1. If anyone wants to get into grinding more and learn all the tips and tricks and how to get the most amount of money for the least amount of time, just download an app that we players developed called Grindr.

  2. I Reddit and people say it’s filled with grinders and loads of try hards. If you want to listen for deals on how to find exotic vehicles and business battle cargo get Spotify.

  3. How the hell has this thing been a secret? I was able to make more money from my 2nd character in a weekend then I have since playing from the start.

  4. As a legit grinder,you really cant loop us in with the griefers and tryhards,most of the time their high rp,kd,and cash is not legit,just putting that out there.

  5. We need a separate circle for the people who seem to spend no time on gta online, but spend all their time here complaining about it

  6. I just goof around and make friends. Still living off the spoils of the airport hanger glitch and glad I don't need to make money doing missions, for now.

  7. With greifers it's a 50/50 on weather that are high level, I have seen level 30s trying to be griefers, they usually aren't all that good but they are griefers nonetheless

  8. I've fought griefers with low, mid, high and super high levels and the only difference I noticed between them was the amount of material they had..

  9. Can't forget the bounties. Everytime I jump into a session I noticed lately players set random bounties just for the love of chaos. It's happened to me numerous times. I'd receive a text after saying "Let the games begin!", "May the odds be ever in your favor", or something basic as "Hehe sorry". It's become a sport to try hards. Funny thing is I've been playing long enough I know how to grind and get away survive that bounty and no not hiding in a building like a little girl lol If anything I ask a random low level to meet me somewhere and surrender the bounty or trade bounty for bounty to help another person out of the chaos.

  10. Real griefers live in this game. I'm thinking they grind Cayo but use only the quickest methods so they have more public lobby time. While they're out there harvesting tears, their nightclub is racking up goods.

  11. Then you have me... The casual player who couldn't care less about K/D or grinding... Just looking to cruise, chill, have fun, car meet, etc.....

  12. I’m the same. I’ve got everything I want plush cash to get whatever else I could want and businesses and all but all I wanna do is ride around in my cars and chill.

  13. I can't imagine actually grinding in this game. I never cheat in games not for some moral reason, but because it often takes the fun out of the game. I tried grinding legitly and it's a joke. Almost insulting how horrible the economy is. Now I just glitch perico finales and enjoy playing the game for the mess of a sandbox it is.

  14. After a two year gap I came back to GTA online on a new account and Cayo Perico solo is a godsend

  15. I grind almost every day, rank 700+, 5.12kd, average of 3-4m in account at any given time (I buy too many things) so I’d say this chart is a little off for me. If I’m not grinding then I’m griefing griefers and/or protecting fellow grinders.

  16. As someone who doesn't play super regularly but when I do I'm a grinder I thank you for your service. I'm just tryna live my best life without getting blown up every five minutes :(

  17. I wonder where the car guys and virtual photographers will go. They do spend a lot of time, modding cars, rearranging garages and taking pics

  18. one of the last times i was on i was griefed by one of those idiots who try and control the lobby. "I didnt say you could do this. I didnt say you could do that." piss off dude. no one is here to listen to you.

  19. On this sub? There is no difference. People just use both of them endlessly to describe anyone who annoys them for any reason.

  20. The griefer goes around destroying any mission assets and any player he can lock onto. The Tryhard specializes in the most dirty tacticks to kill including, but not limited to: ghost org, lazer jet, spaming rpgs, suicide, insanely sweaty "sniping" skills

  21. I'm trying to grind more but random Chinese griefers get me almost every time. Or the game just randomly crashes once in awhile, that's also nice. That and I have no friends on there :) oof

  22. seems about accurate. Most of the tryhards that I know are only at around the 10-1 mil mark and some have a high K/D and high RP because they kill so many things that gives them RP for such a long time. I know a few grinders and they all have a lot of money, playtime, and RP. Tryhards and Grinders can be friendly. I do not know any greifers.

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