1. 100%. The last (maybe last 2) season is terrible. Can’t even rewatch it knowing how bad it all turned out

  2. I’ve noticed that the clips in YouTube shorts and reactions videos get a lot of views and comments

  3. Yeah I see no problem with this article, I too think it’s hilarious how GoT went from the biggest thing in TV history to no one even acknowledging its existence anymore. The final season dropped the ball so hard it went from “best show ever” to “never heard of it”

  4. It’s shocking what bad writing did to the show. Huge show, worldwide phenomenon. You had bars and viewing parties with people yelling, getting in to it.

  5. GoT is not forgotten but it kinda feels like an ex that you really loved and thought we’re gonna marry and then cheated on you right before you were gonna propose.

  6. GoT was one of the last shows I watched when it came on. Not on the DVR a few days later. I was obsessed. Discussions here and on forums and social media groups. I loved it. People bought me all sorts of swag over the course of the show.

  7. I mean, the broad strokes will probably be the same. Daenarys will burn down King's Landing because she is a Targaryen. The White Walker/Other invasion ends in a way that we won't expect. The story simply does not end in like it would in any other cliche fantasy novel series.

  8. Lmao the show’s still great, I loved it and will keep rewatching. Sure, the writing was lacking towards the end because of D&D but for a second if you thought Game of Thrones was ever gonna give you the type of ending you wanted. You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the show cuz they’ve always fucked the fans over ever since season 1.

  9. Yes, S8 hurt the brand’s image and popularity drastically but i’m tired of the countless articles and constant posts with 100+ comments trying to prove they care less about the show than the person below them.

  10. But that’s how all tv shows work… it’s a “cultural phenomenon” the entirety of its run and then becomes just another show after it finishes.

  11. I mean, the show ended, what do you expect? Of course it’s not going to be constantly brought up anymore as a water cooler show. Do you still see people wearing The Sopranos shirts or saying, “I am the one who knocks” anymore?

  12. I think you mean it went from a cultural phenomenon to a still growing cultural phenomenon, and not a big tv show the BIGGEST tv show of the 21st century

  13. Breaking Bad's sequel, with almost all Breaking Bad characters, is wrapping up right now. So the BB discussion is currently spiking.

  14. But GoT is still more popular than Breaking Bad, according to every metric, even though Breaking Bad has a critically acclaimed prequel running.

  15. I don’t see people randomly talking about those other classic series anymore than I hear people randomly talking about GOT. People generally discuss what is happening now or what is about to come on.

  16. People have been saying the exact same things about Avatar for years, yet the sequel trailer was breaking viewer records just recently. That movie is going to make huge bank. Most of these type of criticisms are based on personal bias, and not empirical evidence.

  17. Well, when It comes to a TV show or a film being bad it’s pretty obvious it’s going to be based on personal bias. But to be honest you don’t need mathematical proof that it’s bad, the writing of the last two seasons was so lazy even the show runners admitted they did a shit job. And concerning Avatar, what the fuck ? I don’t know in the US but here in Europe the film was very well received and quickly became one of the biggest success in movie history.

  18. This sub is busy, people are still making cosplay outfits, people are still watching the series for the first time, people are still travelling to filming locations, people are still rewatching the series, people are still getting GoT tattoos, there are multiple spinoffs in production, we still pray GRRM will finish the books--where exactly do I go to see this series being completely forgotten?

  19. Well yesterday I finished the show with my father and about a month or so I watched it myself. I personally loved the show and liked the ending. Like a lot a lot.

  20. I was kinda like whoa thats is weirdbhow everyone forgot it after a bad final season, then realised it has happened with so many other critically successful shows, writers start to believe their own hype so much its often difficult to write a good final season, and plus you can never please everyone.

  21. So much of the show is still amazing. But it really does put a damper on re-watching when you know that the ending is awful. Especially with the White Walkers, like why even care about the mystery and dread that gets built up for 7 seasons, when you know that basically nothing about them gets explained and they all get killed off (in a very unsatisfying and random way) in their first big battle south of the wall?

  22. Loved the show even though the quality dipped after season 6 it was still epic to watch until they went searching for the whyte beyond the wall and all reality and time keeping went outta the window, not to mention where they got those mile long chains to drag Viserion outta that lake! And who went down to attach them?? Season 8 had some grand scale scenes and action but zero story or sense, and I've struggled to rewatch any of it out of embarrassment at how it went down. Hoping house of the dragon will reignite my love for all things westeros.

  23. He’s right tho? What he’s saying is the general media (most of the ppl who watch it) don’t or haven’t talked about it in years. Even HOTD hasn’t been able to get the media talking about the main show that much. It’s something we need to accept. Unfortunately the show is and will be forgotten. From worldwide success to catastrophic failure

  24. It also helped that the show ended. You know, most people watched it as soon as it came out, not a year after. Xmas presents also don’t sell well in summer.

  25. I've read an article recently where HBO Max said it is still the most streamed show on their platform. Or one of the most. Either way. It's not irrelevant.

  26. That’s bullshit. Game Of thrones is one of the greatest tv shows of all time, no matter what you think of the last seasons

  27. I still love the show, and still go back and watch episodes from time to time. I had watched it for the first time just before season 7 finished so I was way behind the curve. Season 8 kind of taints the rest of the show, but shouldn’t negate how good the earlier seasons were. I don’t like the sentiment some people have that the entire show is bad because of the final seasons.

