1. I don’t know what’s worse, players barely skating because they’re tired from their long shift, or players taking long shifts and coasting for most of it because they’re conserving their for that one “amazing” end-to-end highlight reel goal they think they can pull off.

  2. What makes no sense too is when your short handed everyone takes longer shifts? It's like since there's only 1 or 2 on the bench they figure they don't need to change. So annoying.

  3. Guys who take 2 min shifts, and then yell from the bench because others have already been out there for a whole minute!

  4. So glad the league I played in before moving was extremely strict about ice time. If the head ref who ran the league thought you spend too much time on the ice, you had to give your jersey back and you didn't get your money back.

  5. Holy shit I can't stand the long shifts. Occasionally stuck with 9 players which means 3-defense. The other two D have better conditioning than me but for God's sake we can't be doing 2-3 minute shifts with only 3 of us!

  6. On the second part, I guess, but as I'm older now I realize that ppl rich enough to play hockey also have other more important adult needs or cares, and also maintenance days are more frequent

  7. I've never played hockey before but I'm hoping to join a beginner D league in the fall. I worry about ringers ruining the experience for me.

  8. Being poor as a kid and having parents yell that youre purposely only playing single A to dummy kids and that its not because your mom cant afford shit else

  9. At the very least you ask the goalie and say “hey can i work on a move or two”. If the goalie wants to see it he’ll give you the green light

  10. Chippy players who become noticeability offended/agitated when they are on the receiving end of similar behavior. If you're going to dish it out you better be able to take it.

  11. And they’re always the first ones to scream about “we all have to work tomorrow” when you take exception to their bullshit.

  12. Conversely, there’s nothing more satisfying than lifting someone’s stick from behind when they didn’t even realize you were there and thought they had a tap-in.

  13. I'm lucky to have a rather heavy shot, so I typically only see that maybe once from an opponent. They learn their lesson and typically pop their stick out to take away a lane but keep their legs clear as much as possible. Lol

  14. Hard slashes too. I was carrying the puck up one time and some dude slashed me hard enough to break my thumb.

  15. People who wait too long to air out their gear and then it smells like the inside of a restaurant dumpster in August. I understand that pads get smelly but there’s a limit.

  16. Dry snake bag. This is my favorite piece of hockey equipment BY FAR. I’ve also had mine for 10 years and it will go another 20.

  17. I have a teammate whose gear smells so bad that it makes me feel physically ill if I have to sit next to him in the locker room or on the bench. The smell lingers after him like he’s Pigpen from Peanuts. One game I couldn’t even skate because I felt faint like I was going to puke.

  18. In beer leagues, in play, folks who take it all way too serious as if we all don't have to go to work on the morning. Fighting, gritting, and overall aggression; it's embarrassing. On the bench it drives me nuts when people try to call out complex shit or bitch about a botched or broken plays. Out of the rink, people who add non-hockey to the group text.

  19. These guys really grind my gears. You wanna slash me cuz I beat you with speed on the outside? Alright, I get it you aren't as fast as you were 20 years ago. Same play but instead they push you from behind into the goalie and then jump you for skating into the goalie? Like c'mon man

  20. Guys who only bring one jersey (light or dark) even worse the guy who refuses to get a light and dark and only brings a grey or a jersey with both black and white.

  21. It blows my mind. The guys I know like that will joke on themselves about having no wheels but then I see them at stick and puck exclusively chilling top of circle taking shots. Like work some damn skating drills boys. The legs feed the wolf.

  22. Just keep on at it. Everyone goes at their own pace. Practice and time go hand in hand. Wishing you luck. Plus I'm sure you're a better skater than you think ;)

  23. We could very well be picturing different things by “shove” and “push” but sometimes in battles on the boards or chases to the puck it sort of natural comes out and feels ok to me (whether I’m dishing it out or receiving either way)

  24. Forwards not moving their feet, standing still inside their own blue line then complaining about "no break out" or getting hammered in our own zone. Like if my only option is to literally skate the puck the entire length of the ice as a break out, our defense is going to suck.

