1. So now you wants cops who can read? Stop your unreasonable demands. If law makers can be uneducated, why do we need educated law enforcers?

  2. You joke, but this is counterfeit note. Plenty of people who can read and can't read English will mistake this. It looks same at a glance. We also don't know if the paper quality is good or not from the image.

  3. Logo says children bank of india, did they raid the business move manufacturing plant. It clearly isn't trying to look like authentic bank notes. It feels like a fluff piece about some fake encounter.

  4. Its very clearly written "For Movie Purpose Only". Judge will throw the case at the very instant he opens file.

  5. Dude, there was a case of a man depositing children bank of India notes in his account in a small finance Bank and they found out after 8-10 months. So this could be true that they were thinking of circulating these notes into the market.

  6. The biggest factor of an authentic currency note is the paper, material and feel. You can feel the rupee in most cases, especially a fresh note. The ones used as prop do not have the same feel to it (partly because they want it to be obvious it is fake and partly because it is very expensive to get it even close). There is no way anyone who has remotely handled rupee notes gets fooled by a movie prop, which is obviously designed to be a movie prop (and not hiding the fact). If the incident happened really (and not staged) the policemen would also have immediately realized that these were fake just by touching and feeling the notes.

  7. I agree. Even though they are fake why would you need so many of them? Nobody cares what's beneath all those bundles in movies so you dont need all of them to be semi-realistic.

  8. I guess they used faulty gps in duplicate notes. Mudiji had copyrighted the gps used in notes and these ppl got caught now. xD.

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