1. they are not that common, I had searched the terms “turkey”, “turk” etc. and checked comments

  2. Lol the amount of Arab Hate I’ve seen from Turkish celebrities is outstanding. Can’t expect everyone to love everyone. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Well there is that little matter of starving and hanging Lebanese in the old days of Ottoman Empire and the apparent desire of some Turks today to call for bringing back the ottoman days. Not much else, oh yeah, turning churches into mosques is not a great sign of values, tolerance and acceptance of others.

  4. There's also the small matter of the Armenian and Assyrian genocide, but it's not important enough to be recognized by Turkey.

  5. Been to turkey before on a vacation. Was called out for being arab and speaking arabic. For some reason, all the turks there are super racist. Safe to say I am never coming back to turkey :)

  6. When I was in high school in 1975 in Beirut all the hippy american students hated the Turks because of the Armenian genocide. There seemed to be a lot of Armenians in Beirut.

  7. Not exacly hate but unease . Turkey did commit genocide against mount Lebanon starving about a third of the population in ww1 . Personnally , i don't like Erdogan because he is your typical middle eastern autocrat who is running Turkey into the ground . . And yes usually Lebanese armenians don't really like Turkey for obvious reasons .

  8. Your average lebanese's views on turkey/turks would be mostly positive, nothing like this sub. I moved to turkey nearly a year ago and i absolutely love it here

  9. ok we have a reasonable Armenian population that hate you for obvious reasons, they represent their own views, we a shitty population that also hate you for slightly less obvious reasons, they also represent themselves, I've personally had a turkish person act smug, uppity, and rude to me, she represents herself, there's the way your people treated my people way back in the day by refusing them the right to govern themselves and lording over them, it was a different time it's in the past and i dont feel you should be held accountable for it, not everyone feels the same though, there's also a group of turks who think they're European, well maybe sure but act like they're better than the rest of us in a sort of racist way, which is fine whatever, before the banks collapsed half of us could buy an apartment and forget about it while you guys acted like you're somehow richer just for being turkish, and we were making your neighborhood worse by buying property in it, I've had a cousin bullied by some turks in university at one point, they ripped up her books, during the Ukrainian crisis people were fleeing trying to get to safety, and some local guys where you're from were thinking of getting some pussy, I dont personally do pre judgements or anything of that sort, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt with me, alot of my friends moved and currently live in turkey and are very happy about it, but a good chunk of your people currently and throughout history, have had a bad reputation.

  10. Im a Turk who has been to 15 countries and I didnt love any of them nearly as much as Lebanon. The culture, landscape, food, architecture and also the music is intoxicating to me. A lot of Turkish songs are lifted straight from Lebanese music with Turkish lyrics plastered on.

  11. In real life, people mostly talk about Turkey only as a touristic destination. Like "I'm going to Turkey on vacation for a week in the summer" and "I bought this X and Y when I was in Turkey for reduced price" type of talk. I don't even hear others actually talking about the people in Turkey, they don't seem to think about them in one way or another. It's Turkish people who are obsessed with spreading hate and racism about all Arabs on the internet 24/7 between themselves.

  12. those are usually the over leftists or clueless teens who can’t distinguish the different ethnicities within the arabic race

  13. Thank you for your constructive views. I also think your point of view mostly sums up the situation.

  14. 2 word ottoman empire : they did terrible things here so some people hold a grudge ( note that i i never saw any hate comment in this sub) tbh i dont have any hate toward the current turkish people the only bad thing i can say about you is that you dont recognise the armenian genocide .

  15. I don't personally have a problem with turkey but I have a problem with erdogan and his policies. Also i know how patriotic and virulent turkish people are about their country online, idk from where its coming from, just a feeling.

  16. I’ll tell you what I tell every foreigner who lurks on here, This sub most definitely does not represent the majority of Lebanese ppl, so take everything you see online with a pinch of salt.

  17. Exactly also most of the people I know here in Lebanon have at least watched a Turkish TV series or too, some go so far as to start wearing Turkish fashion or start saying Turkish words here and there

  18. I don't recall seeing hate posts/comments about Turkey/people. At the same time of course you going to find someone that will say something they don't like. AFAIC, all you need to know about Turkish people can be easily deduced from how they treat stray cats and dogs - very kind people.

  19. I’m Lebanese and have no problem turkey and would love to visit your country one day! The people in this thread don’t represent the majority of Lebanese people. There are many reasons why, which as you can tell is due to historical events which have been exaggerated jn Lebanese textbooks which are supported by biased French/ western sources. Racism towards Arabs from Turks is also a factor- one of my relatives experienced racism in Istanbul. Although I have another uncle who has been there like 5 times and will go again if had the opportunity and says he never faced racism😅 Overall as a Lebanese, a lot of the people on this reddit don’t represent the majority of Lebanon in a lot of issues, it’s quite left leaning and liberal which is not the majority of Lebanon

  20. It is true that Turkey dumped a lot of money in Tripoli and "helped" destabilize the city. My source is unfortunately trust me, but if you look up the rehabilitation of some religious historical places you will officially find that it was sponsored by them, so they're doing good PR on one side and arming groups on the other. If you remember the centennial of the Armenian genocide the city was flooded with huge Turkish flags everywhere and their were protests against the commemoration of the genocide. Why? Just why would the average uneducated guy from one of the slums of Tripoli care so much about a historical event he doesn't even know anything about?

  21. Did you forget about the Ottoman Empire? 💀 Especially around and during WWI? Could you really blame us for not liking Turkey? lmao

  22. P.S I personally like secular Turks because they share the ME culture but with a secular twist which is what I hope reinforced in Lebanon.

  23. Too many genocides. Less tasty food but better than greek tbh. Also loukoum, halva and turkish coffee are really arab.

  24. Well if I'm being honest turkey is a frequent destination for me and my family and I absolutely love travelling on TK so I don't necessarily hate Turkey with all my heart but I can't bring myself to love it either because of the history that the two counties have.

  25. Ottoman occupation, Armenian genocide, denying the Armenian genocide, Erdogan... It’s not against the people, I’m sure most of you are lovely, but your government and you history in the region kinda suck.

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