1. You didn't have to post this. Nothing forced you to do this. It was your own choice... Please go think about what in your life lead you to this.

  2. It's dreadfully ironic how empyrean notions of luminosity and cleanliness are cited as the express focus of esoteric renunciators and would-be chakravartins, yet their pursuit of these ideals lead them to the obvious darkness of disease.

  3. there's a difference between maintaining a healthy microbiome and licking a dirty butthole... hygeine never asked you to be fanatical, just not gross.

  4. In my headcanon, these memes are delivered via an old computer screen to the High Priest of Aesma's cult at the Temple of the Rebellious Flame on Throne. Each meme is printed out, framed and hung on The Wall of the Altar of the Oracles of the Goddess, where they are each incorporated into the liturgy.

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