1. Especially on a horizontal tile system and if your helmets visor is small you can barely even see the color on the tile. This UI is not feasible

  2. This was one upside of the cores - cleaner organization. As seasons go on, there will have to be more overhauls and cleaning up of superfluous items. What a flawed customization system this turned out to be.

  3. And they won't be able to sell coating colors multiple times, goodbye selling red for this core then sell the same color red for another core

  4. They just did with the gold coating. Sure it's unique looking, but not worth $12. Shoulders are not really interesting, so you just pay for 1 color (cross core coatings are coming so it really just is one color and one pose for $12, and you need to spend $15 to get it). Crazy how the worst value ever is becoming the most popular cosmetics already.

  5. Not for visors, but this weeks shop has the Gold coating that is artificially jacked up on price because it’s being sold as 5 separate coatings. And when they eventually do cross core for coatings you will have 5 identical coatings side by side.

  6. I’ll never understand why items have a rarity in this game if you buy them instead of earning them. Especially when it’s a battle pass item that’s legendary, but the item right next to it that you earned at the same time is a common. It makes zero sense no matter how you try to come up with a logical answer

  7. I am 100% confident in assuming Infinite /WAS/ going to use H5's REQ system, and when it was scrapped they didn't bother getting rid of the rarity system.

  8. You want a logical answer? It promotes FOMO and feeling like “oooh I need to have this rare or legendary epic weapon that others may not have.”

  9. It's extremely common for games to assign different rarities to different paid cosmetics. It lets them charge more, typically for items that clearly took more work. Like in Apex you pay more for an animated skin than for a static color one, and you pay significantly more for a skin that has different geometry as well.

  10. it always cracks me up with I unlock an "epic" kneepad that is just, like...the most non-descript chunk of grey thingy I've ever seen. so fucking EPIC WOW!!

  11. Bro no one is even talking about this, why do items even have rarity?? It means literally nothing? Like every item is available if you have a credit card lmao.

  12. Wearing the E P I C visor negates all headshot damage and gives you quadruple backstab damage. The Rare one adds air to your Warthog tires or something like that.

  13. If you squint hard enough, the helljumper visor is ever so slightly darker than the other. But you gotta like really really squint

  14. honestly this game being free to play really lowered the quality by allowing them to do scummy things and Nickle and dime you with the excuse that it was free .remember when you payed 60$ and just played the game to get all the unlockables .I hated halo 5 req system but at least you could earn everything in game and not pay 1/3 of a new game for an armor set.

  15. Yup, the system was designed to buy the same multiple times. I only bought the S1 BP and I'm not planning on buying anything else until the game change a lot of stuff.

  16. Same. Even if the they’re adding credits to the bps going forward. I need to see more of the product before I make another purchase.

  17. Why i stopped playing tbh, so much for "the best customization in halo" they were spewing at launch

  18. LOL anyone still buying shit on halo infinite deserves to be fleeced. They're never going to change their ways if people keep buying.

  19. I would have spent so much money on this game but 343 is utterly incapable of doing right by Halo it's almost comical at this point.

  20. I kinda feel glad for not buying some store items now. I think the glowy yellow visor for eagle strike has a paid version for MK VII but now with cross core I can use it on MK VII anyway

  21. What? You can't totally tell that one is slightly darker blue then the other one. Maybe you should get your eyes checked. 343 has done nothing wrong and has handled this game in the best way possible. I can't wait to pull out my wallet and spend 1200 credits on a gold coating to show my massive support to them. /s

  22. Why do people keeping spending money on useless shit in video games. Don't you understand the more that you buy, the more time they spend on developing microtransactions and focusing on that than the actual game itself.

  23. This is exactly why they didn't want cross core customization cuz they knew their money grubbing bullshit would be more apparent

  24. The visors being samey has rubbed me the wrong way a bit since launch- that critique is now amplified with visors being cross-core

  25. I love how they know that they can just do this kind of shit and we’ll still buy the battlepass anyway

  26. I don't say this lightly, but whoever thought of restricting visors and coatings to cores should just never work in gaming ever again. It's the most sleazy practice I've ever seen and just does not belong in this industry. I know every business is a business and you need to make money, but that's no excuse for such a blatant low-effort cash grab.

