1. I had an opposing party (entity) where the owner had put his name at his mother's address as the information for the registered agent. He lost it when I had him served because I had involved his mom.

  2. Isn't it perfectly normal for servers to play coy until you can get them to accept it? Or is that just a TV thing

  3. I had a dude who kept trying to avoid service. Guess where that asshole was on Christmas Day. He was pissed he got served in front of his whole family and let me know about it the next day. Unfortunately, I had already used up all my available fucks on the prior attempts at service.

  4. Or just do what is popular* these days and send SWAT teams with weapons drawn to kick in the door, instead of a subpoena.

  5. Oh no, that is very much not what he said! Paxton started talking about how he respects the 2nd amendment. Apperently, Paxton thinks it's ok to shoot process servers.

  6. Or He might have found himself dead in a ditch. While Ken had mysterious deer glasses in the back of his very large, very american, very manly vehicle.

  7. This is so ironic because the Texas AGs office heavily relies on process servers. It would be so funny if Texas process servers just stop doing business with the the AG.

  8. LOL now he’s a tough guy! Snuck out with his wife driving. So threatened he let her face the “threat”.

  9. Brave Ken Paxton ran away. Bravely ran away away. When danger reared it's ugly head, He bravely turned his tail and fled! Yes, brave Ken Paxton turned about And gallantly he chickened out Swiftly taking to his feet, He beat a very brave retreat. Bravest of the brave, Ken Paxton!

  10. "On Tuesday, Paxton said in a statement on Twitter that he fled his home because “a strange man came onto my property at home, yelled unintelligibly, and charged toward me. I perceived this person to be a threat because he was neither honest nor upfront about his intentions.”

  11. No, most ethical violations are going to be something like lying to a court. Avoiding service is discouraged but does not rise to the bar of unprofessional behavior.

  12. Subpoena are issued by the clerk. The clerk doesn't really have the power to deny it. But once issued the party being subpoenaed can object and have the judge look at it.

  13. Yes, the process server might have stepped in shit when Ken shat himself while cowardly fleeing the seen.

  14. A republican will will tell you that BLM and ANTIFA are extremely violent and that republicans need to stockpile guns to survive.

  15. They spend a lot of time on process service as part and parcel of personal jurisdiction in first-year Civ Pro. This is probably far more attention than it ever gets from any lawyer ever again...although at some point everyone who's practiced some version of small-time law has dealt with someone who thinks that they might have something to gain from evading process service. All they really accomplish 99.99% of the time is annoying the judge.

  16. It is not just for small time suits. I have seen it in complex litigation. Once saw an international defendant insist on Hauge service just to piss off the plaintiff.

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