1. Fun fact: her lulu sponsorships isn’t really a sponsorship lol she still has to buy the clothes herself but they just give her a link. Anyone can do it and apply to do it. I only had 1500 followers and I had a link with lulu lol

  2. oh yikes, i guess that makes posting amazon shit a little less weird but still wtf lol she must make more from her amazon link than lulu link

  3. I don’t think it’s tacky to show dupes. Some of her followers may not be able to spend a ton of money or may not want to on Lululemon. I follow her for gym fits inspo and have bought dupes she suggest. I know going through Amazon it’s not going to be the same quality but I like the look 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Right! I personally am on the lulu train and get the discounts and have a whole collection of that place but I also order from amazon because I like some of that stuff too 🤷🏼‍♀️ and amazon has a lot of really good quality and similar looking clothing pieces for people who may not be into the Lulu stuff or may not be able to afford it. So there’s a lot of stuff on Amazon that could be similar to a dupe for how cheap it is.

  5. I want to love Sydney because she seems to eat really balanced meals and her body seems realistic, but her lifestyle and major consumerism is driving me away from her. I am around her age, and seeing her live how she does (e.g., BEAUTIFUL apartment, constantly buying expensive groceries and random things on Amazon, seemingly copious amounts of free time to just run around to random coffee shops) makes me so jealous but deep down I know it's really not attainable for anyone.

  6. Right like $600 headphones to only where for certain things… I’m the same age as her and Sometimes she makes me feel bad for not being able to live like she does but I just have to keep reminding myself that I have a roof over my head and food on the table so I am doing just fine in life.

  7. right!! she seems like a very real person but the more i watch her, she drives me nuts. her shopping habits are insane to me, i mean seriously did she need two tank tops that are exactly the same???? and she has like every fuckin flow y bra lulu has ever made. ik she goes to coffee shops to “work” for her clients but other than that her life is soooo unrealistic.

  8. While her meals look delicious, I don’t really think it is balance. It reminds me when I was in the throes of my orthorexia disguised as macro tracking. But that’s my personal opinion

  9. Anyone else think her content is soooo repetitive now? The GRWM all look the same, every haul is lululemon and adding just a different color of something she already has to her collection. literally all she’s ever said she does is workout, eat and go to coffee shops to get work done. it’s like the opposite of a realistic lifestyle to me😅

  10. Yes!!! I honestly don’t want to live like her it seems so fucking boring. Even the lack of colorful things in her home and her clothing….I could never. I effing hate it lmaooo

  11. Home girl just moved to Florida so she’s gotta make coin anyway she can to keep up with FL rent 💕💕💕 I honestly can’t believe people fall for these influencers sales tactics

  12. it’s just weird to post both, she could just stick with posting the dupes or just lulu but it’s tacky to be making commission off both imo

  13. i don’t think theres anything wrong with posting dupes but when the video transitioned from the lulu tank to the amazon one i was like ?????? it genuinely looks so ill fitting and the only real similarity i see to the lulu one is color. if you’re gonna be an amazon storefront sellout at least post good dupes 😵‍💫

  14. i don’t think there’s anything wrong w posting dupes at all…unless you’re also making money off the real product (and the dupe) its so weird to be posting both for money, like it’s better to just pick one and stay loyal to it🤷🏼‍♀️ but yeah this was especially bad bc the dupe is clearly fucking awful compared to lulu, it’s embarrassing for lulu to even be compared to the amazon bullshit and im surprised they’re okay with it.

  15. I’ll admit I watch her tiktoks everyday, she posts a lot so I see her a lot. She never wears the Amazon dupes, every GRWM is her grabbing Align leggings or bike shorts and an Align or Flow Y bra; maybe something from Alo Yoga. Never Amazon.

  16. yep exactly, i think she buys this junk on amazon, posts and links it to make money, and then returns the item. she commented and said she wants to post dupes for people that don’t want to splurge on lulu but its just corny as fuck to me to even say that as an excuse when in reality she’s just doing it for money

  17. Yeah she’ll do anything for a check. It’s sad and so obvious - like let’s at least donate our money to a good cause or something….but no instead she uses her extra money to buy outrageous things for herself. She’s probably one of the most self centered people I’ve ever seen online, the bitch doesn’t even hide it.

  18. She buys so much stuff. Granted it’s her money and she can do what she wants but still. She posted she bought new hokas (~$140) then someone commented she should try APL so she bought those too like the next day (~$300). She bought that expensive digital toaster which is like at least $300. Also it seemed like when she moved she bought a bunch of new stuff…seems wasteful to me

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