1. My non speculative take, this is massive news that will rock all of League. Jack is a businessman, I can't imagine this is something small. Cloud9 has never been more popular.

  2. I don't even LIKE LS, but I thought it was cool to see him as the C9 coach. Them firing him literally before their game vs CLG is just bonkers and I can't help but feel satisfied to see them potentially crash and burn.

  3. Didn't you watch the BTS video? He said next week (today) is where they can open up to more crazy ideas and this is it

  4. Either LS ran over Jack's mother as he parked on LCS studios or it's really an ignoble thing to do to him.

  5. Probably didn't get fired 3 minutes before a game. This definitely happened earlier and they didn't announce it until they had to since LS won't be on stage.

  6. Had to have been something drastic if they just randomly release him right before a match. Especially because it says released and not parted ways.

  7. Showing up to work high/drunk? Failing to show up to the job today? Sexual harassment? Doing something inappropriate with players, like going out to party with them the night before a game day?

  8. If he has nothing but good things to say about everyone and the release announcement didn’t condemn him, can only imagine they just found out some conditional part of him joining cannot be met so he’s bouncing. There’s not really a “bad guy” in that scenario

  9. They saw that post about LS telling the random guy he would never reach challenger and clearly decided to let him go

  10. Supposedly the decision was made just 4 hours before the announcement. My guess is that they didn’t have a statement prepared yet and panicked once they realised people would notice LS missing from stage. 💀

  11. And those suits. Those suits are a fucking human rights violation. They look like he got them out of his dead grandpas closet and his grandpa was 4 sizes bigger than he is.

  12. it must be something insane right?? he hand crafted this roster and everything looked like roses and daisies in all the content. according to LS he was released 4 hours ago and they only announced it minutes before the game???


  14. Even if there were like a screaming match they would wait until after the weekend to separate with a planned statement. This must have been something completely insane

  15. Man LS hasn't been gone for half an hour and C9 is already back with the most standard drafts you can imagine. Fuck I already miss him.

  16. Ls actually made me care so much about lcs, not because I am a fanboy but because having someone with such strong/controversial opinions actually behind a team is very interesting. What the fuck could have happened

  17. Fudge was so mad that LS asked him to play an enchanter again that he started breaking furniture. C9 released LS for his safety, because Fudge would have surely killed him.

  18. You wouldn't believe that Liquid Steve would be the least dysfunctional owner? In a world with HotshotGG, Reginald and fucking Jack Etienne?

  19. Wait but 3 of C9 players literally uprooted their lives at least partly based on the fact that LS was coming with them. LS has done all the moving away from Korea, isnt his boyfriend there as well?? I was so hyped for an LS split man... It made me really look forward to c9 games... This blows...

  20. And now they have 2 teams built around LS' philosophy and plans, but LS is gone and his "minions" are gonna have to try and do what he was supposed to do.

  21. WTF could have possibly happened? Unprecedented hype around the team, they were playing really well, and he basically set the entire team up?

  22. Honestly I assumed it was some joke related to playing CLG or they were going to pick renekton or something, but it does seem serious at this point.

  23. i legitimately cant see any reason for this short of ls literally committing a felony or something lol

  24. I'm sorry, but what? The whole team was built around his vision, the plan seemed to be working. What happened?

  25. Yea this is my take as well. Team looks good and improved and you fire the coach… doesn’t make sense… something is up here

  26. Like fuck the GMs gf kind of bad... or said something incredibly problematic behind the scenes... LS seemed like the perfect coach for c9, this came out of insane left field.

  27. Bait before the game? Or something much worse than their record indicates, like assault or harassment.

  28. Pure speculation but you'd have to think the only things that would cause the coach of a successful team to be fired 4hrs before their 1st game of the week are things like assault/sexual assault/racism or some sort of video/evidence of something like that coming to surface from the past. He's American so it cant be a visa/right to work thing that he lied on. If it were a personal issue (health/mental health/family problem then they don't word it that way).

  29. I thought Alphari being benched was fucking crazy but then C9 tweets LS is fucking released 5 minutes before they’re about to play CL FUCKING G, and then C9 tweets this

  30. So what now? Summit, Berserker, and Winsome bought into the style of gameplay and the semi-Korean culture that was brought by LS. So now just mental boom? This is so disappointing. It makes the LCS so much more boring.

  31. Def the fastest way for c9 to go from one of the best teams to one of the worst, both in-game and in the minds of fans.

