1. I wish somebody told me that when I started, but I played as soon as it launched. I flied around, collecting every orb at the beginning, only afterwards seeing the amount I got after some simple battles.. I was pretty salty lmao.

  2. Some side quests are actually missable from what I heard so try and do the most you can if you ever see any on the map.

  3. They are missable, until you beat it. Then you can go back and do them, although I won't spoil how it's possible.

  4. You may need to use recovery items to win some fights, especially at the beginning (looking at you, Vegeta). You will have much more fun with this game if you use recovery items as little as possible, it’s just too easy otherwise. But especially early on using them here and there is no biggie.

  5. Yeah, i didnt really want to use them i. The vegeta and kid buu fight but they really are necissary for those fights

  6. Make sure you upgrade your moves every so often with the z orbs. I got halfway through Namek wondering why I was doing so little damage and felt stupid when I saw how much easier the game could have been.

  7. I would recommend collecting the dragon balls for the side missions and z community character wishes but other than that ya they’re pretty mundane

  8. Have fun. Seriously, this game is more in the spirit of Z than any other game or the entire Dragon Ball Super Anime. Grab something to drink, make sure you've got a snack nearby, and buckle up. Some things are meant to be taken seriously. Others are just for fun. Let yourself enjoy it!

  9. Level up before doing quests because the scaling can get impossible if you don’t lol when you have free time in the story 100% do side quests

  10. Make sure to use chichis cooking often. Especially on hard mode. It's a fantastic tool that I didn't use in my original playthrough and it makes you way stronger.

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