  27. I hated this about halo 5 and prayed they would’ve found a solution to this before implementing cross core visors

  28. Hah. Fuck this company and fuck this game. I’m done with it. This game makes me feel dirty.

  29. Came here to say this. It's SO subtle but there. Funnily enough I said to my friends after this was released, now that we can see all the visors in a row, you can really see how many are so similar.

  30. Y'know, I played myself when I bought the gold armor coating in the shop since armor coatings are eventually going to be cross-core. At least when they do they can't sell the same items over and over again

  31. I don't get why people are pretending to be angry about this. They're visors for two separate cores, that were both created before there were any plans for cross-core compatibility. It's something that only became an "issue" yesterday, and obviously now that we do have cross-core visors they'll have to be distinct going forward.

  32. This is just sad. I haven’t really been up in arms about cosmetics like a lot of this community has been because frankly the missing features/netcode is far more important to me, but I can definitely feel your frustration on this one. That’s just ridiculous.

  33. It may or may not be the case here, but similar visors can look dramatically different under certain lighting conditions. Worth looking into, IMO.

  34. So you're telling me. That 2 visors for 2 different cores that were made when cross core wasnt planned and a thing- look the same? Nah. Cant be possible. Wait till you see armor coatings that are basically the same between the different cores.

  35. You forgot to use your brain to consider having the carbon copies of items bundled together, into a pack, that unlocks for all cores. This game is greedy as shit

  36. Lmao as usual idiots come and dislikes a post that makes too much sense because their brains melt at the sight of someone who doesnt blindly witch hunt.

  37. You just gotta look behind the helmet to see that one is completely exposed behind, letting your spartans glorious hair flow free. while the other is essentially a mask that you can wear that also covers your bald spot.

  38. Congratulations, you can pay $15 for a visor that looks ever so slightly different than a visor from a $12 Battlepass.

  39. The difference isn’t as noticeable in the video, but when comparing them next to each other on my Spartan, Helljumper is a darker blue than Mentor’s Gift. Still, not much of a difference

  40. This just represents the sad experience halo infinite really is. After messing with some cross core visors I didn't even play the game cause there's nothing fun to do

  41. the ONLY positives of cross core is willow tea on all my cores and 343 not being able to sell the same thing 20 times for the different cores

  42. Yah with how cores worked I didn't check but fully expected the same visor to be available on a different core through other means. Like in this case two different battle passes. Maybe one ends up being a weekly or in the store. Major turnoff since it effectively sells the same thing twice. When cross coating comes out some people are going to get burned by their earlier sales tactics and all they will have to show for it are two of the same coating under different names.

  43. Maybe in 5 years time Infinite will have half the customization of the past games. I like how it took them 8 months to finally listen to players. It’s no wonder the game is bleeding players. I so badly want to love this game like I have past Halo games but I just keep seeing the flaws and the lack of care shown.

  44. Bunch of suckers. If you paid for this kinda stuff, I'm talking about you. I've been playing games since the OG DOOM and have yet to pay for a fucking cosmetic. Why? Exactly. Why?

  45. Did you really think the multiple core system wasn't an excuse to sell us the same items like visors and coatings multiple times?

  46. If they're planning on keeping the core system but opening it up to visors, shoulders, attachments etc. I think it would be really helpful and user friendly to allow us to filter by season, core, generation or color. Just looking last night, there are way too many visors to just scroll through horizontally.

  47. That's why I haven't bought a single thing in halo infinite aside from the pass I only use the halo reach body so I Don't really need to buy anything

  48. Remember when you unlocked armor by completing challenges? Good times… now I can’t get the gear I want unless it happens to be in that season’s BP and I grind the game enough over those months

  49. Just wait until cross core coatings are available. The current golden armor color in the store has 1 for all 5 current armors. You’ll all look like fools after buying it.

  50. Woah woah woah bud, I see people calling this a dupe but clearly they are wrong as you can see that one is rare and the other is burple.

  51. They really need to get it together. Just bring back some of the old helmets and armors, and make new stuff to earn/maybe buy on events.

  52. This is going to be a pet peeve moving forward, having two or more pretty much identical visors on every core, because I don't see them removing duplicates if they're ever so slightly different.

  53. You mean that two visors meant for 2 different cores until recently from 2 different battle passes look similar? My god have we gotten to this point of complaining?

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