1. I feel so weird saying “The [fwy number]” and then people are like “Don’t you mean I-[fwy number]?”

  2. California's Gross Domestic Product is 3.4 trillion US dollars. Russia's total before the War in Ukraine was 1.4 trillion. If California was a country it's economy would rank 5th in the world.

  3. GA has a higher population than LA county. Not by much, but it’s higher according to last census (2019). Unless you are going by something newer?

  4. Cleveland, columbus, cincinatti, toledo, akron and kent all hold a large number of people. Plus we have alot of corporate headquarters and some extremely nice schools and communities. Plus the job market is pretty good with a relatively low standard of living so alot of families move here.

  5. "There's only one LA, and it's not the state." - said to my Louisiana friends all the time by various people from LA.

  6. Every state in the US could be its own country. Even the most rural states have bigger populations than some countries in Europe, and wayyy more land.

  7. This map is misleading without the year. As of 2021 both NC and GA have higher population than LA county. They have over 10 million people while LA is about 9.7 million

  8. It doesn’t have more than all those states combined…California has 10% of the electoral votes and 12% of the population. You could argue they are somewhat underrepresented, but it’s not off by that much.

  9. California does have the most representation in the federal government. They have the most people in the house, they have the most electoral college votes. If a candidate wins California they have over 20% of what's needed to be president. That sounds like Cali is pretty powerful.

  10. I wonder what one of those looks like for Washington DC. I know there are states with less people than that city. And that city has no representation in government.

  11. Presidents fight over swing states. It's better for them to fight over a state that is willing to vote either way, even if it has a low population(thanks to the electoral college), than it is for them to fight over a place like California which has a huge population but is guaranteed to vote a certain way.

  12. There's a reason so many live in CA despite the prices though. Not a lot of people clamoring to move to the middle of North Dakota. Ever wonder why THAT is?

  13. That was the point though. Is it right? No, but that was exactly the point. Check out the Virginia plan for more

  14. And people here wonder why we have issues with water and power... it's a desert and we shouldn't cram in this many people in it because it lacks the resources to support it and the state insists on closing power plants.

  15. To be fair, the water issue is because we grow 80% of the world's almonds (an insanely water-intensive crop) in the Central Valley, which is dry as fuck.

  16. A quick search tells me that LA county has about twice as many people as the second most populous county (9.9m LA County CA vs 5.0m Cook County IL)

  17. The sum total of the state of Georgia slightly edges out that single county in CA. At least according to a quick check with google, which I shockingly used for unrelated reasons earlier today to determine the population of both of these areas

  18. Wow so you’re telling me the states with NYC, Philly, Cleveland, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Chicago have large populations? Insane!!!!!1!!!

  19. I’ve always wanted to travel to the states and see what a metropolis feels like to walk around in. I’m so used to small town feeling that it would be strange to see so many people out and about doing their own thing.

  20. Whats sucks is because la County is so big cal water is now making all the towns up here in Northern California conserve water so la can make it through the drought, there's a meeting in my town soon about the regulations on our water and the penalties. Think its time to leave the state.

  21. All of California has 2 Senators. I believe that's the same as the 14 smallest states (28 Senators), almost all GOP-dominated welfare states that hate hate hate the 7th largest economy in the world, which funds their farm subsidies and roads to nowhere. (I may be off on my stats but it's very close to what i'm saying in terms of CA's GDP and the senate equivalence)

  22. Interests of the populous is represented by Congress. Interests of the state are presented by the Senate. Each state has equal representation.

  23. It's pathetic how a county has a bigger population but has less voting power than all of highlighted states. Absolutely stupid.

  24. Yep, the whole 2 senators per state regardless to state population size is a scam. The electoral college is a scam which creates scams like the idea of swing states which is stupid. Need to change elections to just use the popular vote directly and use ranked choice voting for instant runoffs allowing for people to "not waste their vote" if they want to vote for a 3rd party candidate.

  25. How much would the rest of CA give to divest themselves from LA county? Let the conversation begin! 👍🤣🍻

  26. Which is all the justification necessary to abolish the electoral college as it does nothing but value land over people.

  27. I see it as the exact opposite. It’s all the justification necessary to prove the electoral college is absolutely vital. Keeping one city from basically running the entire country is literally the entire point of the electoral college.

  28. No, this is precisely why the electoral college was made. Two cities shouldn't decide a leader for the entire country.

  29. I can’t remember exactly but if it was it’s own country it’d be the 10th biggest economy in the world or something along those lines.

  30. No they fucking wouldn't. Do you even understand how voting works? Is it LA County VS the rest of the US? Even if it was is 10 million somehow larger that 319 million? Explain exactly how 3% of the population would decide each election? Even if they all voted exactly the same.

  31. Sorry, why does everyone think things would be better if the people from LA and NYC get to have more say in how to run the country? Both places are an absolute shit hole, and talk about aristocratic class. California's got the highest taxes and GDP in the country, still can't solve drugs, poverty, or crime. But GODDAMN will they ever tell you how much better things would be if they got to run the show.

  32. So you think rural farmers that have zero education should be in charge of the financial centers of America?

  33. California isn't perfect but your Republican-dominated states are all absolute shitholes. You telling me Mississippi is a beacon of good governance?

  34. Go to Alabama or Mississippi if you want to see shithole lmao. At least the states you mentioned are the most powerful in the world.

  35. You are absolutely right, but it pisses people off for some reason. LA is an absolute fucking cesspool. Anyone who has been there can take one look around and see that they should get less say in the country as a whole, not more.

  36. I know I am going to get hate. This is why I support the electoral college. Cali does not get to decide for the rest. I have read the history and know how slaves impact it. It is still a good system to ensure all are represented.

  37. Makes sense being from one of the states not colored Blue! When I went off to college I was in awe at how many of my new friends came from small towns with no more than a few thousand residents. I'm from Chicago and as a kid always thought there were tons of people everywhere, glad I was wrong!

  38. Interesting. So in this hypothetical the State of LA County should have two US Senators - I'll nominate Adam Schiff to join Alex Padilla.

  39. This explains why the electoral college exists, so that one populous country doesn't override the culture and desires of the rest of the nation.

  40. Jesus, here we go. California has 12% of the population and 10% of the electoral votes. If you want to argue that California is not properly represented then I would agree, but that would mean having 63 electoral votes instead of 55. Please stop trying to compare California to Wyoming. They would give Wyoming fewer votes if they could, but they have the minimum possible at 3.

  41. Seriously, if you want the representation to more closely match the population then enlarge the House so the 2 Senate votes become a rounding error.

  42. Republicans have a hard time with the concept that a thousand people who live close together is still more than a hundred people who live far apart.

  43. Australian here. I can’t believe that the person that wins the popular vote has the potential to not become the president because of the electoral college. It makes no sense to me that someone that lives in a rural area has a greater influence with their vote than someone that lives in a densely populated city.

  44. America is a geocracy. Votes from urban centers are worth a fraction of rural votes per capita. This is why Roe is being overturned with only 25% support of American citizens

  45. This is exactly why the electoral college is fucking horseshit. It completely skews the voting power of the American people. Where you live should have no god damn consideration in how weighted your vote is, all votes should count as 1.

  46. Don't know why you are downvoted. This is 100% right. The country would go the way LA County does. Regardless of political party, there are geographical differences that are important to keep the identity of the different states. Also, agricultural states would be at a severe disadvantage. There would be no rural economy.

  47. Lol this is why we need electoral college people, not why we should get rid of it. I’d rather not be the United State of California… that state sucks.

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