1. You’re the product of billions of years worth of evolution. You are composed of your ancestors. You are composed of everything they ate. You are home to countless other forms of life. You are surrounded in the external world by countless other forms of life. Are you truly alone?

  2. Remember it only last 45 mins to an hr, everything around you is still normal its all mental. Lay back listen to music, close your eyes and let it take you away. Think posistive you are safe.

  3. Not everything is for everyone but also sometimes people don't start off at the right dose for themselves the first time. But hey, you never have to do it again if you don't want to. Aand I am glad you are ok : )

  4. You are existence, your body is made of millions of cells and atoms, you are not alone, your identity thinks its alone, you are much more than the name on your birth certificate.

  5. Sometimes if I feel lonely it can help just to go grocery shopping or on a walk or something just to see that other people exist. Maybe not on ketamine though 😅

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