1. Yeah exactly. Thought about having some scars from the top surgery seen on the beach as a regular like I guess this already especially on an island can be dangerous … which is so sad and not okay

  2. What's up with all these foreigners suddenly wanting to live in Greece? You guys got a fetish for pain? We run out to escape hell!

  3. Ha, I thought you said you are German for a joke but I guess you haven't seen what happen to some German tourists a week ago in Crete

  4. All in all , Crete is amongst the most beatiful places in the world (i've traveled quite a lot )and i am very proud of it but there are many backwards ways about us .

  5. On paper you should have no problem and have access to healthcare. In practice you won't and it's a horrible and terrible idea. Even if you weren't trans living and working here is literally not worth your time. You'd work longer hours for less money.

  6. I dont fully agree with this answers.Yes,there are some "rednecks" and people are certainly conservative,especially in villages.But to say that Cretans are aggressive and gun-crazy is a total mispresentation,at least where I am from.There are some bad apples that have shaped this image of Crete,but it is mostly false.

  7. it's so sad to be in such a breathtaking environment like Greece, a pearl in this world and the birthplace of democracy , philosophy. I mean even Lesbos had a crush on Aphrodite and so many greek philosophers where obviously gay and then being scared to be who you are, to be understood and face discrimination and threat.

  8. Unless you intend to make friends with some peasants mentally stuck in the past century, you will be fine. Just make sure to learn the language otherwise you will always carry the stigma of "the evil German". The battle of Crete really messed us up.

  9. Hey :) thanks ! I do speak Greek though but not that perfect :) just sad that the wounds are still so deep

  10. Maybe not accepting lgbtq people as much as they should but I don't think they are no where near racist at least not young people

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