1. THIS!!!! I completely agree that influencers sometimes (often) do more harm than good talking out of their asses about social and political issues, but the fact that they're so loud about the harms of birth control while so quiet about issues of reproductive rights is 👀👀👀

  2. Seriously. Do you know how many girls go to forums seeking advice and help about pregnancy with things like 'I know it was stupid, but I didn't use protection and think I'm pregnant'.

  3. @miriamfried did a fun post about it actually. I shared it on my story. She made it look like it would be about building a “dumpy” and then was like “now that I’ve got your attention”

  4. Just saw her post and LOVE it. She’s calling out the influencers who have said ZIP about it. They obv worried that taking a strong position on this subject will lose them followers-to which I say-sharing important information about women’s health-should be your position- 💯loved that post.

  5. I think if people genuinely want to speak from their hearts about it, I’m all for it. I just don’t care to see some copy and paste low effort nonsense from someone pretending to care just to virtue signal. I mean, I know I’d want to hear what Hannah Bower has to say for example, but someone like, Sam Taylor, let’s say, no thanks. And tbh I know I don’t want to hear anyone defending the overturning of it, although that is entirely their right if they so choose. I’m honestly just very, very sad about this in general.

  6. This exactly for all kind of social/political issue. I do not want to see the same “cute” instagram graphic 60000 times with no actual thought put into, just so they can they say they did “their part.”

  7. I mean what inspiring insight do you really expect from a layperson? I don’t really see a difference between “this is horrible” and “here’s a copy paste with info about why it’s horrible”.

  8. Yeh have to say I agree with you. The posturing would be annoying. Also think it’s terrible it’s been overturned.

  9. It will be interesting to witness all these brands and brand reps who claim to stand for ✨by women for women, female empowerment✨BS stay absolutely silent. I don’t expect anyone from BA, Buff Bunny, etc to say anything cause they couldn’t dare risk losing profits by taking a stand on something as trivial as……womens’ rights.

  10. If anyone learned the history of how abortion became illegal to begin with they probably would be shocked. A lot of them think it was part of the framers plan and it wasn't. Regardless of that until they start advocating better education, access to birth control and changing laws so women who are having a miscarriage don't get arrested I take their pro female empowerment with a grain of salt.

  11. Yes. Absolutely. It’s quite literally a threat to the health of all humans with uteruses. Also big difference between “political issues” and human’s rights issues in my humble ass opinion.

  12. Yes completely agree! Its a human rights issue. I edited the post, English is my second language and i struggle to articulate my thoughts sometimes

  13. I bet most of them even know what Roe v Wade was other than the words "Roe and Wade". I would prefer people who have zero knowledge on the matter to just stay silent. Don't repost memes or tweets if you don't know what you're talking about. It's also ok to say that you don't want to voice your opinion publicly, either way that opinion goes. It's also ok to say you don't have enough information regarding the matter and that's it. This goes for everybody not just influencers.

  14. Definitely agree with you! It irks me when people try to spin that as “if you don’t speak out for Roe v Wade then you want it overturned and hate women” 🙄

  15. @natbfit touched on it in her recent q&a on her stories. I know I touch on my thoughts about it on my social media so my thought is why shouldn't they be able to also on theirs? now do i think it can bring a lot more room for hatred toward them from people who don't agree, yeah & maybe that's why some of them don't express their political feelings online but they have the same freedom of speech & opinions as everyone else big platform or small!

  16. she made me laugh bc she said “the government voted to overturn it” and that’s notttttt exactly right 😂 but I’d rather see someone sharing information about it than being silent on it!

  17. I think they should, but influencers only try to influence people with things that they will make a cut from. Unless they are shilling products they don't care about influencing anyone.

  18. Cristina Capron is the one influencer I follow that I can always count on to bring awareness to political issues and human rights. No misinformation or BS, either. I realllllllly appreciate her.

  19. AGREED. I lurk her husband every so often to see what policies and beliefs he is trying to bring into office, which is the OPPOSITE of most other fitness influencer husbands (hi Hayden, Nathan, I’m spacing on everyone else oops)

  20. If they can share personal experiences, expert knowledge, or *meaningful* ways to take action that *they are doing*, then yes. But if they don't have either of those things, I'm not sure why anyone would think sharing ... what exactly? ... for the sake of sharing would be beneficial.

