1. Fucking this. After 3+ years of them dragging their feet to get a standalone app out, everyone already knows how to pirate.

  2. I could absolutely see NHL and NBA following MLS' lead in exclusivity deals with streaming services. The Apple TV+ deal was a harbinger of things to come and I'd honestly expect apps like ESPN+ and YouTube to announce deals with those leagues in the coming days.

  3. there's been smoke of all 3 of MLB NHL and NBA mulling creating their own local broadcast services... heck some rumors of them collaborating. If any of that smoke is fire, we're in for a monumental shift with the RSNs.

  4. Raise the price of espn+ to $15 a month for every game no blackouts, and every fan would buy in. RSN’s are a dying species

  5. 100% agree. I pay for Bally Sports and would for sure even pay 20-25 a month for ESPN+ to have every game with zero blackouts.

  6. Well, I mean, whose streams do you think ESPN+ is showing? I watch Bally’s Detroit stream on ESPN+ to watched Red Wings games. No Bally Sports Detroit, no stream watching on ESPN. I don’t give a shit about the company, but the Wings broadcast teams is easily one of the best in the league.

  7. The reason Fox Sports had to sell in the first place was because Disney bought Fox and there were anti-trust issues. Doubt it will will go to ESPN.

  8. That probably wouldn’t cover the revenue lost from cable. RSNs get like $2-$3 from every cable subscriber in an area. People willing to pay $15 for hockey would need to make up 20% of subscribers to break even.

  9. Having ESPN+ living in a market without a hockey team is incredible. $10/mo for pretty much every game that isn’t on TNT. If it was like that everywhere it’d be huge

  10. But does ESPN want to broadcast every NHL game? That's a massive logistical project even if they could obtain all of the broadcasting rights

  11. I'm so split on this. I hate that Sinclair gets a dollar of my money and I believe that they deserve to take a huge hit. It's a shit company, and can be an insanely obvious propagandist outlet on the news side. I also hate the issues this could cause on the hockey broadcast side. Hopefully something better quickly fills the hole this could cause.

  12. There has to be some level of corporate malfeasance here, right? They owe $55 Billion over x years, yet they have only $585 Million cash on hand. How does the NHL, NBA, MLB even approve these contracts in the first place?

  13. This is probably to make it easier to sell the RSNs off to the leagues themselves at lower prices, if I had to wager a guess; we've known for a while that the NHL, MLB and NBA have had eyes on buying their local networks but were not willing to pay the $3b price DSG was asking for.

  14. I want ATTSN gone. The only live streaming services they’re on is DirectTV and fubo, which are much more expensive than YouTube TV or Hulu Live.

  15. That's the last time we at Bally Sports will put on this headset as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run. And so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

  16. I lived in Atlanta last year, the apartment complex I lived in only offered streaming television. I got directv stream which has bally sports. Guess what happens when a local live game was on...blackout for streaming services.

  17. I tried the app when they ran the beta here in town during baseball season (Royals) and had nothing but issues... in fact I wasn't in the beta for long it was so horrible.

  18. It took them a year(s)? to fix the transparent bottom side of their hideous information bar in the broadcasts, clearly a professional outfit.

  19. Literally the only thing of value that Bally broadcasts offer are the score chyron. Clean looking with the shot tracker always on, just as it should be.

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