1. Pretty much my conclusion. My only issue is that liberals have fantastic political goals with many social issues. They almost always fuck it up from an economic perspective: pocketing huge amounts of the money, wasting millions on useless programs, poor planning in terms of possible consequences.

  2. This is me to a T. I used to be more socially conservative but as I get older, as long as you don’t want me to pay for your _______, you do you. If you want me to pay for it, screw that!!

  3. Conservatives call me a libtard and the far left call me a nazi asshole, so i guess im somewhere in the middle lol.

  4. Just a thought, have you tried going a little further into the opposite territory where rationality might take a bit of a backseat and looked deeper into the factors that are in the front row for them?

  5. Same! For me it’s definitely case by case depending on the issue. I would love for the US to have more than 2 political parties so we could actually resolve issues that are related to each specific political case instead of having a blanket group of solutions that are voted in based on a singular ideology or topic.

  6. Socially, to the left 100% percent. Economically, a mixture of capitalism and socialism. I what it sounds like, but I think the government should lend a helping hand to those in need.

  7. I'm relatively well read on politics but refuse to speak on it with others for the same exact reason. I have a hard time finding genuine friends as it is the last thing I need is to lose them over a petty disagreement and an emotional upset over politics. A discussion for me will be a simple discussion while for many others it's the end of the world if you don't agree with them. So I simply feign ignorance or simply say I don't know enough to comment it gives them liberty to yabber away happily and they don't get hurt I don't agree.

  8. Through cold calculation of overall efficiency, I arrive at “bleeding heart liberal” positions. Social Democrat might be the best easy tag, or libertarian leftist (though the libertarian party has about ruined the word).

  9. Anarcho-Syndicalist as an ideology. Almost every hierarchy is trash and any hierarchy should perpetually have to prove itself as legitimate with transparency and frequent confidence votes.

  10. Neither one of those seem like particularly leftist positions. To the contrary, people who identify with the political left have been the primary advocates of adding more and more political control to medicine and health care generally, and for using politics as a tool for subordinating everyone else's economic relations to their own quasi-religious normative dogmas.

  11. Every law including for the most basic of all, like you know, "Don't murder" has a ground and roots inside religions, religion has place in politics, a Muslim can advocate for institutional polygamy, a Jew can advocate for the right of not being discriminated and so on...

  12. We need trustless systems that will enable people to organize and do business with one another without a trusted intermediary holding all the power.

  13. We already have that. It's called gold and silver. If we trade in those metals as currency [or maybe a precious metals based basket of commodities backed crypto currency] then we take the power away(or drastically reduce) from governments and banks to tax, print, inflate, deflate et.

  14. Capitalism is the best system we have found so far for delivering abundant food, housing, fuel, and employment to many people not just an elite few. The fact that it is not doing this is evidence that the system we have built around that idea needs repair.

  15. And tax everyone the same without exceptions or deductions. Published politicians stock gains and losses while including the who, what (stock), and time; also track them after office (to show up to an event is more than most of us make in a year and often its for a charity while also covers travel, hotel, and dinning fees.)

  16. Libertarian all the way. Basically "mind your own business" and "you do you" unless it hurts someone or kills someone. Don't destroy people and don't destroy other people's property is pretty much my ideology.

  17. Hate republicans and democrats and our government is corrupt at all levels and the true rulers of the country will be revealed in the next 10-20 years

  18. Economically, I'm quite of an extreme socialist. I'm perfectly fine with some aspects of capitalism, such as the petit-bourgeois, like your average grocery store shopkeeper. But other aspects, such as how the capitalist system values profit over human lives and how the lazy rich makes money by exploiting the hardworking poor, I absolutely disagree with and despise. I also oppose any and all forms of fascism. (National Socialism is a form of fascism and really has nothing to do with mainline socialism. Hitler only put 'socialist' in the name to gain votes from socialists.)

  19. Ideally a communist economic system with anarchist society -- but this would only be possible and sustainable if everyone in it are selfless, social (as opposed to antisocial behavior) and, well, perfect. So it's impossible.

  20. Primarily Anti fascist these days, which is the same thing as anti conservative in the united states since they all got warped by propaganda

  21. You’d have to be foolish to not be a conservative. All the lefties here love to be slaves. Since several people reading this don’t know- there is a difference between “conservative” and republican.

