1. In Singapore it is illegal to pee in the elevators. I suppose it’s a good thing if you need to lol like that do you have a way to enforce it. I’ve heard there is a camera and some elevators, are you are a detector in others that lets them shut the elevator down until the police come. Singapore has very strict laws but that is a very clean well-maintained and safe country to visit

  2. Uhm...so..like...you think peeing in elevators is legal and common around the world since you thought you should point out how it's illegal in Singapore?

  3. Hmmm. Reminds of a video here on Reddit (sorry no sauce at this moment) that showed a young man in an elevator alone who felt the urge to pee. He didn’t pee on the floor or a corner. He decided to pee on all the elevator buttons (he made sure to cover them all…including the emergency button). The system started to spark and shorted it (while he was still peeing), then he realized what a huge mistake he’d made. He couldn’t call for help.

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