1. I just started Keto myself. I’ve been at it almost for a weeks now (tomorrow is day 6). My main goal is to lose weight, get rid of my fatty liver issue, improve my blood pressure, and just improve my health a bit

  2. I look at it like this... weight is weight! I too am down some pounds quickly after starting, and I know it's likely "just" water, but the effect of ANY type of pounds on our joints is real! So, think about it that way and think about it as a start! That's what I am trying to do. Good luck to you and I hope you are successful in all your goals!

  3. Hi everyone! I am on day 19 of my keto journey and could not be happier. Posting for some accountability as until recently, the only people who knew the actual number on my scale were me and my doctors (not even my significant other!). I am 40/f, with a starting weight of an even 270, just two and a half weeks ago. I am already down to 255.4 as of this morning, and I know a lot of that is just water weight but it is WEIGHT my tired knees are not carrying today! My longer term goal weight is 200, but I have little short term goal numbers I am using to "psychologically" track progress. The first was 255 :-) But, more importantly than any number is how I FEEL, and that is just incredible. Energy levels are now up, recovery after a tiring activity (like walking up several flights of stairs at work, etc.) is quicker, and I am clearer. This way of eating is legit! I have some questions that I will probably start to ask in here as I get more comfortable, but the FAQ has also helped a ton. For example, I legit almost fell into an exogenous ketone drink trap the other day, and may have if not for this sub. Thanks,

  4. For health, mood/anxiety reasons, I've decided to start keto. As a jumpstart and hopefully to minimize the keto flu, I decided to start with a 36 hour fast. Little hungry day 1 but feeling amazing now; mentally clear and feeling good! Anyone else try this to begin?

  5. I guess I just want to whine and feel bad for myself. I did keto starting in 2016 and lost 60lbs. I felt amazing. Then I got lax. I’ve put at least 25lbs back on. I hate the way I look… I still eat pretty clean (20-25g of carbs) but I’m obviously eating way too many calories. I’ve started eating “keto-friendly” breads which may be an issue too. I look back on my old posts… I can’t remember how I did it the first time. Why can’t I do it again?

  6. Man, can I empathize with this. But look, you're already doing what you need to do to get started. So you deserve an applause for that! You've GOT this. Just stay here for support... this place seems pretty bad ass. And shit, gym four days a week? I am lucky if I do a light work out 2 or 3 days right now. I am looking at you for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your struggles and know that you are not alone! Good luck and stay strong!

  7. I want to start keto or at least go low carb but don’t know where to start. My motivation is mainly for mood but I’d also like to lose 25 to 30 lbs.

  8. Starting keto today! I’m a bit nervous since I go on my anniversary vacation on Tuesday so it’s going to be a struggle. I’m determined to stay strong and stick with this lifestyle change.

  9. Usually squeezing under the 20g is not a problem but I decided to treat myself to a big handful grape tomatoes since tomatoes are def high on the "foods I am mad I have to not buy" list. But then I forgot to log the baby dill pickles I have been treating as a freebie bc they are so low in cal and like .5 net carb which is fine on a 6 to 10 carb day

  10. Very long term ketoer here. My GP is very keto friendly which is amazing. He’s recently mentioned keto can slightly worsen hypothyroidism in women over time and to help prevent this is recommending a 2x monthly “cheat” day where I consume higher carbs than usual in the form of low GI carbs like squash / pumpkin / beans. Has anyone heard this before? He’s totally open to me saying no if I think the cravings or keto flu will come back too strongly for me to handle. He’s offered a higher calorie day as an option for a potential alternative. Is this really a thing? Thanks.

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