  25. 250 pound 6’ 7” dudes cross Checking me in the back because I’m standing in front of the net for a tip/scoring opportunity at 5’ 11” and 160lbs then complaining to the ref after they get penalized.

  26. Like missing puck drop? I personally show up 30-45 minutes before warmies, but the best skater I play with walks in 3-5 minutes before game time. He has never missed the start of a period but doesn’t usually get any warm up. Guy played NCAA D1 and is an absolute stud so I don’t question it. Missing actually game time would be weird though.

  27. Just generally negative people who bitch about stuff. The guy who complains he got called for something he obviously did. The guy who didn't get a call for something that obviously didn't happen. Neither of which changes the outcome of the game in any meaningful capacity.

  28. When the league merges the B and A levels so that there's just one level, with guys who were high-C level probably just rounding out a B team's roster having to play against A level guys. It's a recipe for disaster, as there's a lot of incidental contact at a high rate of speed that gets people amped up. I'd rather have just kept playing in a 4 team league than expanding and having 4 of the teams basically always dominate the other 4. Hopefully next year is back to normal.

  29. As an official its funny to me, I usually just reply “Hey I’ll check in with the video system between periods and review” lol

  30. In warm ups in beer league. Guys taking laps of the whole rink at the start. I don’t get it. You stay on your side and don’t cross. Never saw it before moving to the area I’m playing now.

  31. People that yell at refs. Get a life. They don't care who wins until you give them a reason. Most of the time they still don't care.

  32. I have never yelled at a ref, maybe bellowed a time or three. But the main time I give the refs some grief is if the calls are not consistent, or a blatant hard call they very clearly see and put the whistles away on. But even then it's little more than "Oh come on, man. How can you let that go?". I get that they're just regular people out here doing the good lord's work, but just keep it even and don't let anybody get away with murder. At the NHL level they should be calling what they see, but in low/mid beer league just manage the game and keep things even. We all gotta go home and go to work tomorrow.

  33. Skilled players that forgot it’s a team sport. They will never pass, even on a power play or a 3 on 0. They’ll just try to dangle 3 opponents until they turn over the puck.

  34. Not brushing your teeth before coming to the rink. I don't want to smell your halitosis breath while you're panting for air.

  35. We do secret Santa on our team and I drew the stinky gear guy. I gave him air fresheners as a hint. He drew me and gave me a nice bottle of bourbon. Oops.

  36. Or at least wash it once in a while... Left mine in the bath with a bit of detergent for an hour earlier this week and it's made all the difference.

  37. When teammates insist they need 15 skaters and call all their buddies to sub. Give me 10 skaters. I want to get my money's worth of ice time. I want to feel tired at the end of the game.

  38. 10 is absolutely ideal. In my coed league, we tend to have 13-15 due to scheduling limitations limiting the number of teams that can play. I play much worse than in games with only 10. Too much rest in between shifts lowers my overall aggression/compete level. With 10 skaters, it's just enough to get a rest while maintaining the aggression/compete level.

  39. The worst. Got one teammate who is always picking up dudes every single game and then bench is 15 deep. I’d rather not show in that case. I got no problem with 6 or 7 skaters every now and then. Need a good ass kicking and if you manage to win, those games are the best

  40. YES. Our captain picked up 6 new skaters this season, we've had to run 3 D lines every game. Great group but I'm never tired anymore and I hate it. I want to earn my locker room beer

  41. I find it remarkable how much time people spend in stickinpuck not skating and just standing around and shooting or doing specialized dangles. It’s like buddy if your in beer league it’s all about skating first you’re rarely going to be in a situation where you need to execute that highly specialized dangle or snipe you spent $15 for an hour to work on.

  42. Spitting on the bench or on the ice. Fuckin nasty. Doesnt make you look tough you just look like a slob. Also dudes who dont pass the god damn puck and try to go coast to coast every play.

