1. Another alternative is that voters are starting to realize that Mike Thompson is a dickwad who only won his seat by 1,604 votes and whose opinions, perhaps, aren't as aligned with their own as they once thought.

  2. Along with that shit stain, mark alford, winning. We really have become idiocracy. People don’t know who they’re voting for, they just know they “seen’t ‘em on the boob tube”

  3. There is something seriously wrong with this guy. This guy spouts off so many lies that it’s truly unbelievable how anyone can even take him seriously. He should be in no position of authority.

  4. It’s not just him. This was posted on the Neighbors app yesterday and prompted me to make my first ever comment there.

  5. Shit is crazy. The legislature wants to strip people of their rights, the court is stopping it, maintains status quo, but the court is extreme? Wtf?

  6. Imagine having views so unpopular that you have to strawman into oblivion your opposition to scare people into siding with you

  7. 'Imagine, fully formed, capable of doing taxes, baby child still in the womb being pounded into a bloody pulp by a giant steel bar. It's called the jackhammer abortion and it's now completely legal'

  8. I can assure you that millions of people in this country honest-to-fuck believe that the "torn limb from limb" thing is what happens during an abortion. They are not lying about this or trying to trigger you or whatever Twitter hot take is making the rounds this week. They literally believe these weirdass fantasies their politicians have dreamed up to trick them. I can attest to this because I was once one of these people and probably would still be one if a very patient friend hadn't sat me down and told me the truth many years ago. But most of my family never had that luck.

  9. He's just making shit up to incite emotions in people who don't do their own research or are ignorant to medical practices and abortion law.

  10. Look, casual dishonesty like Thompson's has always been the bread and butter of the anti-abortion movement. From calling themselves "pro-life" when they aren't, to "crisis pregnancy centers" that defraud women looking for help, to maudlin manipulative lies about dismembered babies, or discarded fetuses used for this or that, photos of evidence that turned out to be chopped up lunchmeat, you name it... they've lied about it.

  11. He’s a religious bible beater. He doesn’t care what his constituents think or the fact that many Republicans voted against this. He wants to push his beliefs on everyone else because he considers them to be “morally superior” to everyone else.

  12. As controversial as this may be, yes I think a 13 year old should be able to get an abortion without the knowledge of her parents.

  13. His statement alone proves that he is part of the problem. Not because he is anti-abortion, but because he fails to acknowledge anything but the the extreme views and paints those on to a half million people, with a very broad brush.

  14. What the actual fuck. What the actual fuck. How many times do I need to repeat that abortion after 20 weeks is illegal here??

  15. How the hell are we supposed to have a dialogue with people who believe, or claim to believe, that there are doctors willing to dismember healthy, full-term infants on a whim? Who think that a woman can just walk into Planned Parenthood at 32 weeks and say, "Oops, I changed my mind," and a woman at the front desk goes, "Oh, just go back to room 3 and stick the Shop-Vac hose up your snatch, the doctor will be in shortly"?

  16. Man, this guy basically the wrote out the argument that one would need to use to disprove his statement. This whole thing comes across as him being more than a bit thick in the head. And who is dismembering babies? Yes, it is allowed in Kansas, but they basically never happen, and it never happens unless it is more medical purposes, like the baby being dead, or the mother being at severe risk.

  17. That's insane, but it's what we've come to expect. Keep this in mind - when your state makes national news because it suddenly did something *right* for a change, it's not the news that needs to change, it's the state. It's time to end the Red Menace.

  18. this constitutional referendum was only a weak ass attempt to convince the voters to allow the legislature to do whatever it wanted, thinly disguised as giving the voters the choice. Well the voters made the choice, they do not trust the Kansas state legislature, they do not believe in their agenda, and they're marching to throw their worthless asses out of Topeka. We are coming for you, asshole.

  19. The stupidity is never-ending, and people are going to eat that shit up and believe every word out of that jackass's mouth.

  20. Head on over to his Facebook page that OP linked. There’s quite a few of them that are commenting in support of this jackass and thanking him.

  21. why do forced birthers think "dismemberment abortion" is being done on fully grown babies about to pop out of the womb. No doctor would advise a woman 7-9 months pregnant who has a viable pregnancy to get an abortion. I can't imagine a woman who would seek out an abortion at that point without good reason.

  22. His shitty opinions notwithstanding, I absolutely cannot stand someone that begins every paragraph or phrase the same way. Should have stuck to weather.

  23. Unhinged doesn't even begin to cover it. Voted with their feet? Does this shit for brains really think I left California for this Republican red state hellhole because of my horror over abortions? Try finding affordable housing. If I won a lottery or something I would go back in a heartbeat. Fetal or otherwise. My husband used to get paid as a teen to stand watch behind a van where illegal abortions were happening. He told me it made him realize all the reasons why Roe V Wade needed to be in place. Almost glad he died before he had to see it overturned; it would have broken his heart.

  24. Lmao. What a joke and a waste of oxygen this man is. Telling your constituents they made the wrong choice is not a good tactic for winning their support…

  25. He doesn’t care because he knows that his district will still vote his ass back in because he has an R next to his name. Until Western Shawnee starts to turn more moderate he’s safe.

  26. It helps me sleep at night if I just think of him as a shameless opportunist who will say anything. It's easier for me to think that than that he actually and unironically believes what he's saying in this rant.

  27. Kansas doesn’t allow abortions after 22 weeks. No “dismemberment abortions” are happening, Mike.

  28. I'm not sure he's claiming they happen now... But more inciting fear over the whole "WHAT'S NEXT?!" logical fallacy.

  29. It's almost like he doesn't even know abortion law in Kansas and confuses life saving medical procedures for the mother with intentional abortion. Also child euthanasia is only legal in the Netherlands and Belgium and only for infants that have incredibly poor prognosis at birth. Would love to know why he thinks it's legal in America when it has never been practiced.

  30. The fantasies these freaks have are so unhinged. In all aspects of life they create made up scenarios and boogeymen to terrify themselves.

  31. That sounds like a whole lot of rhetoric, supposition, exaggeration and fear mongering, Fact one: in 1973 woe vs. Wade was ratified by a legitimate representative Democracy Fact two: in 2022 it was upheld by a popular vote. Democracy works contrary to media and political manipulation

  32. What in the absolute fuck is that first paragraph? I read it 30 times thinking I was misunderstanding. Then I read the rest and I have absolutely no words for that. It just got worse and worse. This is just uh beyond. I’m just stuttering here try to find words and I have none. It’s a long post but please read it all and try to avoid bashing your head into the closest object, though I feel you

  33. Hopefully he'll keep trying to reprove and driving pro-choice turnout every election. But something tells me he won't.

  34. They are not that stupid. They are doing their last grandstand for a while. If they pulled this shit during a regular election, there would be seats lost because of it. Losing seats is far worse to them than banning abortion, which a lot of them probably really don't care about on a personal level.

  35. That's alot off supposition and exaggeration and fear mongering. Fact 1: 1973 Roe v wafe was ratified by a legitimate representational democracy. Fact 2: in 2022 in kansas it was upheld by a popular vote

  36. But Mike, I got a text saying that a vote for yes let women have choice, that’s why I voted no /s. Just a bunch of bs from another moron.

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