1. That is a construction blank using Winchester .22lr brass. That is a 4 power, which is an extremely common power.

  2. That’s not a bullet it a case the thing that comes out of the barrel the shiny copper thing or the dull gray thing that’s the bullet. Other than that is a .22 most likely a .22Lr or long rifle (longer case is all it means). And the m is actually a w which is for Winchester

  3. Now that you've got your identification, you must pay the doggo tax and provide pictures of the goodest boy.

  4. He is actually one of my first posts on reddit if you scroll down on my profile. Definitely the best boy.

  5. It looks like you've gotten the answer you were looking for, but for future reference let me give you the one minute lesson on ammunition:

  6. Didn’t read every comment but in case it hasn’t been said, even if this was a real gunshot and not a tool, this is the casing, not the projectile. Only saying that in case you’re not aware, maybe you are, but maybe not.

  7. Lots of people have pointed out this is a W, but for future reference, when you see a letter or number that has one of those little extra lines going off it, that's the "up" side.

  8. Same. That’s why I figured I’d ask this subreddit. I’m too ignorant of the subject to take an educated guess to what the bullet was from.

  9. Maybe Winchester will see this & start putting a line under the W like you see under a 6 or 9 to tell them apart😂

  10. It’s a rimfire cartridge but hard to tell which one unless you show a side view. More than likely .22lr

  11. Winchester 22LR,very small caliber used mainly for rabbits and squirrels,wonder what someone was doing with that on your property,unless they had extra casings in their pocket the only real reason it’d be there would be if they fired it while you were sleeping, it’s totally possible they did too,22LR is super quiet I usually don’t even wear ear protection when I use them

  12. You should wear ear protection even with .22 firing from a rifle. The report doesn't have the boom but it's the crack that's damaging your hearing not the boom and .22 still has that crack. Suppressed might be ok but I'd still wear earpro.

  13. So now we know how to tell Reddit that you don't know what a .22 shell looks like without actually saying that you don't know what a .22 shell looks like.

  14. I'd say someone's been on your property, shooting stuff. Are your pets ok? Do you have a security camera that doesn't work anymore? Check around your property to see if they were shooting into it, or from it.

  15. Nothing on our front camera. I supervise my pets when they are outside so they are both all good thankfully. I’m going to keep an eye out. Definitely suspicious.

  16. Definitely not trolling. I promise. No problems with guns, just someone who didn’t know what they found on their property.

  17. Whoever owns whatever this came out of needs to dial back their firing block a bit, that's pretty excessive primer striking for a rimfire.

  18. Definitely a Winchester 22. The dent in the back means someone tried to fire it but it did not go off if the bullet is still in the case.

  19. That’s a .22, maybe a short or LR, and that is a wonderful, for Winchester, not an “M”. Hope you get whoever was triggering your motion sensor

  20. That cartridge case is unique in that its firing pin strike is round. I think it would belong to a modified Ruger 10/22 with a custom Volquartson bolt and round firing pin.

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