  32. They released that hype video yesterday. Did he drop an N bomb or something? I cannot think of how else you get fired like this in a day.

  33. Bro LS has said he looked at coaching for C9 as his “Last Hurrah” in the league community so like wtf is going on this surely wasn’t his decision

  34. This is the most fucking shocking unexpected thing I've ever heard of in pro league. C9 build the entire team around LS and his recommendation, LS gives up everything and moves to NA, builds a huge amount of hype around cloud9, the LCS, and shows a huge amount of promise and early success, loads of content featuring LS as the figurehead is built around him, and then he's "released".

  35. for the last one, you would think they would at least wait until after the week is over and not do it 30 min before the game?

  36. What the fuck, thats absolutely crazy. The team has been so successful so far, and academy also looked good. Also based on the behind the scenes videos, everything seemed to come together so perfectly. Really sad to see this. My bet is probably on something internal, but man, I'm a bit gutted right now, the whole thing was so exciting.

  37. Did they srsly just announce this a few minutes before they go on stage lol, what the fuck happened

  38. Monte said he believed that C9 was investing in LS for the next several years. That was a couple weeks ago. Some really bad must have happened.

  39. LS must have done something like, really bad right? C9 built this team around him, got him to the states along with the other players... like I'm speechless and flabbergasted. I hope we learn what happened but I feel like it's going to be a lot of speculation.

  40. The players, including Fudge who is close with LS, look like they’re laughing around on stage. Maybe I’m hardcore coping but this might be more complicated than I thought.

  41. What is even going on? Build a whole team according to LS's vision and then randomly let him go on a game day.

  42. You were the Moonstone Renewer of my motivation to watch LCS. I feel like Iverned something for myself for once. Now my eyes are sore... aka from all this crying. You were the Future's Market for C9, sad they didn't see the late game potential.

  43. Yeah, you don't just drop your head coach the day of you game for something stupid like a disagreement or poor performance. You'd at least wait for Monday to let him go to prevent unneeded stress on your players.

  44. For this to have announced literally minutes before their game something must happened behind the scenes.

  45. This script is so obvious. LS gets kicked and C9 go 0-6 in their next 3 weeks. C9 in desperation bring LS back and they proceed to make the miracle run through playoffs to win the split. Copium

  46. This has to be troll, right? Or did LS like…deck someone on Cloud 9? Did he abuse someone and C9 wants to distance themselves from him before things come to light? They have to be trolling…weird strat to throw off CLG, a team you shouldn’t need to mess with mentally before a game

  47. Looking forward to C9 all week in large part due to LS, started watching LCS this year again due to LS. Well i guess i can cut bait for cheap since its only been 2 weeks? Bummer though, the hype was real.

  48. LCS management and staff are going to be so bummed by this news, because this was the single biggest attraction for LCS this year. You could tell their casters and analysts were genuinely happy about C9 playing off meta things and winning with it.

  49. That's wild... it's gotta be something serious right? Unless there was some major thing, I have no idea why they'd release him right before a game and when they've been performing well. I hope we get some answers as to why.

  50. Straight up if they don't come out with a good reason for this move I'll never support this organization again. Sneaky, the academy player they fucked, and now this. I can only imagine it's something big.

  51. i don't think you'll ever get an official explanation from C9. If you hear about it it will be from someone else leaking it.

  52. Well this is awful lol why would berserker winsome summit and fudge want to stay now they expected to have LS. Expect to see this roster blow up right after spring.

  53. Has to be legal or contract related, c9 wouldn't self sabotage like this. Jack invested so hard in LS. LS got his pick of coaches, players and internal system with the stacked academy team

  54. They shot themselves in the foot. I am not watching any C9 games or content until we get a really good reason for firing him.

  55. Joe Marsh tweeted a spiderman meme about his "clown detector going off" and spiderman had a Bitcoin symbol on his back. I pray to everything that is holy that C9 did not fire LS over some dumb sponsorship stuff.

  56. I wouldn't be surprised if fit had something to do with some dirty laundry LS has had in the past. He seems to be getting unanimous support from everyone in the org.

  57. Thorin, Richard Lewis, other e-sports journalist its time to do some digging for the greater good.

  58. Clearly Jack was the guy who posted yesterday about getting to Challenger after LS said they couldn't. It was secretly Jack's alt and now he is exacting his double super revenge.

  59. I dont think it was something illegal or bad cause if it wasn't Macaiyla wouldnt be supported LS. Shit is fucked up.

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