  22. I think the closest you could classify me is libertarian left. I believe there should be some form of basic social safety net and government should exist to prevent complete societal collapse. I also believe that the government should have no say in the way we live our personal lives.

  23. The challenge is that you can't have all the things you mentioned from government without the government having a say in people's personal lives.

  24. Economically, I'm a Marxist and a socialist, but I don't have any fixed opinion on which method of implementing socialism is the best and believe it depends on the socioeconomic situation of the country in question. Generally in modern countries, worker-owned firms in a regulated market system with a large amount of government involvement in the economy seems to be the most effective way to maximise happiness for everyone.

  25. I have a couple different answers: ideologically I fit best into Libertarianism; but if I were to be more practical (as in some aspects of my political philosophy will never work in the real world) I am a Centrist.

  26. In between. My opinions swing to different sides depending on the issue. I’m typically more affiliated with the left though

  27. It’s hard for me to put myself in one camp because my ideas are all over the place, and knowledge gets in the way of me blindly giving my allegiance to one party.

  28. Genuinely curious, what does moderate on gay rights mean to you? The “live and let live” makes me think you’re pro, so I’m confused what would moderate that. Thanks

  29. Economically, money just needs to go. Humanity isn't nearly evolved enough for that to occur yet, but it still needs to eventually. Politically, we need to work towards creating an equilibrium with both other people, and with our surrounding environment. So... I guess that makes me a "leftist", if you want to put a label on it.

  30. I lean conservative. I think taxes should be lowered, government spending and subsidies lowered, and everyone should have a right to stand their ground. Also remove federal loans for universities as now most of tuition costs goes to more administration, buildings, and fluff classes. Removing federal student loans would lower the amount people are willing to pay to go to college, so the price would have to drop and the fat would be cut. More efficient and I think the public school system needs to be entirely reformed where its all online. Save infrastructure costs and would be more efficient.

  31. I am convinced that "cancel culture" only really exists online in all but the most extreme cases. Even then, I guarantee you that the people upset by it are not actually being affected. Its a boogeyman, and it has you.

  32. My political compass test has me almost in the exact center. I’m two boxes left on economics (I am fiscally conservative but support collective bargaining) and just barely to the upper grid on authority because I support law and order. Either way, we’re non emotional and never go to the extreme in my experience.

  33. Treebeard. I'm not on anyone's side, because no one is on my side. Besides that, when my only options are two extremists, that's no choice. Not when all the answers lie in the middle.

  34. I think by most people's standards I'd be considered a leftist but I generally abhor politics and anything having to do with the American political system in general, it discourages individual thought and encourages you to blindly follow sides even if you don't necessarily feel aligned with your party. In general alot of politicians are just so very out of touch with reality. I don't like the idea that a millionaire has so much sway over the average American when most of us won't even touch that kind of money in our lives 💀

  35. Fairly socially liberal, very fiscally conservative. I don't align with a specific ideology; but, if I had to choose, it'd probably be Libertarian if they supported a few extra things like opt-in free health insurance for all and some minor 2A reforms

  36. “With my family, I’m a communist. With my close friends, I’m a socialist. At the state level of politics, I’m a Democrat. At higher levels, I’m a Republican, and at the federal levels, I’m a Libertarian.” - Naval Ravikant

  37. I’m largely a Libertarian, but my first principles are to treat political structures as technologies that evolved and later were invented. I don’t think of any political system as superior to any other, just better suited for a particular situation like no organism is superior to another. How you answer the questions of resource distribution, decision making authority, etc. will vary greatly between the contexts of a family unit, a small island tribe, a city-state, and a society of tens or hundreds of millions. Picking the political arrangement that best suits a particular group of people and their circumstances is in principle an engineering problem.

  38. Im too young to have a fully educated opinion but from my parents perspectives (they’re divorced and my mom is very liberal and my dad very conservative) i more lean towards liberal

  39. INFJ, Socialist of some variant. Whether it be Democratic or Libertarian. I’m still wondering myself.

  40. I used to be socially left leaning but with the caveat of economics, leaning towards some variation of regulated capitalism.

