1. Yeah, could be an optical illusion, but that seems a little short for a 4i punch shot (which seems to be what he's attempting here, based on the length of the backswing). Chances are that even if he got through, he was going over the green anyway.

  2. He was thinking his 7 at first! And yeah it’s right around 50 yards with a ditch of water trees in front woods in back and he was off in the “rough” which here is just hard dirt ground haha

  3. See, I would go with an even lighter swing on that 4 iron to get an even lower trajectory. But I also am a horrible golfer.

  4. When I was a kid I used to take a bucket of balls to the ball diamond near my house. I'd set up behind the backstop and would practice high lobs to the plate.

  5. This is the correct answer for me as well. Or try to play an easy chip over with a 52 or 56 and land it right in a tree.

  6. I'm still new to golf, early this season I had a similar shot (little more open) and took a similar swing with the same club, punched it through the trees and I was pumped. Walked back to the fairway and my buddy is just laughing, I punched it through and off the fairway and down into the river on the other side... I had a hero shot at the green too and ended up taking a drop trying to be safe.

  7. I was going to to say 6 or 7, but yeah that is why you have a bump and run. Hell even a hybrid if you didn’t feel confident in using an iron

  8. This, used to try and go under but now I have more faith in my game going up over the top. If I’m a little closer to the trees just open the face a bit.

  9. Yeah that’s why I videod it cause I’m like if you do make it through there that would be sweet to catch on video cause for us it would be very lucky haha

  10. Honestly, your buddy didn't do a bad job on the video. Hooked it, yeah. But the flight was the right height and looked like it was gonna land well short and in the rough, so it probably wouldn't have flown the green.

  11. How high are those trees? From 50 out you could pop a 58 or 60 over those trees. That lie might make it a little difficult to get under, though.

  12. Y'all got it wrong. Gotta take it vertical to impress the rest of the foursome you were forced to join. Take that 60 out of the bag, put the ball in front of the stance and take one heck of a swing at it. Skull it through any branch that stands in the way.

  13. Up and over for me. I’m a high ball hitter anyway, and can get irons up pretty quick. To me that’s a less risky move than trying to punch but I understand most people probably would feel the opposite.

  14. If I ever go here again I’m definitely going to try that for fun and see what the chances are I don’t remember the tree height to much but they are tall!

  15. Looking at his ball position, it seems like it’s way forward. Move it back more with a shorter swing to give yourself a better chance to clip the ball first. Tough lie, tough spot, just try to get out of jail is number one priority.

  16. Over the top is the play here. It looks far away enough to where i know i can get it over and down with a 60*. Going under looks like it would require a tough punch shot from such a short yardage.

  17. These are actually my favorite shots in golf. I think coming from a baseball background I love the feeling of hitting a ground ball up the middle.

  18. Looks like the ball's way in the front of his stance, I always put the ball back in my stance for punch shots and swing slow and smooth to make sure I get good contact, usually works like a charm for me.

  19. This is a low quality small town 9 hole course for 10 bucks and we walked in 80 degrees…so yeah we both wore tshirts and gym shorts haha the owner was driving a UTV around while we were golfing

  20. My home course is the nicest within a 25 mile radius. 20 bucks for 18 and a cart on mondays and 16 bucks for 9 any other day. Most people you’ll see out there are wearing t shirts or even cut offs. The place is packed everyday until twilight hours.

  21. Yeah also if playing it safe the fairway is to the right of all the trees so you could just chip it over there then to the green. It’s only 250 par 4 but there’s trees all around the green with a ditch of water around it so it’s almost impossible to safely use driver. I used 6 iron safely short and right then sand wedge on and 2 putted.

  22. We can’t see the top of the trees because of the shit camera work so it’s difficult to judge. Depending on that we could be opening the face of something and going high.

  23. For that punch shot to have a chance he should move the ball to the way back of his stance and try hard to keep that club face closed. IMHO

  24. Delofting a shorter iron would be my play since it’s easier to control. Can also try to bump a hybrid or fairway wood.

  25. “Trees are 90% air. Let her rip.” skulls it directly onto a tree and ends up further from the hole than the original shot

  26. Probably not aiming to make it onto the green but right up next to it. Way too big of a swing, take a higher lofted club like a 6-9i and take a little pitch swing. Try to fly it to the trees and let it bounce/run as close to the green as possible. Then you leave yourself with a nice little chip and putt.

  27. Ball behind my back foot, 6i, quarter swing and punchy. Land it just beyond the trees and pray for a decent bounce up.