  43. Start chatting with your refs. Become known to them. Like my last game, I'm on the bench, opponent skates puck into our zone, ref strolling by our bench looking at the play, I'm asking how his day is going, he turns to answer, in that moment he looked away he could've missed a call, but appreciated me asking him. Thank them after the game. Say hi to them before. Simple stuff.

  44. You're losing a game 8-1, then the other team gets the puck at the point with 90 seconds left and the d-man loads up a huge clapper. Fuck off buddy I don't want to be limping for the next week for a game thats over.

  45. I think in my league which goes from levels E to B with the majority in D it's the ringers. Especially within D (where I fall) our commissioner has blanket ruled that the highest level of D is the same as the lowest even though they're just as vastly different as E to D. On top of that post highschool kids are supposed to start minimum in C yet they show up in middle D all the time acting like hot shit when they skate circles around some 40+ guy.

  46. Players who just give up when they lose their guy or get passed in the neutral zone. My team gives up so many odd-man rushes because forwards don’t think they have any defensive responsibilities unless we’re on the PK or if it happens to be convenient for them.

  47. The 6'6", 350lb "all state high school defenseman" who peaked 30 years ago joining no check co-ed beginner's league and think that checking the 5' 130lb women who are in their first league is a-ok.

  48. Forwards who take a lap and circle around the net when they lose the puck or the play gets broken up resulting in no back check or leaving them off sides in the event of a turnover in the neutral zone.

  49. Puck hogs who take shots in the corner 6 inches from goal line instead of looking to pass. You're not Patrick Kane and you're not thrashing that needle.

  50. If I do that it’s because none of my teammates are open for a pass and I’m putting the puck to center in hopes one of them will get there, or catch a rebound.

  51. Bitching about refs and bitching to the refs. Just stop it. They don't care what you think; never in the history of sports has bitching yielded a changed call. You just sound like a baby. And then when you bitch after the game in the locker room about the refs, you have entered another level of loser.

  52. I heard that the only time a ref ever changed his penalty call was in a KHL demo game in which a tripping call was rescinded against some guy named V. Putin.

  53. Goalie here - when players shoot pucks at the net while I put the pegs in. Literally the most infuriating thing for a goalie.

  54. Just played against a team that tried to dangle through every defender, spin moves and between their legs crap, with their heads/eyes glued to the ice. Would catch passes going up ice heads completely turned back to their own zone. I get it is a no contact league but was extremely frustrating to defend against as they try to stunt on you, when in reality they would get blown up every time in a check league, just poor fundamentals by guys who think they are hot shit. We had 1 sub, they had 2 full lines, and continued it late into the 3rd when the game was out of reach.

  55. Players that cheer after they've scored their team's 8th+ goal in a blowout. It's just embarrassing for them.

  56. People playing down. I don't care that you promised to only play defense, pass, and you really wanted to play with your friend.

  57. The best is they play down until they are down a goal, so they turn it on and create a goal or score. Thanks for playing “down” buddy.

  58. Just dealt with the biggest puck hog ever and he isn't fast or have great hands he has a mid shot he just doesn't know how to pass and after me calling for it 4 separate times he blindly throws it

  59. When you've got a burst of speed, you're completely open on the wing and the person carrying the puck has their head down and makes you and all your teammates stop at the blue line.

  60. Beer league: When all the bad players who don’t show up all season show up for the playoffs, and the regulars/good players get less ice time and we lose

  61. Lack of puck support. Staring at me and telling me you’re open while you’re flat footed and a d man is literally standing beside you. You’re not fucking open and you’re going to turn it over. Also this is not passing when you have a clear lane and waiting until you’re in a jam you’re too dumb to see or get out of. Fucking black holes of hockey skating around. Also D men who ice it or give it to the other team constantly. That’s not fucking D! That’s throwing the puck outta the zone.

  62. Refs who put their whistles away saying they don't want to be the ones who decide the outcome of the game. By not calling penalties they are deciding the outcome of the game!

  63. My pet peeves are people that don't know the rules of the game. In particular, delayed penalties, match penalties, rules regarding hand passes and crease rules.

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