1. A good game? In 2022? This is unacceptable. It must be ruined with tedious gameplay which encourages microtransactions. That's what gaming is now. Profit for the 1%. Not fun.

  2. Dude Elden Ring came out in 2022. By default that makes this an amazing year for gaming. Doesn't matter what shitty companies try to ruin it.

  3. As a once serious gamer who is now middle aged with a kid, Dread was quality and I'm glad Nintendo is still committed to the franchise, but honestly it was legit far more difficult than I remember Super Metroid being as a teenager. The EMMI sections almost made me give up a couple of times. I have maybe 30-40 minutes a day to play video games anymore. I just want to enjoy that brief time I can reconnect with my youth, not spend it infuriated.

  4. For what it's worth they added an easy mode in an update later. Not having it on launch was a shame, though I personally played on normal and thought it was the right level of difficulty. Not easy but it was pretty fair, restarts were fast and most sections took like three tries at most.

  5. Same boat as you, when I had time to game I forgot the control and emmi would alway get me trying to remember how to slide

  6. there were several sections that were outright horseshit. I dreaded the emmi sections but for all the wrong reasons

  7. Well to be fair the EMMIs were designed to be scary as fuck to face and they did a great job on that

  8. I never played Metroid Dread so I probably missed a lot of cool stuff they added (or maybe not) but last I heard they added a new difficulty mode and a Boss Rush mode

  9. Extra side content that wasn't even needed. Wait you guys usually have to wait for your games to be fixed via updates?

  10. Never played Halo so I don't know what MC can do other than shoot guns, slash with laser sword and use grapple beam, but Samus can do all of that and way more

  11. Samus can shoot through walls, teleport, and basically has infinite ammo. She'd win easily. Now Samus against doom guy that's a fight I wanna see.

  12. Is Metroid dead really that good? It seems every game published by Nintendo is circle jerked into godhood then forgotten about 2 months later

  13. It's a very good game. It wasn't ruined by the grubby hands of Nintendo higher ups like Nintendo Switch Sports, the new Mario strikers games and games they've made under the guise of new free content when it actuality, the game is just unfinished.

  14. It is a really good game. The Metroid series is loved for good reasons (Super Metroid, released in 1993, is still considered one of the best games of all time), and Dread is good enough and loyal enough to the series to stand alongside the best of the series. It may not be the best Metroid game, but it is certainly up there.

  15. Edit: Cool downvotes. I guess I'll fix this reply up and preface it with: there's a lot of great games that aren't by Nintendo that are also played for 2 months and then put away, or "forgotten". Idiots.

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