1. I'd pick it up if it'd let me, get it home, offer it a little byte of something, maybe some juice, and then call the SPCR to come for it. Some poor drones are probably worried sick!

  2. I can’t decide whether this is a metaphor for how humans’ vision for the future of our species are futile attempts at a timeline that’s out of our reach… or if it’s just the plot of the next big Pixar movie. Or both.

  3. Disney will make this into a movie about a delivery bot that got lost and the adventures it went through to get back home. Maybe it befriends some forest animals along the way.

  4. Here’s a photo I have of a delivery robot driving by 2 cops on horses patrolling a homeless encampment on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.

  5. Tell me you don’t know shit about the United States without flat out saying you don’t know shit about the United States

  6. Is this in Finland? I saw one wandering around Espoo yesterday, never seen one before since I dont live around the capital area. Didnt know what it was at first

  7. Ok,,, all jokes aside. Isn’t there a 1-800 number on the side of it that can be called in case of emergency’s? I think having a multi thousand dollar computer, on wheels, on a dirt path in the woods might just be worth a phone call.

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