1. We are still in third in COVID19 ranking. As soon as we top the bill board with new testing kits, whatever the funds Fed pumped, I would kiss a goodbye to our economy.

  2. It seems like you can predict that the market will respond to every single headline or tweet, whether it amounts to anything or not. I just really started following the stock market and it's strange to me to.

  3. We’re definitely not in the clear yet. Yesterday was a lot of optimism and covering earlier short sales.

  4. If you guys continue to look at the past as an indicator in this situation you are doomed to miss the oppurtunity of our lifetimes in the market imo. Not too late to invest in financially sound companies at AMAZING discounts.

  5. If you live in a red state, maybe. They're willing to sacrifice their citizens for political points and/or live in deep denial, hence why many never even shut down. Reality is trump didn't shut the country down, and he has no actual power to make states open back up. No way NY or IL or CA are going to be following that idiotic deadline.

  6. Yeah, I mean Trump said he was hoping this would be done by Easter, and he's the president, so he must know a thing or two.

  7. FOMO has people riding this bounce hard. They forget that half the economy is stuck inside “working” from home and that a ton of developed countries are getting wrecked from COVID.

  8. I’m getting FOMO lol... wasn’t going to enter cash til next week. Can I maintain my commitment.... ?

  9. Seems like it. I haven't heard any news regarding the US death rate doubling twice since last week. I think the US attention span is just too short to keep worrying about something like this. Just about everyone's comfortable with a few weeks of hiding out and then getting back to normal, which is what they think will happen.

  10. This is what is called either a Dead Cat Bounce or a Bear Market Rally. Sell into it if you need to, but wait for if you want to buy.

  11. When your government only cares about money and is willing to kill a percentage of their population for something that can be easily fixed in a month or two. You start to realize we are exactly like China

  12. Easily fixed in a month or two? Guess we know who should make the short list when a vacancy opens for the position of Surgeon General...

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