1. And after all the wait it's gonna have a flaw so bad that about 5 people will actually live there. Like almost any other Saudi Arabia project.

  2. a Saudi here:very very skeptical,even if they somehow make it it will be the most expensive housing you'll ever see

  3. MBS. This us what growing up with unlimited oil wealth is like, he thinks this city will be some kind of lifeline for his country in a post-oil world but, if it is built, it'll be just another nail in Saudi Arabia's coffin.

  4. It’s called a hit of, “some bullshit landscape architecture senior project that will never go anywhere”…It’s a hell of an expensive drug though, so be careful.

  5. Ya this project honestly sounds cool as shit like “holy crap I wanna live there”. Except it’s Saudi Arabia, so I won’t even want to visit there

  6. It's just adjacent to the red sea if you see carefully. They'll just need a drainage system through the line to the sea.

  7. I think it's legit I've been getting YouTube ads for this for ages. I'm assuming there's only one batshit megacity project in Saudi Arabia.

  8. And even if it did I feel 1 trillion is not even close enough. Although the slave labour reduces costs so who knows.

  9. Nice theory and idea, practical to do ( he’ll no) This must be a hundred+ year plan , and it’s going to cost way more then they are expecting/ planning.

  10. Yea I second this. Like, does the 5-minute walking communities apply to beheadings as well? Or do we have to walk 10 minutes for that?

  11. This is a little too dystopian but the idea of building up instead of out is definitely the right idea. We would solve half our problems on earth if we kept to our own areas and left the rest for nature to thrive and prosper

  12. Seems where things are going, enclosed human communities are something we should all look into. Kinda looks like a wall. Don't get the mirrored outer wall part, though.

  13. Every time we demand to be heard, they hold back our water, owkwa beltalowda, ration our air, ereluf beltalowda, until we crawl back into our holes, imbobo beltalowda, and do as we are told!

  14. Come back to me when the project is actually completed as per concept art and no slaves have perished in its realisation.

  15. Have you ever walked a walkable city? What are you even talking about? This is a terrarium; an enormous mall, not a city of human struggles and help, small progressive achievements, and neighborhoods conducive to community development.

  16. But, that's gonna disrupt so many ecosystems... It may be a desert but it still has animals who cross it, there is a reason countries started making land bridges for animals, this is a wall that cuts the land. It's disgusting.

  17. I would be ecstatic to simply have universal healthcare like the rest of the civilized world. Even if this never happens, to actually have a government that looks to the future...

  18. Lots of full time work for people to gather up the countless dead birds that will be pilled up along all sides of this travesty. Especially during migration season

  19. This is gonna be a failure along the lines of the "Solar Roadways" again, isn't it? Sounds good and impressive, making for a viral marketing campaign... horribly flawed practical execution that proves it can only work as advertised in fantasy.

  20. Yesterday it was. 500 billion and 210km, today it’s 1 trillion and 180km. When (if) it finally gets build it’s gona be 5 trillion and it’ll be 200m long

  21. Breaking news : “a gas leak inside the linear city apparently from a family homes oven has exploded over half of the city resulting in most the residents injured and many dead”

  22. Has anyone thought about the impacts to animal and their hunting / migration routes? Like how they have animal bridges over highways.

  23. Imagine the public Transport in this City it would be super easy to organise because you can look at the City as a one dimensional line with Shuttles just going from one end to another.

  24. Aaaaand sunlight will be rare, and space will be Limited, feels like CP77's Nightcity to me, and thats nothing good. But maybe, maybe, maybe it will be completely different, so lets see

  25. If it ain’t got a Walmart then I ain’t goin. Where can you squirrel hunt? What we gonna eat without Walmart and squirrels?

  26. Isn’t it cute that they think they can have a successful society when half of their population isn’t allowed to leave the house.

  27. god I'm so glad we got this little box of widescreen picture squeezed into the shitty 9:16 tik tok aspect ratio. What would we do without you kids?

  28. It’s about time a government uses all that money for something incredible for the human race. If only America did this for us..

  29. Saudi has a history of making incredibly dumb, incredibly expensive megastructures because they want to be a first world nation, but don't actually know how to do that

  30. This is the dumbest shit you know how dangerous the reflection of the sun is on a mirror enough to make you blind to look at it through the outside of the building

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