1. Since you took Rize, can u get Erdogan too? He is Georgian you know. Btw, what would be the condition of Laz people? Would they be a protected minority or they became Georgianized due to a possible nationalist regime? I know they are both Kartvelian but I was just wondering. Also, are there any population exchanges with Turkey?

  2. I have no idea of the ethnicity situation there, but I can say that there will be autonomous regions since Georgia will still be Soviet until 1990, but bigger

  3. Yes please, take Rize and Trabzon. It didn't work out well with us. And that's one huuge armenialand, so much so that more people would call it ermenistan than what armenians say for armenia, unless of course armenians finally complete what they started two centuries ago.

  4. Yeah I'm afraid you can't have Ardahan and Artvin, they're part of the greater Kurdistan. Also we'd really appreciate it if you let us have Rize too, so we can have access to black sea, no pressure though. Long live ✌️

  5. Also what the heck is wrong with armenia? I mean they're more than welcome to have the entire Azerbaijan to themselves, but don't come near Kurdistan. Remember last time? What a tragedy it was? I'm sure no one would want that to happen again. (PS: though the Armenians genocide is attributed to the turks, they weren't the actual ground force that did that. In fact they were so busy fighting on the west of anatolia, that you could say the Kurds did the whole thing alone.)

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