1. Realistically there’d be 10 times less tailgating if people didn’t treat the overtaking lane as the ‘fast’ lane and then drive in it slowly. GTFO of the overtaking lane if you’re not overtaking and/or going 100km/h+

  2. Whenever anyone tailgates me, I put on the hazard lights. Works practically every time. They back off. It's a safe way to tell someone they are creating a hazard.

  3. And it's why city traffic is muck. People aren't watching the lights to try and move at some thing close to unison or at least be ready to take off. Rather each car takes it's cue from the one in front and the light is back red before the fifteenth car back has even moved. My wife is horrific at this. Always at her nails or something until she sees the car in front move and then frantically has to adjust and spends about 5 seconds before taking off. Even four people like that in a queue burns 20 seconds on already short lights.

  4. People love to drive up the hole of the car in front of them and others don't know how to change lanes safely.

  5. I deffo second this, I feckin hate people wbo indicate and just swing in expecting you to just slam on your breaks, absolute dickheads

  6. Another note: if you pull out to overtake someone and cars in the overtaking lane behind you need to brake before you pass the car you intended to overtake, there probably wasn’t enough space for you to overtake in the first place. Same logic for junctions, roundabouts, etc. if you’re pulling out infront of others and people are jamming on, you’re not building up speed quick enough or there wasn’t enough space for you to pull out in the first place.

  7. I love the people that start to weave into other lanes THEN indicate, I can just imagine they think "that's the rules of the road followed, well done me"

  8. I always try and go by the 2 second rule. Everyone in Canada goes by the headlights rule for switching lanes and they take it to the extreme so it's constantly cars pulling in in front of you who leave so little space that should they brake, you will drive right up their hole. It's absolutely frustrating

  9. Yeah, I always observe for a moment then indicate, then check that there's space. If a car is close, I'll wait to see if they accelerate. If their speed is consistent with mine and I have the space, then I change lane. Shocking the number of people who just change lane with zero awareness of what's around them.

  10. And even still there's not a lot of space - you'll still need to think about it, merge at the correct speed to match the lane traffic, etc.

  11. Yep, the other day I was tailgated by a fecking lorry despite being in neither passing lane. It's bad enough doing it in a car but a fecking lorry which has a much longer stopping time as well as being a lot more destructive in a crash.

  12. Too many using their indicators as confirmation of their decision to change lanes than actually an indicator of their intention to.

  13. Another tip: if I have my indicator on to move lanes and subsequently can't, don't take my wingmirror off and then shout at me when I catch you further down the road.

  14. Rubbernecking is one of my most hated things in the world. The amount of times I've sat at a stand still in traffic on the M50, then crawled for 20-30mins only to get to the top and see there was a crash on the other side of the motorway and everyone is having a bloody gawk at it, people have no cop on, especially when they have been sat in the traffic for so long and probably been giving out about the traffic but still decide to stop and gawk themselves when they get to the top

  15. The sheer amount of people with the heads down staring at it or holding their phone up to send voice notes or what have ya is actually shocking.

  16. I'll never understand the people who drive extra fast to overtake you and just as they do they cut across to the exit. Like they could have easily just slowed a little and moved in behind you and made the exit more safely.

  17. People love flying between lanes and do so without care. Similar people don't seem to care that their exit is coming up and will zoom across 3 lanes to get to it last second because their indicator gives them the freedom to squeeze in no matter what

  18. I once had a guy go mental at me on the M1 because I happened to be in Lane 1 and I disrupted his 'pull straight across 3 lanes onto the slip road' manoeuvre.

  19. Usually changing lanes and not looking properly, merging on or trying to get off or occasionally not noticing traffic has stopped - people rubbernecking other accidents also a big cause of more

  20. This!! Why the hell can’t we have some sort of motorway training as a learner?! Or even after you pass your test have one compulsory lesson.

  21. I got backended one morning on the M50, minding my own business overtaking a car I was in the middle lane and another driver veered into the middle lane, presumably to overtake the same car as I was, and ran straight into the back of me, wrote my car off.

