1. The ocean is a fascinating place, and jellyfish are one of its many wonders. It's amazing to see them under a boat, their translucent bodies floating in the water.

  2. So true. In high school once, I slept a few nights with my friend on his family’s boat. Watching the hundreds of glowing jellyfish slowly rise and fall around the boat was like being on an alien planet. It was mesmerizing.

  3. That sounds more like every environmental article posted on Reddit. (scientists find a new jellyfish that can clean up oil spills… and they want revenge!!)

  4. Did anyone else think the reflection on the left was actually animal bones? I spent a minute genuinely worried that some radioactive jellyfish out of 1950s scifi is turning crocodiles into bone piles. Then I realized it was distorted wood reflected. I feel slightly better.

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