1. Since the companies are not keeping up with bot security people should be taking this matter into their own hands. If only everyone could agree not to buy from scalpers. The longer they have inventory of scalped cards, the less valuable they become.

  2. Saw a guy on my local exchange group this morning selling a ps5 for $1000. I agree with your philosophy, but someone will always have deep pockets and be willing to pay which just rewards this piece of shit and incentivizes him to continue making a quick easy buck.

  3. I don't ever buy from scalpers, but I can see why people do... impatience. Gamer's today are impatient. I am myself when I am playing games. I wish I could be like I was when I was a teenager 20 years ago, playing JRPG games and relaxing. Nowadays we all want things handfed to us, instant action when we enter the game (this is also why my favourite opening to any game ever is actually FF7 though lol). Anyways... people with money combined with impatience = scalpers existence.

  4. I wish I knew how to set up a bot just so that I could get one for myself. Wouldn't resell it anything, I just wanna play the next gen games

  5. But wouldn't you become part of the problem? The best solution would be to know how to build a system to prevent bots from pre ordering so everyone can do it normally and fair

  6. Honestly, I'm happy to wait until the New Year. Planning on getting a series x and there aren't many launch titles currently. My trusty xbone will keep me entertained until then.

  7. I got lucky enough to get both xbox and ps5 on preorder. Spent half a day on each launch day and got orders through

  8. Ive had the freaking PS5 in every single shopping cart on every major retailer this morning. Could NOT get any of them to actually checkout because the bots freaking brought the god damn servers to their knees... fuck the bots.

  9. All companies that take preorders for consoles and GPUs require a phone number from you anyway. Why not use that for 2FA then click a CAPTCHA to complete the purchase and limit 1 unit per phone number?

  10. How do we organize and make this Illegal to do? Its just about the Most anti Consumer practice ever

  11. By retail do you mean the Founders Edition pricing or the MSRP for the variants from other vendors? It sounds like the best bet is to just get yourself in a backorder line. I'm not in the US but I ordered one as a backorder from a local store and it shipped not even a week later. It was that variants MSRP, but it was still $50 over the founders edition price.

  12. It should say RTX 3080, RTX 3090s are relatively easy to get ahold of if you try. It's the 3080s that are being instabotted by scalpers

  13. I'm not sure why they don't just let your pre order and then you get in a line. Bots will still snatch up the early ones but then you'll eventually get one in a reasonable amount of time. Rather then just being out of luck until stock stabilizes. Win win for everybody involved.

  14. We need someone with a heart pure as the winter’s snow to release a free pre-order bot with a simple GUI interface. Only then, shall we slay the scourge that is the scalper preorder bot.

  15. Does anyone know if Xbox finally fixed their black crush issue with this generation? I specifically got an Xbox One X because I have a nice 4k HDR TV, and apart from wanting to game in HDR, wanted to be able to watch my growing collection of UHD blu rays. Figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone, but the black crush has been terrible, so I'm thinking of getting a UHD blu ray player. However, if the Series X has fixed that issue, it'd be more incentive for me to get one.

  16. All the stock websites show the consoles being available one minute, then unavailable the next. Pretty obvious that no one is doing anything about scalping at all for game consoles.

  17. Personally I don't see myself buying any of these, I just got a new gaming pc and the graphics card in it is fine for what I need to do, it also will run cyberpunk 2077 no problem. I don't see what all the fuss is about with either of these consoles, I understand the graphics card but in all seriousness is it really necessary in the sense of like right now? What will you get out of it?

  18. Just make preorders only able to be purchased in store and linked to a central database. This eleimates bots completely. It makes it a lot more fair also.

  19. Apples and oranges mate. Everybody likes food, but we don't have to like the same cuisine. Everybody likes games, but we don't have to like the same platform.

  20. One person using something that let's them buy multiple consoles in seconds to resell to people that wanted to buy it regularly is some bullshittery. There's already demand for the product, all the bots do is let scalpers rip people off.

  21. Yeah I think this meme is more wishful thinking than anything else. Like "wouldn't it be nice if we all united against pre-order bots"

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