  22. They don’t look beside them that’s why. You can’t trust your mirrors. Nobody looks in them I always looked at the person in lane 1 if I was merging from 3 to the middle.. waiting to beep them because nobody looks. I could easily say at least 20-30 times I’ve had to beep them. I don’t know if they would have seen me eventually. It’s because everyone’s going the same speed if the lanes have different speeds that person will appear in your mirror in a second anyway

  23. It's amazing how driving habits change on the M50, I mean I'd often drive from Galway and it's normal, boring motorway driving the whole way, you hit Dublin and everything is still absolutely normal, if it a bit busier. But the minute you hit the M50 it becomes a free for all

  24. Not everyone Is aware of their surroundings when driving , not everyone will check their mirrors when pulling out not everyone will use their indicators, some people slow down suddenly and others go in to the back of them. There are so many reasons that crashes happens Jesus when the torrential rain happens I have drive like cruella de vil because I can't see anything on the road!!

  25. A problem in my opinion is not being taught how to use motorways when learning. I had to get my folks to show me when I passed because in my mind it was the big bad world considering learners couldn't drive on it.

  26. A lot of it is to go with impatient, agressive drivers. These people lane hop contstantly to try and get into a moving lane and tailgate. They don't indicate and accelerate agressively to try and cut someone off. Very rarely do they actually make extra ground with their behaviour and only really end up pissing people off, causing accidents and using excess petrol.

  27. I was driving down the m50 heading for wicklow the other day and a lad was only a few feet away from me on the overtaking lane (I was overtaking a line of cars) and I was hitting the speed limit. As soon as it was clear I moved back in but I wasn’t even halfway across the line when he sped up even more and was inches from hitting me. If I had slowed even slightly he would have sent us both flying. I flashed him since I was a bit pissed off and he just flipped me off and then kept waving out the window as he continued rocketing down the road. It’s twats like him that are causing these accidents

  28. I moved to Dublin two years ago from the US. I would say that this may be due to Ireland not having many dense crowded freeways and people not being used to driving on high volume roads here. While Ireland has the "M" motorway network, the M50 is the only freeway that gets moderately congested on a regular basis and because of this Irish drivers in general do not seem to have a high level of experience in multi-lane driving in stop-start freeway conditions.

  29. Drive as a passenger in a van during rush hour and you'll see why, almost everyone is on their phone so they have loads of low speed crashes. Then the rubber neckers crash into each other causing more mayhem.

  30. Sudden change in speeds and distracted drivers. Very easy to lapse concentration when driving the same roads everyday and especially on a motorway, basically autopilot. And once someone makes a mistake on a congested motorway theres knock on effect of breaking and reaction times, each driver behind has less time to react than the ones in front. Keeping breaking distance would help immensely but on the m50 that would mean someone weaving into the space left so you can't win

  31. People are in too much of a hurry. I'm new to motorways, and noticed a lot of problems. People cutting me off when I'm trying to exit, people driving 2ft from my arse, people swapping lanes without indicating.

  32. When driving south on the M50, there are any amount of gobshites who drive down the lane for the Finglas exit and them try to shove into the left hand lane of the M50 at the last minute.

  33. Honestly I'm surprised we see so few crashes. Everyone is speeding. And when you don't speed you'll constantly have SUVs behind you so close you can only see the their hood in your mirror.

  34. Just drove a few hours on a Spanish motorway today. First time in years. You'd miss the M50. So many Spanish drivers tailgate you at 100-120. It's really common. Another one I saw constantly is lane changing without indicators. Quite a few times a car was passing me fast in the passing lane and up ahead another car just pulls out in front of them so they can overtake a big truck. Don't bother waiting a few seconds to let the much faster car pass by before pulling into the passing lane. No. They just cut the guy off and he has to brake.

