1. This is my GD theme song for my son (he's almost 27) and I always have happy visions of him and I throughout the years when I hear it . 😺🌻☀️

  2. We recorded this about a year back, for Jerrys death anniversary. Thought I would upload it here - listening back though, my guitar work could use a bit of work haha - but hope you guys enjoy :)

  3. Man, absolutely. He’s channeling Jerry - voice, beard, mellow happy vibes. Watching this brings me much joy.

  4. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. Cherish your Dad -- you got a good one and not everyone does. What a great experience to share together.

  5. Pakistani American here! Really happy to see South Asians getting into Dead. And man, maybe I should introduce my dad to Dead and see where it goes 😂

  6. this is the magic of the music man... Just brought close to tears, this band is powerful. Perfect thing I needed to see on this beautiful day. You guys rock.

  7. That was awesome! It’s gotta be really special to be able to enjoy the dead like that with your dad.

  8. Great playing! I see South Asians at all the shows I go to. Thank you for carrying the torch forward for the Asian Am psychedelic tradition.

  9. Amazing...you guys make it look so easy when any guitar player knows Bobby's portion is extremely difficult. Awesome transition too!

  10. awh man that was good. made me happy! your dad's voice has a cool tone to it. really suits this music.

  11. Great stuff. I particularly like the vocals on I Know You Rider—remind me in some way of the Dead’s earliest takes in 1965.

  12. Keep shinin' that light fellas-- and thank you for this moving tribute to the love that brings us together into a single cosmic tribe.

  13. I am so charmed by this father/son performance. And you guys sound great btw! Nice job on the Jerry noodling too - I was waiting for it and thought your dad would play Jerry’s part - but it was you! What a connection.

  14. Wow you guys are freaking awesome! And I’m sorry, but I’m in love with your dad! Lol. His smile. His voice. (The beard) Everything about him he’s just drippin good vibes! Jerry is def smiling down on you guys. Thanks so much for sharing, you really made my night. Please share more. And have a Grateful day ✌️

  15. Best thing I’ve seen all week! Raised the hairs on my arm! Really cool thing you guys have going on here, look forward to more!

  16. Wow... I don't usually make it two minutes watching Dead covers but this is truly spectacular! You made my day. Your Dad's voice is awesome and you are a stellar guitarist.

  17. Excellent guitar work by both of you. Jerry would definitely approve. I bet he's playing along with you and smiling down from the moon.😃❤

  18. You guys crushed it. Best cover I have seen on here for a while. Nicely done. You also bear some resemblance to Mr. Mayer. Take it as a compliment! ;)

  19. Hope you don’t mind me asking if you’re I North America or in south east asia. If Asia, are the dead popular there?! If so, how awesome!!

  20. Took no offense dont worry!! There is a small deadhead community in Asia , but it’s loud :) I’m in the US now for college :)

  21. This is absolutely fantastic! Enjoyed every second. Please tell me you guys have a YouTube channel. Great soloing and your dad's falsetto is silky smooth. Nice job guys!

  22. I love this , I was talking to an older gentleman at the restaurant I work at and he was saying how he’s confused how the younger generation are having such interest if jerry died , I was explaining the passion from generations are past on , the love for the music and the history gets passed down and it’s amazing , have a great day 🌹⚡️✌️

  23. This is so cool, I wish my kid would play with me. You guys sound great. What kind of guitar is your dad playing?

  24. Such beautiful energy in this video. I can see the love between you and your Dad, and the jamming chemistry between you is so strong! Such great playing and nice guitar tones too and bro your Dad’s voice is smoooooth

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