  28. Simple. Punch and pray. No need to overthink it. Goal is to leave yourself a chance of an up and down. If you are putting then great.

  29. I would have to see the tops of the trees and how high they are. From this far out I would pop it over the trees. If I didn't feel confident in that play I would punch a 7 iron.

  30. Depends on how far, but I'd likely use a pitching wedge or 9 iron and move the ball back in my stance, club choice mainly to have good control of the ball and as an attempt to keep it from over shooting.

  31. How tall are the trees? Depending on that I'm either flopping that bitch as high as I can or taking my 6 iron and trying to keep it low

  32. I’d probably do a 5i, quarter swing. I generally prefer a rolling approach to approach shots thru trees. Less chance of snagging a branch and doing it over again. Just pray you don’t hit the trunk, lol.

  33. I can’t tell the distance but I was in a similar situation last weekend and I went with my 56 wedge with a half swing and it worked for me.

  34. Depending on tree height, either a 60° over the top or the 4 iron punch. I'm pretty confident in the 4i as i end up playing that shot from within trees to often for my liking...

  35. Chip with a 7 iron, try to land it somewhere just after the trees. Except I'd definitely use my chipper instead of a regular iron for the same shot, because I'm just way more accurate with it.

  36. Depends. Over the trees might be possible, but too hard to judge from this picture alone. So I’d have to go with a little chip 7i that I’d land just on the other side of those trees in the big gap and hope the bounce forward and roll get me a good putt.

  37. I would have used like a 7 iron and punched it to land about right at the trees and let it bounce through. Pretty easy shot.

  38. Based off this photo and not knowing how tall the trees are I’m low chipping an 8i through the gap. Feet together, ball at the back of my back foot. Low cannon shot that should bounce just past the trees or it will go straight into that ditch.

  39. I keep my grandpas 1 iron in my bag for shots like this. I’ve actually gotten pretty decent at it. Just take a half swing and slap shot it out. Follow through like a pitch.

  40. If you don't have a ton of control and hit field goals consistently with an iron. 50 yards out, you may be able to get one over the trees with a 60 or take your medicine and chip it out back into the fairway where you get a good look, it could save you 2 or 3 strokes instead of banging one off a tree and end up in a worse lie then you had before. Always look at the worst case scenario when choosing a shot. May not be the sexiest advice but it will lower your score.

  41. I hit a similar shot with a very easy swing with a 3 hybrid a month or so back. Almost like a chip shot but with a hybrid, worked out pretty well, haven’t luckily had to try it again

  42. I need a better view of what is to the left of him. If the fairway is there that’s my play! I’m curious. What is the distance and what does the top of the trees look like? Maybe hitting it long but over the trees might work.

  43. I have been in a similar spot before- about 60 yds out. Used a gap wedge, weight on my lead foot, ball forward in my stance, 3/4 swing, and go over the trees.

  44. I’d go with a 1/3 swing 4 iron punch with the ball positioned just behind my right foot, feet closer together. I have a lot of experience with this one.

  45. this is a very low percentage shot for most golfers, the real play here is to pitch it out into an area (preferable the fairway) so you can have a clear shot to the green. but if you had no other option it's probably a 7 iron punch shot (put the ball way forward in your stance, distribute your weight 60-40 between front-back leg, and choke up on the club a bit).

  46. Depending on distance, You take something like an 8 iron, put all your weight on your lead foot and keep in there, lean the handle forward so it's tucked under your arm, then just do a 3/4 swing where you rock your chest back and through. That will punch it though without just skulling it. If you let your weight go on your back foot you are screwed.

  47. I tend to go...ball at the back foot, quarter swing with a 6/7 (depending on distance) and just skim it through the gap.

  48. Ultra flop shot. 9i wiiiiiide open, full swing. take a divot the size of Australia. Up over the trees and behind the pin. Then another line of cocaine.

  49. I’d take a nice finessed half swing with my 9, and try to lay up between the trees, not through. That way if I hit one it’s not gonna bounce far.

  50. He had the right idea . 3 iron mid to back of stance . No need to take a “stinger swing “ . Judging by the picture , just a low pitch runner up the gap. Simple. 😂

  51. I would try to chip with whatever club would carry the water but land short of the trees. Look like probably a 7-iron if it’s firm or maybe a 6-iron if possible if it’s soft.

  52. If that was the plan he should stay in front of the ball, line it up with his back foot, lean forward, choke up on the club and half swing straight down on top of the ball. 6/7i is my choice

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