  21. I agree. Sharing some little infographic about how upsetting this is will have little to no impact. I don’t think it will change any of their followers’ minds and I honestly don’t care what these influencers think about it. Maybe I’m too cynical at this point lol. My entire feed is people all sharing the same exact info and it’s really annoying tbh, even as someone directly impacted by this decision.

  22. Honestly, no. Aside from a few rare exceptions, these people are uneducated, out of touch, idiots, narcissists or some combination of the above. Political discourse requires nuance and the capacity to change your views when presented with facts and opposing viewpoints. I don't think the vast majority of influencers are capable of having a productive discussion so I would prefer they stick to fitness.

  23. Nothing is worse than an influencers opinions on politics. Besides most of them seem to vote based on who will save them money and not anything else. The finance bro's are actually way worse than the fit bros.

  24. I think if you have a platform you should use it. There are so many people that have a platform and don't use it or when they do they are like "I need to educate myself more" and than when the time comes to speak up their "education" is nonexistent and they are all for "why can't everyone just love each other! ✨love peace happiness✨

  25. I don’t expect any of them to but I think they should. The way many of them talk about COVID and it’s restrictions and use the “get vaccinated” sticker to boost engagement. They should at least say something. But they won’t. Many of the influencers I’ve noticed are actually covertly racist, sexists, or very conservative politically. They just choose easy less controversial topics to speak on. Looking at you @taychayy, @fitbykiki, @maceyfit, @chloegotts

  26. I’m really torn on this one. I don’t think influencers should have to talk about all the issues going on in this world. They spread enough misinformation. I also don’t expect every business I buy from to disclose every personal opinion they have toward world problems or injustices. If the issue is important to them, it’s often nice to hear their perspective especially when articulated well. But platform or not, it’s not their responsibility to spread awareness unfortunately.

  27. Honestly, if they just shut the fuck up about leggings today, that would be fine. Anyone still posting stories about bullshit sales pitches is getting unfollowed immediately.

  28. I don’t really understand wanting influencers to speak on everything. I’ll get my information from reputable sources. Not from Claudia on the internet showing us how to grow our dumpies.

  29. How is speaking on womens rights “speaking on everything”? 99% of them want to talk about birth control and hormones - this is literally the lane they chose to be in.

  30. I personally really like understanding where influencers fall in issues like this. I don’t want to support or follow people who would disagree. I also think it takes integrity to risk alienating a few followers.

  31. Megsquats, Chanel collette, em dunc all posted yesterday. I think NikkiB did too. I don’t really follow the younger more “current” fitspos though.

  32. it’s not an influencers job to educate or speak about every single thing that happens in this world. I hate when they get bashed for not speaking about it, go to an informed professional on the manner not a girl who promotes leggings. If they want to, do so in an educated manner, if you’re not educated or don’t feel comfortable speaking on it don’t and don’t feel bad about it!

  33. I agree. I'd want them to focus on quality information, otherwise they're just spewing more noise into digital void. If the simple act of raising awareness for the sake of it worked, we'd be feeling the effects of it by now.

  34. Fitness = health care. Access to abortion = health care. This is literally their lane. If they want to discuss things like hormones, birth control, diet, etc then they had better pony the fuck up and defend women’s rights.

  35. Ok maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand what education anyone would need to agree that abortion is a human right. Especially as women. I’m sure they all have someone in their inner circle that has had an abortion, and in speaking up, they can acknowledge that they SEE all of those women and hear them

  36. I think they should, but not to the point of misinformation. Some of these influencers aren’t exactly the brightest, so I think finding a reputable source and directing followers that way is a great way to go about that!! Unless of course they are legal professionals or have experience on the topic, then they should be sharing all they know

  37. I know Bailey has posted anti abortion stuff on her personal page- but I doubt she'll post in favor of the ruling on her actual page

  38. I don’t mind if they “stay in their lane” for something like this. Sure it’s one thing for them to acknowledge it and share how they feel about it, but I also wouldn’t want them to pretend to understand all the legal implications involved and try to educate their followers. I wouldn’t fault them for staying silent.

