1. If this is John like 3-5 years later I can buy it. Dude throws a giant hammer around all day and we know he's got his dad's GRIT. I've got no doubt the moment he hits puberty he's gonna be huge.

  2. I have always seen hammer as a strong guy weapon and I love the idea of John starting out really shrimpy (rose had to help him open the cruxtruder with the sledgehammer) but over the course of the 24 hours he scaled the echeladder he got huge

  3. I mean, in the comic John's mangrit is off the charts and he's certainly implied to be a fairly buff hunk in the Epilogues. (Let's set the John/June thing off to the side for the moment, I'm sticking strictly to what is shown directly "on screen" in Homestuck media proper.)

  4. John being buff makes a lot of sense. He hast to have enough strength to wield the hammers after all.

  5. AI artists use images from the net to auto generate their pics. And a disturbing amount of Jade fanart seems obsessed with making her black.

  6. Didnt really try to depict her as any specific ethnicity. I just requested AI to draw her more tanned because she lives near the equator and spends a lot of time outside.

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