  28. I hate when I see comments like this. Regardless of the quality of the ending, GOT was still the most wildly successful and influential show of all time.

  29. We’ll see about influential. Most of the show (not the books) were just about building up to the ending, and the ending was god awful, so I doubt it’s going to be influence much down the line.

  30. I adore The Boys, but I did kinda call bullshit during that season 3 finale. Still a great show, though.

  31. The issue with "the Boys" for me is that the violence is gratituous for gratuity's sake. Aside from the shock value to set tone and characters in the first season it just feels hollow and pointless tbh. I watched season 1 and enjoyed it. Season 2 was fine but I decided I was done with the show.

  32. I concede the irony of an article being written about it being forgotten…but it is true. I see conversations around shows like Sopranos, Breaking Bad, sitcoms like The Office much after they ended almost as if they still air…I believe GOT during its run was THE most popular TV show on the planet…from that to hardly ever even being discussed is quite apparent. One would expect something as big to still be commonplace in cultural discussions but alas.

  33. I don’t see people randomly talking about those other classic series anymore than I hear people randomly talking about GOT. People generally discuss what is happening now or what is about to come on.

  34. I mean he’s not wrong. I’ll check out the new series but as someone who used to rewatch thrones like crazy it’s unwatchable after the final season. Like this shit could have been like Lord of the rings or Star Wars fandom if it was done right! But sadly they shit the bed

  35. Absolutely detached from reality. GoT is still widely referenced and discussed and HOTD has a huge amount of hype surrounding it.

  36. Fans hate to admit it. But it’s the truth. The final season was such a disappointment that it’s been scrubbed from the public conscious.

  37. They ruined the show over the span of 2 seasons so no surprise there. 7 had some redeemable qualities but 8 was just plain bad other than the 2 or 3 epic battle scenes.

  38. Season 7 was pretty bad. Season 8 was even worse. Any epic high fantasy that falls off the rails at its end unfortunately deserves to be forgotten.

  39. No one was a bigger fan than me, but the last 4 episodes of the final season were so bad, so upsetting, so unbelievable that I really rather forget what D&D did to the greatest show on TV ever.

  40. tbh 5,6,7 were pretty good overall, better than other tv shows but compared to seasons 1-4 they are not as good. meanwhile, 8 was a bit worse

  41. Season 6 was great because it felt like a culmination of ALL THE THINGS finally happening and so many villains getting their comeuppance. So many memorable scenes.

  42. Article isn’t wrong. Everytime the topic of game of thrones comes up between me and show-only fans, it becomes a “hahahahah…. damn that ending eh? What a shitshow” type of conversation.

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  44. Which is the funniest part. D&D butchered the ending of the show and George is never finishing the books. Fans got shit on twice.

  45. I haven’t gone back at all. I’m excited for the new spin offs but not nearly as excited as I would have been if the show had ended in a great way.

  46. Just based on the headline alone, it isn't far off the truth. Common conversations revolved around discussions of the series prior and current, "what house do you belong to", wondering who will die in the next season, etc. Then the final season hit and it not only shit itself to death, it shit the franchise to death. GRRM taking over a literal decade to write the next book in the series hasn't been helping.

  47. I'm sorry but it's true. But to be honest when it comes to big shows like that it's almost always on that level after it ends. Hear anyone talking about sopranos recently? If it weren't for better call Saul would anyone be actively be talking about breaking bad? Not saying that those shows aren't absolutely amazing, because they are, it's just that there is so much content in our time and age that as soon as a show ends we usually move on pretty quickly.

  48. They may be right, the majority have forgotten about the show. But it's not really a surprise. One thing that made Game of Thrones stand out was the total unpredictability. Everything could have happened in the next episode, so you really anticipated it. However, the side effect is that few people will love rewatching it, knowing exactly what will happen next.

  49. I watched the whole season and just finished it again, out of nowhere I was bored and started watching it. Loved it again only to hate the ending again. It’s the ending that kills the memorable aspect for me.

  50. I personally enjoyed Seasons 7 and 8 yet I know they are not good seasons by GOT standards. It’s like how you can enjoy bad things and dislike the good things

  51. That’s just life… Everyone forgets and moves on. We can say it was the final 1-2 seasons but it would’ve happened either way.

  52. Game of Thrones will never be irrelevant. The ending may be a tragedy but the ride there is still pretty epic.

  53. Although I still think it's one of the greatest shows ever aired, this reinforces how bad the final seasons were' It went from, unquestionably, the best story ever told on the screen, to an absolute utter disappointment. The most lasting impression a fan has from GoT is how badly it ended.

  54. I do not know the website, but of course it makes sense to write an article about the fact that a tv show that was an unprecedented hit was mostly forgotten about by the general public as soon as it ended. The ending of it was so incredibly disappointing that the public just sort of stopped talking about it. And it is a strange enough phenomenon that it is worth discussing. The argument “oh no one remembers it how come are you talking about it then?” doesn’t really make sense

  55. That what happens when your shit show runners drop the ball harder than AMC’s handling seasons 7 and 8 The Walking Dead

  56. I would rewatch seasons 1-7 but not 8, season 5 and 7 weren't that good but had some good episodes but season 8, I can't rewatch how it all ended.

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