1. yup! normals didn't even start. aram "worked", namely, the game started at least (but you can't change runes or reroll champions). after the game, veeeery long loading screen.

  2. before this happened, champ select was really weird when people (2 of my team) didn't ban any of the champions and people not selecting the champion to play causing to unnecessary (?) dodge.

  3. I just got +7 lp for a win, is this due to the servers crashing? Usually get +15 and no penalty or anything like that

  4. We got the dc in the loading screen, ended up going into a normal game where everyone has a random champion w whatever runes and summs they had the previous game. Ngl was funny as shit since no one knew tf to do, enemy had two junglers. I got lucky and had HOB reksai top, our mid however got electrocute on alistair...

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