  35. Everyone going the same speed. People using only their mirrors to look so the person doesn’t just appear as you look. They sit in your blind spot the whole time not moving. You have to look into your blind spot and doing this when ahead could stop suddenly or someone could merge suddenly is dangerous too. Has to be a split second with loads of space in front. I always leave loads of space too and ones I ended up in a situation where me and many other drivers had to swerve into the hard shoulder to stop. Every 2nd car: nobody had time to react I don’t know how it happened.

  36. Was in the m50 today and seen a 172 3 series BMW just swapping lanes as if it was his own personal road. He didn't indicate once while doing this and the guards sped past me and of course after that he slowed down and started indicating. Every time I get on that motor way it's the same craic people using it as if they own the road. It bothers me more because I have a newborn and my sister in law has a newborn too and we both have to travel the m50 to see family

  37. I usually just drive along at the speed limit in the empty VIP lane on the inside and let the people outside me do all the mad stuff.

  38. I drive a truck and I'll sit in the middle land from the port exit as far as the Ballymount exit, I do it because the inside lane is far too dangerous, due to people being unable to grasp the concept of how to merge onto the motorway, others driving at 60 meaning I'm constantly moving in and out of the lane, cars cutting ring in front of me because the want to exit. In the middle lane I can do a steady 92. You'll see a lot of lorry drivers doing the same. I also do the same on the N7 inbound from the Rathcoole exit, and the exits after that are very dangerous due to the short merges, and on the N7 outbound middle land until Rathcoole exit, after that the inside lane is safe.

  39. Drivers are impatient. Always up your hole and even when doing the limit at night will bring about headlight flashing. They think it's still covid times when no-one cared about driving etiquette.

  40. I suppose the I don't need to get into lane until I'm at the turn off causing every other car in lane to smash on the breaks nearly causing a pile up adds to the level of crashes, lack of indicators is a nightmare when people are changing lanes I spend more time on the m50 than any other road and it is an absolute nightmare full of angry arseholes

  41. German engineered cars joining the M50 then immediately moving to the 'fast lane', where they stay until they need to dash across three lanes to make their exit.

  42. The amount of this that I see when I'm out walking in Dublin with my dogs is unbelievable. Normally when I'm waiting at a traffic light to cross and see people turning corners at a fair oul clip while looking down at their laps in built up areas. Asking for an accident

  43. Tailgating, deciding for yourself what the car in front is going to do before it does it, changing lanes without looking or indicating etc.

  44. Question if I may....travelling to Dublin airport T1 from Drogheda coming off the M1 southbound from the roundabout...how do you safely cross 3 lanes without butting in? Cars are always so close together that it is impossible and I'd be always in the wrong lane coming up to the airport roundabout if I wasn't a cunt...

  45. In general the Irish drive too close to the car in front, and cannot react in a timely manor when required.

  46. I am amazed there is not more. Every day I see me and my idiot friends get it to our tin missiles and somehow make it home everytime.

  47. I'm not surprised at the amount of accidents. There's a load of idiots on the roads who forgot how to drive the second they passed their test.

  48. I remember years ago I saw on a motorway in Poland that the middle divider was a fence so you couldn't see the other side or be rubber necking crashes on the opposite direction. I always wondered why we never did that in Ireland. If it saved one life it would be worth it.

  49. I drove the length of the m50 4 times over the weekend, mornings were fine, evenings were pretty hairy. For clarity, I'm an experienced driver.

  50. Pineapples is the conclusion i have come to, people drive with pineapples up their hole ,so when the pineapple moves in transit or they shift in their seat they must fidget or rearrange the pineapple around , THUS catching a sharp edge of said pineapple off some sensitive skin and loose concentration

  51. See a lad with the car/jeep full of people driving south on the m50 at night time 10pm with no headlights on......I blasted him out of it and he basically shrugged it off and kept driving mind you he was going 120km in the pitch dark with no headlights on with kids and everything in the car.

  52. maybe people who just swapped their licenses for irish driving license because they come from affiliate EU countries. people who fail the driving test fail quota in ireland are safer drivers than the short cut folks who dont have to take driving test here. just my opinion

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