1. What do you do with your mags when you are washing your glock? Washing your glock with the dishs makes it quick and easy to get the nugget sauce off.

  2. Most modern rounds are pretty resilient to water. Like others, I’d use it as range ammo and replace your mag with rounds you know are good. Also, since the magazine itself fell into the water, I’d pull it apart and make sure it’s dry. Don’t want your spring rusting out on ya

  3. I think it's fine, since as you say, it wasn't in long. Now if this was salt water for like an hour THEN I'd be concerned, but dish water for a second won't break your ammo. Unless you bought like the super cheap crap Winchester Steel Forge ammo in which case your ammo is bad and you should feel bad XD

  4. Dude what the hell is wrong with you? When something like that happens you’re supposed to play it up and declare that the gun is ruined now and you’ll have buy another but you still love her.

  5. Take ammo out of mag. Wipe dry. Blow into mag to get as much liquid water out as possible. Let everything air dry for a day or two.

  6. Who in the world is using handgun ammunition that isn’t sealed and watertight. If it wasn’t watertight it could oxidize or absorb moisture over time.

  7. Dump it. Hang fires are scary as shit, don’t take the chance. It’s what, a handful of rounds? Nah, shitcan them all.

  8. Last summer I was fooling around with one of my pistols out on the deck of my house. Don't remember exactly what I was doing but it was probably rotating magazines as I occasionally do. What I wound up doing was leaving a whole mag load of loose rounds in a saucer setting on the table. During the night it rained and the saucer ended up with about a half inch of water, enough to cover all the rounds. I dumped the water and sat the whole thing inside. Three or four days later I loaded them up and they all went bang. They were Winchester white box that I'd gotten from Walmart when they were selling that stuff.

  9. Feeling pretty certain that if it was in the water as long as you said it was that it’s totally fine. Just think about all the hunters who are out in the elements and carry extra ammunition that may get exposed or wet and still use it anyways.

  10. Seriously, I would dry them off and not think twice about using them. Use them for target if you’re really worried, but there shouldn’t be any problem. Remember, you can actually fire a submerged gun (we won’t discuss if it’s a good idea or not because it has nothing to do with the ammo), so getting them wet for a few seconds isn’t an issue.

  11. what are they going to do with the mag throw it at each other ? I have 5 they were all sleeping. my wife and I were both in the bathroom when it happened, thats were the mag fell in the sink.

  12. Meh. Loaded magazine has been out of print for 6 or 7 years. I'd say it isn't good to use even without submerging it, unless you like being behind on men's fashion.

  13. I've never experienced a hang fire, but isn't wet powder how it happens? I'd say if you use em at the range and think you've got a dud, maybe give it a minute with the muzzle pointed down range just to be safe, and like was mentioned, be cautious of squibs

  14. Not the same round, but your question made me think of this dunk test TFB TV did for the new Springfield Hellion.

  15. A sink is probably fine since it wasn’t at a depth that could have forced water where it should be under pressure. Particularly it it was only a 1/2 second or so. It like others have said, you’ve got some new range ammo and pull that mag apart, fully dry it and run some Hoppes over it.

  16. Random question while we all talking mag health. Newbie here. Does it hurt integrity to always have them loaded, like the spring or anything? Thanks.

  17. I will throw in it USED to be an problem, but better spring materials and manufacturing techniques have pretty much eliminated it as an issue.

  18. Toss the entire gun. My trash can has some extra room, just bring it on over and I'll dispose of it gladly. 🤪

  19. Once my Federal HST carry ammo in a mag fell into the toilet. It was my spare mag and luckily I hadn’t used the toilet yet. Unfortunately it was a public toilet so the only option I had was to reach in and grab it. I of course washed my hands thoroughly and cleaned the mag real good. I marked the ammo as “wet” and dried off the outside, then put it in a ziploc for the next time I went to the range. I think a few weeks later I went to the range and loaded a mag full of the toilet ammo and it functioned flawlessly.

  20. I don't have much experience with guns but you should be good. Most rounds nowadays have a waterproof coating. Even if not half a second probably shouldn't do much. If you're really concerned let it dry out before you ever use it.

  21. Now wait a minute. There’s the sink Glock, and the refrigerator Glock. They need to be rotated. If the sink Glock gets wet, it should be stripped and dried before rotation. Note to Air Force guys: don’t dry the sink Glock in the Microwave

  22. Lol... had second thought about this... I like how 'eve' knocked it into the water here... headline should perhaps read: "I left my loaded mag next to a vat of open hot water... (fill in the blank) with what happens next" .... Btw... this principal also applies to all small objects and open toilet bowls! .... Cheers Mal.... :)

  23. I had someone spill a beer on a pile of rounds one time. Wiped am off and some girl put the rest in her bra for a tumble dry lmao. All of them were fine.

  24. (shit post) I'm only a liberal and not a gun owner, but come on, they're over there watching you. Get your shit together.

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