  39. My favorite is that the dumbass secretly super right wing fitfluencers all collectively hopped on the bus that “HuMAn TrAfFicKinG SHOULD CoNcErN yOu”. They apparently don’t know that children that end up in the foster care system are at way higher risk of being human trafficked. They have no idea how all of these issues connect and choose one aspect of them to yell at you about 🙄

  40. I made a post similar to this but I don’t think it was published but I was wondering the same thing. I understand not posting because it’s not their job to educate and inform but at the same time you have a platform that the majority of people do not. If you feel passionate about the topic you have the opportunity to be the voice for those who aren’t as privileged as you are. HOWEVER, I do think it’s funny that most of these influencers are extremely vocal on every other topic but won’t speak up on important matters affecting a huge number of the population. I feel this is probably due to the potential backlash of losing followers/engagement and that’s what pisses me off.

  41. I will be shocked if Holley doesn’t say anything… she’s an L&D nurse. She gets on her soapbox for literally anything and everything. Although she’s been silent on important issues in the past so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked lol

  42. They are truly the last people I want speaking about anything. They don’t strike me as humans who care to do any sort of actual research on something like this. If they post, it’ll be to say they did and nothing more. Please don’t go to influencers for this type of thing.

  43. I don’t think they HAVE to, but with that said if you have a platform to reach thousands of people then maybe it is something you should use to your advantage. If I post about a social justice issue, it reaches 200 people. If an influencer posts, it can easily reach over 10k people.

  44. 99.99% shouldn’t be opening their mouths at all. I sure as shit don’t want a bunch out uneducated, out of touch narcissists trying to speak on social issues of this severity.

  45. I understand the importance of spreading awareness on things but I also don’t feel like people should be pressured into speaking on things they have no idea about to a large group of people. It’s how misinformation gets spread as well

  46. I think it depends on their platform. Some people just stick to Fitness and don’t post about any thing else and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Either way I’m following people for fitness so I don’t really like it… Especially because I really just try to stay away from news because a lot of it can be so negative

  47. It’s meaningful if their passion about the issue comes across genuinely. When they talk about it somewhat indifferently or clearly post just to be involved? That’s when I don’t want to see it.

  48. Yes but 1. they’re not educated enough to speak well about it 2. They’re not a news source and maybe best not to establish them as one

  49. I don’t follow Emily Hayden much, but if she’s fuming over masks and vaccines being the governments way of controlling us… then she should be ALL OVER THIS!

  50. I actually noticed this this morning and was incredibly disappointed. Usually I don’t expect people to speak out on political matters, but I selfishly wish more women were speaking out about it. Especially the women who build their brand on being independent and strong women.

  51. Influencers or not they are women and overturning roe v wade will be horrific for every single woman in this country. They have a right to make sure everyone knows how horrific this will be.

  52. Why would they? It brings on hate from the pro-birth side and most of them have enough disposable money that if it were to become an issue in their lives they could simply “vacation” in a blue state.

  53. sometimes it’s ok to not say anything, especially if they don’t have all the information. I personally don’t rely on influencers to get political information from so i don’t care to hear what they have to say

  54. A lot of them probably won’t because it’s not their space. There are plenty of political influencers talking about it but a fitness influencer probably won’t unless they normally discuss politics.

  55. As long as they don’t send the message while bending completely over and or sitting on a bathroom sink like they did covid

  56. YES, thank you!!! & I don’t understand the whole “mY bOdY mY cHoIcE” thing. You realize that baby is a totally separate entity from the mother, right? Why TF do you think someone who murders a pregnant woman gets charged with DOUBLE homicide?? Make it make sense 🤦🏻‍♀️

  57. If the wanna speak/post their thoughts that’s fine. But I don’t care if they don’t because it’s not like any of these posts are going to influence votes on the Supreme Court.

  58. Maddy Forberg has quite a following and she usually posts about social issues on her page she’s one of my favorites to follow because she’s raw and real and dgaf about what people think

  59. I totally doubt it. It seems like so many of them are Trump supporters. I would be surprised. However, from following simply mander I've learned that some of them just stay in their lane. Doesn't mean they don't care just means they don't have to speak on every issue that arises. I agree with that. I follow different people for different reasons.

  60. I don’t think they HAVE to, but with that said if you have a platform to reach thousands of people then maybe it is something you should use to your advantage. If I post about a social justice issue, it reaches 200 people. If an influencer posts, it can easily reach over 10k people.

  61. I am in nursing school and follow a lot of nurse influencers who have used their voice to support womens rights and spread awareness/education. That being said, I keep watching Holleys stories hoping she will speak out on it (especially as a L&D nurse) and she has yet to do so. I can’t say I’m surprised but it’s really making me lose my faith in her not just as a person but as a nurse as well.

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