1. Ravens quest, Claire's quest, third crisis, and the fixer are three that come to mind as high quality games with good art and female mcs.

  2. Hey, thanks for the recommendations. I know about Chloe18, it was the first lewd game I played, and I downloaded the other Chloe18 games on my usb stick a while ago

  3. Sorry if this post shows up twice here, but the first time I posted it I named a site to download these games, which seems to be not allowed, even without a direct link to it. So I just post it again without said sentence, so I can at least keep my wall of text :b

  4. It's totally okay, I haven't seen your message here before. I'll definetly check all the games you mentioned, thank you so much 🖤

  5. The game I'm working on is about a female vampire and her struggles to fit in the world after thousands of years of slumber. I would recommend playing the legacy version here first because it has more quests, the remake is still getting there. The game is in a medieval setting too,not modern days.

  6. I can second their project. Kalyskah is a lot of fun! Been meaning to get more into it but I loved the intro.

  7. Wow, I never saw such an interesting lewd game until now. I know there are some, but those feel like hidden crystals. I'll give it a try, for sure, thank you so much for the recommendation and I wish you good luck in updating the game with new content, it really fits my preferences, now I just want to see how the sex scenes are, since I mostly saw about combat until now

  8. That's something different from what I saw until now, but I might give that a try too, at least to find how that game works and how it is in general Thank you for the game idea :)

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