have. Local police, army, reserve's, coast guard, marines, look, if they want to take you're ass out, it's gonna happen, and thinking that owning a gun is going to stop any of them is absurd. With the snap of the fingers, Marshall Law could be enacted and you wouldn't even be able to leave you're home, a entire city could be locked down if they want, and military vehicles would be in the streets in a heart beat. Personally I wouldn't want to go up against any authorities in any branches. You're just end up with a bullet in you're head, we live in a Police State. Having a sense of false security 'because I have weapons' seems like wishful thinking to me. The Boston Massacre bombing, they shut that city down so quick with light armored vehicles deployed in no time, and it wont get any better for grandchildren. But really, do you think a government is trying to wage a war against us? They already have us on our knees. If you don't think so, stop paying you're property taxes and watch how fast you're home will be taken away and sold as a tax deed to the next person. They're is no need to remove weapon's, they already have us where they want us. Just my stupid opinion.

  49. This is about handguns, which are responsible for 98% of all homicides. Rifles would still be good, and even better for defending your home or "rising up against the government"

  50. Honestly, as an American that’s their prerogative. We pay a very heavy price for gun ownership here. Of course, there will always be gun deaths due to illegal trafficking but it will be nowhere near what we experience in the States

  51. Mexico has more homicides than US, yet has half the population. Gun deaths, primarily school shootings, are highly sensationalized and politicized.

  52. Handguns are the next logical choice. And it will be in the US if/when an AWB is passed. It will be used to subdue the masses. Like Australia. Once the US bans all guns, it will return to a perfect utopia that it was under the king.

  53. Just look south to Mexico. The "only" people that own guns are bad guys. People need to depend on police for protection which creates a situation where there is no incentive to actually lower crime. Mexico is the way that is by design. Limiting gun ownership such that the regular common good guy can't own a gun is a piece of that puzzle.

  54. Mexico operates on exploitation of its people. Canada does not. You can't just compare two vastly different countries and claim that one will become the other due to a policy change.

  55. Fuck em. Let them deal with the consequences of who they voted for. Not to mention that self defense is basically illegal in Canada. Can't even own pepper spray. So not like this law changes anything. They weren't CCW in the first place

  56. I would 100% disagree. I own guns not out of want but necessity.Yes they are fun to shoot but I could take additional scrutiny to not need them.

  57. Nothing short of a Star Trek style communist utopia will feature a human society with absolutely no crime and something like the police who want to keep every single person safe and happy. We are extremely far from such a thing.

  58. Im a gay/bi man and i live in Czech Republic and i always wanted to move to Canada later in life, always seemed like the better version of the USA. But seriously as a gun owner who believes that all law abiding citizens should have the right to own and even carry firearms for self defense I just watch in horror as the turd of a prime minister first banned semi automatic rifles, I thought... well maybe I ll just stay in Czechia.... now that I see this I ll definitely won't be moving to Canada... this is just insane...

  59. Guns have been banned for self defence purposes for quite a while in Canada (way before the current PM came to power). I think there’s some rare exceptions but generally it’s for hunting or other recreational purposes only (exceptions are more likely if you live in a rural area with limited police coverage). This temporary ban (in theory) only affects a small amount of law abiding gun owners here. Probably less than the semi-automatic ban as hunters did actually use those.

  60. This is what gets me. I don't think we'll see anything like this here, but it frankly scares me that a lot of people, voters and politicians, genuinely don't believe I have the right to self defense.

  61. How many more gun smugglers are going to be kept in business by normal people looking for a piece? If anything this makes it significantly more easy for the wrong people to get guns.

  62. Canada just be doing everything in their power to make it impossible for minorities to defend themselves :///

  63. Not at all for frightening. Hopefully we get the same here. In turn it should be made much easier to get rifles. I explained my reasoning in my previous comments. No point posting here again against the flow

  64. Does Canada have a lot of far-right violent domestic terrorists that hoard stockpiles of weapons, while threatening violence against innocent Canadians too? I didn't know that was a thing there...

  65. I don’t understand why we should care. Canada is not the US. I read an interesting comment in another thread about how this is more about cultural differences. Americans view the 2A as their ticket freedom because we won our independence because of that whereas Canadians got theirs via diplomacy. So while they have guns and things are much stricter, they don’t have the same cultural connection to them.

  66. I would argue that maybe it is a good idea for Canadians, if that is what they want. Living in abroad in countries that had strict gun laws, I never had to worry about mass shootings, because guns just weren't ubiquitous there. Each country should be able to choose what they want to be legal or not, within reason of course (slavery, marriage rights, age of consent, etc...). I would no more force Canadians to adhere to US gun laws than we should expect to adhere to their laws.

  67. I'm Canadian, and Canadians are generally woefully and enthusiastically uneducated about firearms and firearm laws.

  68. I guess one native child (or even hundreds) killed by the Canadian government ain't one too many, cause I don't see the bans related to that...

  69. These mass shootings happen mostly at places that guns aren’t allowed at anyway (schools etc) What they should have is armed security for places that don’t allow firearms.

  70. Very. Ducking idiots don’t realize that the only ones that will have guns are the criminals and corrupt government that will just take more rights away

  71. This is especially disgusting with the previous surge of restrictions following a mass shooting where someone, if I wasn't misinformed, stole the firearms from the RCMP and dressed as a member of the same to get access to his victims.

  72. How many times does this actually need to be said before you realize that this is the only actual solution. Armed security for any area that prohibits firearms. If you are going to make a building a gun free zone you are then responsible for the safety of all the people inside of that building.

  73. What is frightening is how people still underestimate the emotional current underlying both pro- and anti-gun control. Actually the same goes for almost every other issue.

  74. Self defense with any kind of weapon is illegal in Canada practically. If someone is bigger then you and they want your stuff or worse you are COMPLETELY at their mercy

  75. My thoughts are that this is a reasonable, if misguided, approach. Because there was no slavery in Canada, there was no need for anything like the U.S. 2nd Amendment, and no need to fear it being taken away.

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