1. I used to work for the company that does the software for the state of Tennessee’s vehicle registrations. The banned plate list was no shit 200 pages.

  2. The staff responsible for reviewing vanity plates must have mirrors behind their chairs so they can turn around and do a rear-view check on plate text.

  3. Don't you expose their lack of bureaucracy working. I got my Cincinnati Zoo Harambe plate and I'm NOT parting with it haha

  4. The best one that I've seen is FUQ BCH. It was from a divorce settlement where the husband had to surrender his car.

  5. That’s Cincinnati. It’s known as the underground drug capital of the world. They have a place called OTR, where you have a 5% chance of being murdered at any given moment. This place is so bad, birds fly upside down over it...because it’s not even worth shitting on.

  6. Lmao correct on the location part but you're talking about cincy from the 90s. OTR is now overly fancy and has luxury apartments. Welcome to cincinnati. Ohio 2022. I think we talk shit about Colerain and Hyde Park now; as well as people from KY, that part never changes.

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