  41. Economically I’m definitely a socialist. Community owned enterprises sound much more attractive to me then the current corporations we have running rampant

  42. Right now, I have my mail-in ballot still unopened. I don’t like anyone on the local level and I don’t like anyone on the state level. Someone already mentioned that conservatives and liberals dislike their beliefs, and I definitely can relate to that. I know people who are on the extremes of both spectrums and I think they both have in common a lot more than they realize.

  43. I tend to be very fiscally conservative. I neither believe that one: any country should base their currency on the fiat system, nor two: should they send any financial aid to another country while their own country is also in dire need of that funding. Currency should be based on something tangible--gold, silver or another precious metal, for example--along with there being zero online/digital banking or transactions with everything done through cash or check. I also believe that all taxes should be reduced drastically, if not outright done away with completely, and everyone should be taxed at the same rate. A country should not import any such good if it is one that they could produce themselves in a far more inexpensive manner. For example, The United States of America has zero need to import energy in any form as it has the potential means to produce enough for itself and also export the excess energy to other countries.

  44. I'm a conservator when it comes to nations traditions, mabye I'm even nationalistic. As for economy I'm 100% anti-communism but I'm not a die hard capitalist either.

  45. Classical Liberalism. Economically speaking capitalism and free market superior. Socially I’m in between progressive and conservative. I’m not progressive for the sake of being inclusive (I hate the woke culture) and I’m not conservative because imo conservatives have stricter rules as how you should live.

  46. I'm in favor of political cosmopolitanism, and would generally be in favor of anything that has as its goal to abolish or replace the authority of nation states with a globalized governing body. I believe this to be in the best interest of humanity, long term speaking.

  47. Socially very liberal, economically very pro-regulation, and in regards to government, I believe we need a far more effective system of checks and balances, particularly in regards to congress and the senate.

  48. I'm have ideas mainly from the left I think free market is good but it could be better if it was more strictly regulated and controlled to prevent abuses. Also the government should provide essential needs to people who pay taxes

  49. Anarcho communist. I can see how a lot of people here are simping for capitalism, I’m the other side of the proverbial coin. Fuck all y’all in other words lol

  50. I'd loosely describe myself as social (or left) libertarian. Social because, in general terms, I belong to the left, and loosely because I don't identify with any particular ideology, even libertarianism. I'm too clever to only see in black and white.

  51. I start with the idea that people are inherently evil and selfish. They will almost always act like feral beasts to gain an advantage. With this in mind, I am extremely distrusting of the vast majority of my fellow humans.

  52. I must tell you that you won't get a good census on this issue here on reddit, the general redditor is usually more left leaning, and there is no reason for this sub to be different on that regard.

  53. The closer I look at politics, the more Libertarian I become. There's so much political rhetoric, empty philosophy, and just general noise, that I find it exhausting overall and just want to be left alone; however, being moderate in California is polarizing to other people on its own.

  54. Political atheist/ constitutionalist / in favor of limited govt. If it is not in the constitution? It should be reserved to the states. Economically? Austrian economics/ free market.

  55. In my opinion, most of the millennial and gen z generations are libertarian in nature and just don’t realize it. Yes, I’m good with everyone living their life the way they want, just don’t impose that I validate it for you. Put simply, fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Just my two cents.

  56. I’m Orwell, I despise both communists and fascists. So any extremist ideologies that have in actuality led to so much human suffering as well as those hair-brained political schools of thought that are just crackpot theories political compass edgelords spout off to seek cool and different.

  57. overall, im a constitutionalist. socially, i lean (very) slightly right. trump wanst really a fantastic human, but he ran the country like a business and that was wonderful for our economy, and our relations with other countries.

  58. Quite literally a fascist dictatorship or absolute monarchy. 9/10 of you angry that I said fascist right now don’t know what it means.

  59. As long as it’s not communism or fascism, and I can afford commodities and have basic human rights, then probably a centrist? Not that I don’t pick a side in crisis, but that I have many beliefs that may seem more radically liberal or conservative in a more independent manner.

  60. Used to be very conservative l, then ended up being more libertarian before finally realizing it doesn’t even matter because they only winners in politics are far left and right. Both wings of the same bird 🤷‍♂️

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